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Athos Roark





Federation Starfleet (retired)

  • Former Commanding Officer
  • Former Task Force Commanding Officer
Vice Admiral

Athos Roark served as Task Force Commanding Officer for Task Force 38 and also as Commanding Officer of Union Colony, on Union.


Not unaccustomed to privilege, Athos Roark's life has been one of contradictions. Born to a dilithium merchant family on Earth, Athos' parents came from a very different background. His father Gabriel began his career as crew aboard the dilithium freighter Shaky Temper, prior to meeting Athos' mother, in the competitive Bremer Corporation, one of the largest mining, refining and shipping firms.

Through diligence and perseverance, Gabriel was able to move through the ranks and achieve majority shareholder and the chairmanship.

During this ascension, Athos was born and grew up at the family home on the small island of Bermuda. His schooling a priority, he was soon dispatched to a boarding school where he excelled in liberal arts. His father was a well-grounded individual and Athos spent his summer's aboard the Shaky Temper with some of the crew who had served with his father. Under the tutelage of a grizzled Andorian captain, the boy was given less tolerance than any other ship in the private fleet. Life was never grim but fraught with hardship, pressing the boy to learn and find his place quickly.

Thinking to enter Bremer Corporation much like his father, Athos chose to enter the company immediately following boarding school. His posting to the Shaky Temper as an adult and for more than a summer, opened his eyes. Beyond the reach of Federation law and Starfleet enforcement, he watched his mentor gunned down during a pirate raid.

The following year, he entered Starfleet Academy and graduated within the stipulated four-year period with a concentration is security and tactical. His time at the Academy was largely unremarkable, graduating 157th out of 300.

After graduation, he was assigned to the Miranda class USS Tempest and married his long-time best friend Lisa. Through impulsive decision, he resigned his commission but the break was short, rejoining within two years and being assigned to the same starship.

He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made assistant Chief of Security/Tactical Officer.

His only exploration mission came shortly after with a reassignment to the Constellation class USS Aries for her six-year mission into unknown space. He returned a full Lieutenant.

Upon his return from deep space, and with his marriage falling apart, Athos chose a series of ground postings that almost put a premature end to his career. In a service where deep-space assignments meant a future, ground postings were akin to ending of future promotion prospects.

Fortunately, his work in the intelligence field was noted and Athos was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor. Whilst there, he used the opportunity to study, gaining several designations and a reputation as a studious officer. He tested for the first officer posting, gaining top marks.

Shortly after, he was reassigned to the new Nebula Class starship USS Hercules where he furthered his understanding of starship operations and even tested for his own captaincy. He was promoted to Commander during one of several first contact missions, where his professionalism and dedication improved his reputation.

He was soon given command of the Galaxy Class USS Nobel and his career took off with wife Lisa and new-born son Salak on Earth. Lisa, now an experienced Starfleet wife with her own diplomatic career blossoming, watched from her own variety of postings. On the Nobel, Athos was promoted to Commodore and made squadron commander of a four-ship command.

Within two years, he was made divisional commander of the eight-ship unit and transferred his flag to the new Sovereign Class USS Victorious. With two previous premier postings on advanced starships with his own flag, Athos career was noted by Starfleet Command. After a crucial battle along the Cardassian border, he was made Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 38 under then-Vice Admiral Phelan Ward.

However, throughout his time captaining he realised the lack of support some new officers had once joining the Fleet. Despite excellent training at Starfleet Academy, some officers were unprepared for the challenges working in the Fourth Fleet. Athos researched, developed and eventually submitted a plan for the development of a Fourth Fleet Academy.

In 2379, the Academy was created at Union Colony under Task Force 38 chain-of-command. Athos was promoted to Rear Admiral, made commandant of the Academy and transferred his flag to Union Colony. In 2380, Starbase 911 was created in orbit of Union Colony in the Union System at the commencement of the Tri-Partite Powers conference at the colony. Roark assumed command of Task Force 38 and was promoted to Vice Admiral.

In 2382, Roark was removed from command of both Task Force 38 and the Academy, but remained in command of the Union System. With his career in shambles, the admiral continued to battle to save his reputation and the reputation of the vital strategic outpost, Union.


Having learned his lesson from a stress-induced burnout early in his career, Athos likes to try new things and explore his tastes. A few years ago, he tried boxing and has been practicing ever since.

In addition, he plays chess but finds himself reading more and more. Favorite books include Alexandre Dumas The Three Musketeers and Ernest Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls. He also has a liking for Shakespeare, particularly Henry V.