Battle of Gavara IV

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This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

Battle of Gavara IV
Preceeded By: Battle of Starbase Unity
Followed By: Battle of Deep Space 11
Basic Information
Date: 14 August 2388

Gavara IV

Outcome: Starfleet victory
Starfleet The Consortium
Captain Claudia Ainscow Captain Christopher O'Keeffe
USS Vindex
6 Peregrine-class fighters
208 ground personnel
USS Alwanir
12 Valkyrie-class fighters
300 ground personnel
2 fighters damaged
68 casualties
USS Alwanir destroyed
9 fighters destroyed
574 casualties

The Battle of Gavara IV was fought on 14 August 2388 between Starfleet and The Consortium. Codenamed Operation Adrestia, Starfleet's forces were commanded Captain Claudia Ainscow of the USS Vindex, with Captain Christopher O'Keeffe commanding The Consortium's forces aboard the USS Alwanir.


Build up

Following Starfleet's victory at the Battle of Starbase Unity, the USS Vindex was ordered to take part in a surprise lone-ship attack on Gavara IV to retake the planet from The Consortium. The planet was defended by a single starship, the USS Alwanir, however capturing the planet was imperative if Starfleet were to successfully retake Deep Space 11. Codenamed Operation Adrestia, the Vindex departed Starbase Unity for Gavara IV on August 13th, with two of Vindex's runabouts temporarily offloaded to create space for a detachment of Peregrine-class fighters.

Upon arrival in the Gavara system, two away missions were assembled to gain sufficient information to launch an attack on Gavara IV. At 04:00 on August 14th, the two teams left the Vindex, with one team scouting the city for suitable ways in whilst the other team infiltrated the command base to obtain The Consortium's defence plans for the planet and to sabotage its power generators. Following that, Lieutenant Commander Tolan infiltrated the city's nuclear power plant to set a timer which would shut it down and give the Vindex landing party a better chance of a successful attack.

The battle

At 16:00 following the shut down of the colony's power station, the Vindex entered the star system and after beaming the landing party led by Lieutenant Commander Tolan and Captain Storr Garlake down to the surface, it engaged the USS Alwanir in orbit, destroying it after a brief but deadly encounter. The Vindex rescued 319 survivors from the Alwanir, whilst the fighter detachment commanded by Lieutenant Commander Deryn Trevett managed to destroy eight of the colony's fighters on the ground.

The colony was successfully retaken by the Vindex landing force, with minimal casualties. Damage to the colony was extensive, primarily down to The Consortium destroying a number of the colony's assets to render it useless to its inhabitants, and the Vindex was ordered to remain in orbit of the planet for as long as necessary to assist with repairing the colony's damaged infrastructure.



The Consortium