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Survey Data
Star System:

Khrexani System


Inconnu Expanse


Alpha Quadrant

Political Information
Total Population:

6.5 Billion

Biological Information
Development Stage:

Warp Capable




Based in the Inconnu Expanse, the Azulren are one of the species that collectively make up the Ravagers.



The Azulren are a species descended from primates on the planet Azuphria in the Khrexani system. They were the first species to attain sentience in the system. They have mainly round shaped heads and sturdy jaw lines. They have two arms and two legs. Being descended from primates their two arms are slightly longer than it looks like they should be, and they could be just as comfortable walking on their arms and legs, like a monkey from Earth would walk.

They have average sized mouths for their heads, and their nose is somewhat squished against their faces.

They have small, flattened ridges on their faces, and a pattern that goes around the eyes. They also have horned ridges that go from above their eyes to the base of their neck. Their two eyes are reflective and they have strong eyesight both in daylight and nighttime. They can see details in things that most species would miss.

Their skin is covered in very tiny hairs, which are almost invisible unless you are within a few centimeters of them. Their ears go towards the back of their head and their hearing is almost perfect. Their skin colours range from pink to orange.

Azulren are a unique species and it is the Azulren males that become pregnant with their young. Because they evolved from a primate that lived almost exclusively in trees, they often build their homes high above the ground.

Both Azulren adult males and females can grow to between 125 cm and 180 cm tall.


The Azulren share with their Khrenal brethren the most physiological traits, presumably because they are two sentient species from the same solar system, where they have evolved from some long distant ancestor. They can both perform well in both light and dark environments, however the Khrenal prefer to work in darker environments. Both Khrenal and Azulren blood is iron based, and is a dark red colour.

Azulren have two sexes. Only the Azulren males become pregnant. Because Azulren and Khrenal DNA structures are quite similar, they can crossbreed without any medical intervention.

Azulren, though not to the extent of Vulcans, tend to suppress a lot of their emotion. They, unlike Vulcans, still experience them as many humanoids to. However when they work they tend to suppress the more volatile emotions and focus on their specific endeavors in an emotionally neutral state. This is one of the reasons that Azulren scientists are as brilliant as they are, because they work with little to zero emotion.


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Azuphria is the evolutionary birthplace of the Azulren. Many of the Wi’u’Kai scientific breakthroughs are made on Azuphria. While a large portion of the research facilities are on this planet, they are staffed by both Khrelan and Azulren.

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