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Aves Mooren





April 8th, 2324


Federation Starfleet


Task Force 93

Played By:

Noel (NPC)

Physical Description

Bearing the traditional looks of any Efrosian, Aves is also a woman who has aged well for her years. With few lines or wrinkles located on her dark orange face to tell of her age, her piercing, light blue eyes (made lighter by the fact that she is, as akin to her race, partially blind) are cold orbs. Her long white hair is nearly always seen pulled back in a neat pony tail or bun, though on some occasions she wears her hair down around her shoulders.

Besides the fact that she is an Efrosian, she is of average height and weight, being slender, though not skinny even for her age, and unlike most authority figures she bears an identifiable pip in her step on her right foot, almost seeming to slightly rock back and forth on her balance as she walks. During formal events, however, she can manage to glide with a cold, though very lady-like grace that she doesn't usually take the time to care for.

Personality and Traits


There are women who hold themselves with grace, authority and power, and have this powerful femininity about them that just cannot be doubted. Aves is most definitely not the most feminine of women, but to doubt her power and authority would most likely mean that she would demand someone's figurative head.

No, contrary to women of her position within Starfleet, Aves is definitely not graceful. She walks with a slight bounce in her step and a small slouch in her shoulders, and by no means is she at all lady-like. She would rather be working or getting drunk at a bar than to ever to care for her own looks (though she was graced, from her father, with a slender frame and looks that could, to some, draw second glances). She put work before aesthetics, and authority before femininity.

As a person she was cold, sometimes deemed ruthless. Her drive to complete a task was immense, and she would do it no matter the cost (as long as the benefit was greater than what had been lost). What most people don't know is she also, though cold and calculating, is compassionate for those in need. It was her counterbalance to demanding the utmost authority; if she knew someone or something required assistance, she would go to great lengths to represent her ideals and help those in need, even going so far as to jeopardize a mission to do so.

Her weakness is her past and how it affects her in the present. Before the Dominion War, she had gotten married to a human man and had borne a family. Then she was only a Captain and she requested the task of commanding a Starbase in order to properly care for her children as best she could. But then the War took her husband, and since then her lack of relationships or an outlet for her problems have caused her to become cold of heart to the point of cruelty. Her strength relies on her coldness, but she cannot tap her positive side unless its through compassionate means, and even then she considers herself a negative-realist, looking for positive outcomes but always noticing the negatives.

As a Federation Officer she is a dedicated, successful tactician, and she is a ruthless diplomat. She would never be considered a mediator, and she always takes to abrupt, aggressive moves both on the battlefield and in the political arena. She has a broad network of contacts throughout the known galaxy that she utilizes to their full potential, and this was only accomplished through blackmail or hard deals behind the scenes.

Overall, she's a practising, successful workaholic.


  • Wields strong authority, influence, and power through her cold, unquestionable personality
  • Compassionate for those in need
  • Accomplished tactician, proven during Cardassian Conflicts, 2nd Tzenkethi Conflict, and Dominion War
  • Ruthless, aggressive diplomat
  • Large network of reliable, loyal contacts throughout the known galaxy


  • Her cold-hearted personality is tough to get used too
  • She likes things her way, or the high-way
  • Her power makes her arrogant, and sometimes naive
  • She is still negatively effected by the loss of her husband (has had long term, negative emotional effects)
  • She never backs down from a fight herself.


To reach the highest chain of command possible within her lifetime.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Through her network of contacts, she keeps tabs on the development of trans-galactic corporations, underworld crime bosses, and the political movements of neighbouring Empires. This is one of her interests.
  • On her off time, singing calms her nerves and briefly opens her emotional barriers before she realizes she's not working.
  • When she has been ordered not to work, she likes to indulge in alcohol, most notably whiskey from the Americas and rum from the Caribbean isles.
  • Something that she may consider either an enjoyable facet of her day or as a part of her job, she constantly stays up-to-date with Federation politics.


  • Spouse: Vice Admiral Tobin Garseouf - DECEASED
  • Children:
    • Lieutenant Tobin Garseouf II, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pierre Trudeau, Ninth Fleet. (eldest)
    • Jacquline Garseouf, Secretary to the Administrator of Civilian Affairs, Earth. (youngest)
  • Father: Ver'Rael Mooren
  • Mother: Zaber Tash-Mooren
  • Brothers/Sisters/Other Family: None.

Service Record

Coming Soon.

Billet Information

Preceded by:
Vice Admiral Brian Huddle
Task Force Commanding Officer, Task Force 93
2386 – Early 2386
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Kara Thrace
Preceded by:
Commodore Elizabeth Duvall
Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force 72
Succeeded by: