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The Betazoids are a member of the Federation and are humanoid in appearance with telepathic abilities originating from the planet Betazed

History and Politics

Had a very uneventful history for the last couple of centuries which ended in 2374 when the Dominion occupied the planet which ceased at the end of the Dominion War.


Barring their irisies being black, Betazoids at least externally are exactly the same as the Human species. Unlike Humans they have a gestation period of ten months.

Unlike most Humanoids their frequency of REM sleep is different and that that the females at the turn of middle age undergo The Phase which increases the sex drive by upto four times.

Furthermore more, there is a condition called Zanthi fever that causes the affected Betazoid to project their empathy. Resulting in people around them acting as if they were under the same state of the Betazoid though they directed by their emotions.

Telepathic abilities

Natural telepaths who in the majority of cases develop their ability at adolescence, however a few are born with the ability at birth. Those individuals are always extremely powerful and talented in telepathic terms but due to this are unable to block out the minds of others, so they suffer from severe mental problems. On the other side of the extreme there are a few whose abilities are far below the average. Those Betazoids are barely able to sense the strong emotions of others not to mention thoughts.

The common abilities involve sensing the emotions and thoughts of others, projecting those same thoughts or emotions to the extent of manipulating others. The level of success is dependent on their training, their knowledge of the being being scanned and their general physical or mental condition with the addition of their genetically defined psionic strength.

Reproduction among other species often affects the abilities of the progeny and normally develop empathic abilities as the primary talent, although have telepathic ability it is normally below the average of the norm. Without training their abilities are normally limited to communication with empaths, telepaths and full contact with those they have a close relationship like Imzadi. All Betazoids have some difficulty in reading the thoughts of Ferengi, Breen, Ullian or Dopterian individuals although half-Betazoids do have some success in sensing their emotions.

Culture and Tradition

Betazoid culture embraces honesty to such an extent that other cultures may consider it as being rude due to their telepathic abilities.

Betazed has a hereditary nobility which is extremely complex with the added complication that tradition states that children are genetically bonded to a future spouse.

A Betazoid wedding involves all the participants being naked not just the groom and bride but the guests as well.

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