Barak Aubrey

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Barak Aubrey

Trill (Joined)



  • Host: February 23rd, 2336 (age 50)
  • Symbiont: 2134 (age 252)

United Federation of Planets


Deep Space Twelve


Former Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General

Vice Admiral
Played By:


Admiral Barak Aubrey is a former Judge Advocate General, Fourth Fleet. An experienced officer, particularly given that Barak is Aubrey's second host to join Starfleet, he is known for his quick and efficient decision making as well as his unusually swift rise through the ranks. Until recently the Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer, as a result of the Odithe Incident Barak has taken a lateral transfer to the JAG Office. He now serves as a senior advisor to Starfleet Command and the Fourth fleet, while working to bring to justice all those involved in the Incident.

Personal Description


Of average height and build and in good shape, his hair has just started to turn grey at the temples, thanks in part to the stresses of command. Generally clean shaven, although he has been known to let a little stubble grow from time to time, mostly when off duty.


Although he doesn’t like to boast about it, he is an intelligent man with a natural ability to read people, thanks in part to the accumulated experiences from his symbiont. This particularly enables him to tell when people are lying, something which he finds very useful. Friendly and caring when he wants to be, he’ll more frequently than not, however, display a scathing or sarcastic side to his personality and can often become irritated quite easily. This does not prevent him from being a good Commanding Officer, though.



Born on Trill in 2336, from a young age he always wanted to enter the symbiont program to become joined, like many on his world. Fortunately, for him, Barak was bright enough and dedicated enough to gain entry and eventually became a viable candidate for joining, entering the program about two years after he graduated Starfleet Academy. He pursued his goals largely to the exclusion of everything else and so had only a few friends. In fact, this almost de-railed the entire process as his Field Docent noted that he was in danger of not being developed enough socially, with his tendency towards sarcasm not helping either. As a result, Barak promised and then quickly made attempts to rectify this and paid more attention to his friends and family. He subsequently received a positive recommendation and went on to become joined.

Barak almost did not end up with his current symbiont as it had, so it seemed to him, a distinctly human sounding name that he didn’t think went with his first name at all. He considered requesting another until he realized the triviality of his aversion and so accepted it, immediately glad that he did. He then returned to Starfleet after an LOA – as he initially struggled with the new memories and personalities – and continued his career as a Helmsman, steadily rising through the ranks.

His first command was the Intrepid Class vessel USS Warrior. Within a year he was commanding her in almost contiuous battles as the Dominion War broke out, living from week to week, day to day. The Warrior was supposed to take part in Operation Return, however extensive damaged sustained in a fight with a pair of Galor Class warships, three days earlier, meant she could not join the fleet. They did participate in the Battle of Cardassia, though, one of the few Intrepid Class starships to be present. In total, he captained the Warrior for nearly ten years before receiving a promotion to flag rank and a change to his next command, the USS Freedom.

Captain Aubrey, 2378

Barak's first assignment as CO of the Freedom was to recover a former leader of Task Force 86, Rear Admiral Steve Bawden, who had disappeared. It transpired that he had been taken by old enemies, who were planning on killing him, and his family, at a specific time as part of their quest for revenge. However, Barak and the crew were able to discover his location in time and carry out a successful rescue operation.

Several weeks later the Freedom was one of the first ships on scene, along with the USS Lakota, at the unexpected appearance of the Inconnu Expanse a few lightyears from Deep Space 7. Upon investigating, the Freedom was trapped inside the Expanse as it expanded rapidly and caught everyone unaware. They were able to meet with the Lakota but were soon viciously attacked by unknown inhabitants of the region. Both ships were eventually able to escape, but not without extensive damage, and the incident generated political shock waves throughout the surrounding sectors.

Barak was temporarily stationed aboard Deep Space 7 to keep an eye on the Inconnu Expanse and help formulate Starfleet's strategy for the sector, in light of the developments. However, changes within the command structure of the Fourth Fleet soon saw him selected by Admiral Teylas Ramar to be the Fourth Fleet Executive Officer, a swift promotion that came as a surprise. He transferred to Deep Space Twelve for the role.

Having held the position of Fourth Fleet Executive Officer for less than a year, Admiral Teylas Ramar retired from Starfleet in order to take up a position in the Federation President's administration, leaving Barak in charge of Bravo Fleet, a position that Aubrey had not envisioned holding for years yet. He remains stationed aboard Deep Space Twelve.

His rise through the Admiralty ranks has been nothing short of meteoric, leading some to question if Barak is really ready for such high office. To complicate matters further, Aubrey's first few months in command of the Fourth Fleet have been marred with political conflict and mysterious communications blackouts. Concerned that something greater was at play and, possibly, even actively working against him, Aubrey turned to his former boss and friend, Admiral Ramar, asking him to re-activate his commission and return to the fleet as its Executive Officer. Working together again after only a few months apart, they are now working to calm the choppy waters and quietly investigate if there is a driving force behind these recent troubles.

