Battle of Garen Epok

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This article is official Task Force 72 canon.

Battle of Garen Epok
Basic Information
Conflict: Breen Crisis
Date: 2386

Garen Epok (Roosevelt Station)

Outcome: Federation victory
Federation Breen Confederacy
*Fleet Captain William Jenner
  • Glinn Katell Danar
  • Captain Marian O'Rourke
  • Commander Azlyn Crae
*Roosevelt Station
  • CUS Perikol
  • USS Kent
  • USS Atlantia
*Three Heavy Frigates
*Minimal *One Heavy Frigate destroyed

The Battle of Garen Epok was an encounter between Starfleet and the Breen Confederacy in late 2386 in orbit of the deep space asteroid Garen Epok, the home of Roosevelt Station, part of a series of events along the Area Of Operations of Task Force 72 that are part of a much larger Breen Crisis situation.

Setup and Forces

When Starfleet chose to occupy the old Breen manned communication relay on Garen Epok, it was seen as a threat by Thot Tharget, the leader of the Seventh Administrative District of the Breen Confederacy. The defenses for the station upon her occupation were weak - three operational orbital weapons platforms and the Cardassian patrol ship CUS Perikol. Further, a rich prize was there for the taking - the advanced Starfleet cruiser USS Kent was in orbit, her warp core offline for extended maintenance. If the Breen were to retake the asteroid, this was the best moment to try.

The Breen forces in the battle consisted of three advanced frigates, believed to be easily enough to overwhelm the Federation and Cardassian defenses. These frigates were equipped with Dominion-derived shielding, state-of-the-art fighters, and mobile quantum mines.

Reinforcements for the Federation were at least an hour away - the USS Atlantia was already en route to the station when the Breen fleet was detected.

The Battle

The station's defenders made multiple attempts to stall the Breen, most notably a false minefield created by Lieutenant Junior Grade Elena Nikolaevna Fedorov that forced the Breen to approach the station slowly. This left the Federation and Cardassian forces at the station 45 minutes before the arrival of the Atlantia.

The Perikol engaged the Breen with hit-and-run tactics, using the asteroid's topography for cover to avoid a coordinated assault by the Breen starships. The Cardassian scout was joined in battle by Kent's flight detachment, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Li Ling Kaida. These tactics were exceptionally effective for much of the battle, allowing the underequipped Cardassian ship to deal disproportionate damage to the advanced frigates.

The Breen turned the battle against the Federation forces with their use of the maneuver known as Logan's Gambit. Two escorts split off from one another, maneuvering out of weapons range of the Perikol, and released mobile mines. These mines simultaneously activated, attacking the Cardassian ship in a concentrated fashion, overwhelming her shields and allowing seven to hit the hull of the ship directly. This damaged the ship's primary phaser array, lit a plasma fire on the bridge, and killed or injured ten of the ship's forty crew.