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Basic information
Major Species:

Ba'neth (species)

Political Information

Prior to the events of the USS Voyager, the Ba'neth were an extremely xenophobic and reclusive species. They were known to have tentacles, and possessed a relatively large fleet of ships, which included at least one space station. The species were found to utilize cloaking technology to help them remain undetected, and to observe other species traveling through their space. Since the Kesat, a neighbouring species proved their existence the two species have engaged in numerous hostile encounters; until both worlds signed the Treaty of Villions which outlined that the Kesat would stay out of their space and encourage other ships to do the same while agreeing to never provide details of their existence.

Ba’neth space is controlled by the Ba’neth.  Contained within this region is an impressive fleet of ships and many space stations which they largely inhabit.  The exact boundaries of Ba’neth territory are not known as many of their structures are heavily cloaked.  Many species do not know that this region of space is controlled by the Ba’neth as they are not certain that they exist.

External Information