After some effort, Ramar and Aubrey eventually discovered that an Admiral named Fackirt Odithe, based at Starfleet Command, had in fact been behind all the odd occurrences and was planning a Leyton-style takeover of Starfleet and the Federation, in order to allay what he saw were the various weaknesses and vulnerabilities in its leadership. Odithe revealed that he was a substantial reason behind Aubrey's swift rise through the ranks, particularly to that of Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer, as Odithe believed Aubrey could be undermined and then replaced by Odithe as part of his rise to power. Odithe had been exerting influence over Admiral William Ross, using his Betazoid capabilities, in order to achieve this.

Barak Aubrey and Jade Lian, 2384

Ramar and Aubrey, with the help of Vice Admiral T'Par and Robert Blakeney, were able to break Odithe's hold over Admiral Ross and ultimately undo his attempts to take over. Despite this, Odithe was able to escape in a Starfleet vessel and convince a number of others to follow him. Feeling that command of the Fourth Fleet was not rightfully his and desiring to hunt down and bring Odithe and his followers to justice, Barak requested a transfer to the JAG Office and transferred day-to-day running of the fleet to Admiral Ramar. Now, Barak works to track Odithe down whilst acting as JAG for the Fourth Fleet and serving as an advisor to its leadership.

Personal Life

Never particularly intending to pursue any serious relationships and living the life of a bachelor, Barak nonetheless met Jade Lian in late 2384, during his final mission as commander of the Freedom. Immediately attracted to one another, they very quickly entered into a relationship. As of 2386, they remain a couple and have had a daughter together, Jayna (born November 2385).

Aubrey is the younger brother of Captain Jasen Antar, commanding officer of the USS Valkyrie.


The Aubrey symbiont was born in 2134 and was joined with its first host, Allana, in 2165. Allana was a biologist who gained prominence in her field, dedicating herself almost entirely to her studies and work. She never married, although she was not upset at this, and eventually passed the symbiont on in 2239 after completing her last major project.

The second host, Lela, was a business woman who ran a large mining conglomerate during the latter half of the 23rd century. Unlike Allana, she married and had two children, but was critically wounded in a shuttle accident in 2290. The symbiont was saved and was passed on to the next host.

The third host to Aubrey was Jalen, the first male host. After becoming joined, Jalen married and fathered a child, settling down to become a member of the Symbiosis Commission. He served for many years, looking after symbionts as well as approving or rejecting prospective hosts. He had just been appointed Head of the Commission when he, too, was seriously wounded in a shuttle crash in 2315, dying on route to the hospital. Again, the symbiont was saved and was passed on to another. From then on, all hosts of Aubrey have had something of an aversion to shuttlecraft.

The forth host was a man named Tobin, a Starfleet Engineer. He entered the program a good few years later than most, since he wanted to achieve a certain rank in Starfleet first, but nonetheless was successful, receiving the Aubrey symbiont. Returning to Starfleet after Joining, he served with distinction and had a long and colourful career. He kept his nature as a joined Trill largely secret from Starfleet, with only the Chief Medical Officers of the vessels he served aboard ever knowing. Retiring in 2346, he returned to Trill to live with his family. Stricken with an illness in 2360 that began to affect his body’s ability to remain a host, he held on for as long as was reasonably possible before allowing the symbiont to be passed on to the next host – Barak – in 2361.

Service Record

B-blank.png Civilian | 2336
R-C-1.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2354
R-C-2.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2355
R-C-3.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2356
R-C-4.png Starfleet Academy | Cadet | 2357
R-O-1.png USS Light | Shuttle Pilot and Helmsman | 2358
R-O-2.png USS Light | Assistant Chief Helmsman | 2359
R-O-3.png USS Light | Chief Helmsman | 2362
R-O-4.png USS Dreadnought | Executive Officer | 2366
R-O-5.png USS Dreadnought | Executive Officer | 2369
R-O-6.png USS Warrior | Commanding Officer | 2373
R-A-1.png USS Freedom | Commanding Officer & Task Force Executive Officer (Fourth Fleet) | 2382
R-A-2.png USS Freedom | Commanding Officer & Task Force Commanding Officer (Fourth Fleet) | 2383
R-A-3.png Deep Space Seven | Commanding Officer & Division Commander (Fourth Fleet) | 2384
R-A-3.png Deep Space Twelve | Fourth Fleet Executive Officer | 2385
R-A-4.png Deep Space Twelve | Fourth Fleet Commanding Officer | 2386

Preceded by:
First in Order
Bravo Fleet Admiralty Order of Precedence
Succeeded by:
Admiral Teylas Ramar
Bravo Fleet Executive Officer