Battle of Union (2373)

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First Battle of Union
Basic Information
Conflict: First Battle of Union
Date: August 2373

Union System

Outcome: I.K.S. Chor Tek’na is heavily damaged, but then mysteriously vanishes; three years later, Union Gateway is discovered to have bee the cause
United Federation of Planets Klingon Empire
* Starbase 74
  • U.S.S. Aquinas
  • Two other vessels
* I.K.S. Chor Tek’na
* Moderate on Union III and the Hermes shipyard * All hands lost

The First Battle of Union occurred in August 2373 between Starfleet's Task Force 38 and a Klingon Defense Force bird-of-prey, the I.K.S. Chor Tek'na. The minor skirmish did have interstellar consequences; however, it did reveal the existence of the Union Gateway, although this would not be realized until three years later.

NOTE: This article refers to the Battle of Union occurring in 2373. For the 2384 battle, see Battle of Union (2384).


While returning from a hit-and-run attack against Lannan IV, the I.K.S. Chor Tek'na suffered a critical error in its navigational systems. Instead of returning to the secret Klingon base on Niveq, it stumbled into the Federation-controlled Union system. Evading Starbase 74's defense grid, the captain made opportunistic attacks against Union III and minor facilities within the system. Task Force 38's Task Group Delta was called in to assist.


Upon arrival, the ships of Task Force 38 played a game of cat-and-mouse with the Chor Tek'na, finally drawing it into full view of Starbase 74. The Chor Tek'na was swiftly and critically damaged from the combined onslaught of the starbase and three Starfleet vessels. Falling into a low orbit around Union III, it's nacelles were venting plasma and its warp core was heading towards a breach. Then something completely unexpected happened: a bright light flooded the EM spectrum, rendering sensors momentarily useless, and, when they recovered, the Klingon vessel was gone and only a mysterious surge in chroniton levels remained.


In the investigation that followed, the disappearance of the Klingon vessel was explained as a freak event caused by the highly chaotic physics around an uncontrolled warp core breach. It would be three more years before the Union Gateway was determined to be the real cause.