Battle of the Round Table

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

Battle of the Round Table
Basic Information
Date: June 2388

Starbase 900, Mordred Nebula, Round Table

Outcome: Destruction of Starbase 900 and the Federation Transwarp Gate. Creation of Helios Colony. Loss of Task Force 38's only connection to Federation space.
United Federation of Planets Borg Collective
RADM Diego Macedo

COL Jagged Anderson

Task Force 38
  • Starbase 900 (base)
  • USS Helios (flagship)
  • USS Poseidon
  • USS Taylx
  • USS Excelsior
  • USS Asclepius
  • 15 other ships
Borg Collective
  • 1 Borg cube
  • 3 Bog spheres
Task Force 38 Borg Collective
  • 1 Borg Cube
  • 1 Borg Sphere

The Battle of the Round Table was a battle fought between the United Federation of Planets and the Borg Collection in the Jathlin Arm of the Round Table in June 2388 when four Borg vessels engaged Task Force 38 at Starbase 900. This battle led to the destruction of Starbase 900, over a dozen Starfleet vessels and the transwarp gate connecting the Delta Exploration Initiative to Federation space.


In June 2388, one Borg Cube and three Borg Spheres were detected on a direct course for Starbase 900. With only hours to prepare, Task Force 38 had only a handful of ships near enough to the Mordred Nebula to respond in time, the rest on deep space assignments throughout the Round Table. With word sent through the transwarp gate back to the Raeyan Sector, Rear Admiral Diego Macedo, working from Raeya, scrambled to organize additional support to aide in the defense. By the time it headed for the gate, this relief wing included a dozen ships and a Marine Expeditionary Unit under the command of Colonel Jagged Anderson.

By the time Macedo and his relief wing arrived, Starbase 900 and the ships engaged in its defense had already taken heavy damage, and, even with the reinforcements, they were still heavily outgunned. Within minutes, it appeared the battle was lost as almost a dozen Starfleet ships had been disabled or destroyed and Starbase 900 had sustained critical damage.

Rear Admiral Macedo, in command of the defense, thus made a tough call: order the immediate activation of the Omicron Protocol, which specified that, in the event that Starfleet was going to lose control of the gate to a hostile foreign power, it was to be destroyed to prevent access to Federation space. This call saved Federation space, but did so at the expense of stranding everyone in the Delta Quadrant from home.

While the USS Excelsior destroyed the gate, Starfleet continued to suffer losses against the Borg, who showed no signs of slowing even after one of their Spheres was destroyed. Only some quick thinking from the USS Helios ended up turning the tide when, after separating its saucer and drive sections, the drive section was rammed directly into the Cube. The transwarp gate destroyed and their Cube lost, the remaining two Borg spheres retreated, but not before completely destroying what was left of Starbase 900.


The Battle of the Round Table led to the destruction of the only connection between the Delta Exploration Initiative and Federation space. This stranded Task Force 38 and the civilians involved in the Initiative approximately 50,000 light years from home. In addition to the loss of this transwarp gate, the battle also resulted in the complete destruction of Starbase 900 and the loss of over a dozen Starfleet vessels that were either disabled beyond repair or completely destroyed.

The saucer section of the USS Helios, along with many of the escape pods and shuttles from Starbase 900, landed on the nearby planet of Demeter. The saucer section was converted into a Starfleet planetary base, and the survivors set up around it in what is now known collectively as Helios Colony. Other survivors of the battle found their way onto surviving Task Force 38 ships or took up residence on Persephone Colony, the only other Federation colony in the Round Table.

The attack on the Round Table also caused a notable change in the way that the task force considered the area. Before the attack, it was considered a safe place for diplomacy and exploration, but following the attack, many began questioning whether it was even safe to set up under the nose of the Borg. Following the discovery of the Epatha Gateway, civilians and the task force itself both began considering the Gradin Belt as a potentially safer long-term home.