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Asuki Sasin







United Federation of Planets


Starfleet Headquarters


Former Director, Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Vice Admiral
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Vice Admiral Asuki Sasin was born in 2325 in Takko, Japan on Earth. Asuki was, from a young age, recognized to be gifted in the engineering disciplines and strove to learn about the art of technology as much as he could. Staying long hours after his classes were completed, in high school he developed a reputation for skill and excellence. Finishing high school with a near perfect grade point average and at the top of his class, he entered Starfleet Academy upon graduation with the blessing of his father. It was no surprise when he was placed into the Academy's engineering program as a junior cadet, a year earlier then most would be accepted into specialized study programs.

His passion for engineering would serve him well at the academy, where he once again earned high marks. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Cheyenne-class USS Augustine as an engineering officer. He developed a reputation for excellence in problem-solving and theoretical work while serving on board the Augustine, and when his tour was completed he was assigned to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars. Promoted to a the rank of full Lieutenant, he was assigned to the position of assistant chief of starship repair operations. While serving at Utopia Planitia, he would meet and marry Chi Sasin. Shortly thereafter, Chi would give birth to their daughter Risi Sasin.

After nearly a decade of service on Mars, his dedication was recognized and he was given command of the Excelsior-class USS Aqua. In addition to her normal Starfleet duties, the Aqua was often assigned to detached duty under the direct operational authority of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers given her captain's expertise in the field. Unlike larger Galaxy-class explorers the Aqua did not deploy with families on board, and so Sasin was forced to leave his family behind on Mars for years at a time.

During the Dominion War, the Aqua would see service primarily in engineering duties but she did see combat on a number of occasions. The first large fleet engagement she participated in was Operation Return in 2374. Then Captain Sasin was not a greatly experienced officer in fleet battle tactics, but he and the Aqua served with distinction during the engagement.

Following the conclusion of the conflict, Captain Sasin was promoted to the Admiralty and assigned to San Francisco and the SCE headquarters. He divided his time between the SCE and teaching at Starfleet Academy, living with his wife and family in Marin county. In 2385, Sasin was elevated to the post of Director of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and elevated to the rank of Vice Admiral.