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This article is official Ares Theater canon.

Pre 2000;

15 billion BC - The USS Voyager witnesses the creation of the universe whilst being used as a hiding place by Quinn, a member of the Q continuum.

5 billion BC - The Guardian of Forever was asked its last question prior to 2267.

The star Sol is born.

4 billion BC - The Progenitor species scattered DNA codes on many worlds. The codes were designed to direct evolution on those planets to produce Humanoid intelligences. In addition, a goodwill message was included in the codes.

Q begins dating a female Q.

2 billion BC - The first life forms were created on Earth. In a timeline created by Q, a temporal anomaly caused by Captain Picard disrupted this process and so erased Humanity from existence.

87 million BC - The D'Arsay archive is launched.

65 million BC - An asteroid impact on Earth leads to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Voth, a highly evolved species of dinosaur, escape the destruction.

20 million BC - The current Voth civilization begins.

2 million BC - The Organians evolve into non corporeal beings.

600000 BC - The T'Kon Empire collapsed after the sun of its capital world went supernova. The T'Kon were thought to have been capable of moving entire stars.

500000 BC - Civilization flourished on the planet Bajor at approximately this time.

The star Exo began to dim at this time, eventually reducing the surface of Exo III to a frozen wasteland. As the inhabitants moved underground their civilization became more and more mechanized, eventually resulting in the production of Androids thought to be perfect replicas of living beings. Dr. Roger Korby uncovered the last traces of the civilization in the 23rd century. The atmosphere of Sargon's planet was destroyed in a great cataclysm. Sargon would later claim that the crisis was a result of his species becoming so powerful that they dared to consider themselves as Gods.

200000 BC - The Iconian Empire dates to this period.

100000 BC - The Hirogen communications network is constructed, providing real-time communication across a large section of the galaxy.

97600 BC - An unknown Delta Quadrant species draws all the water off of an M class planet and places it within a containment field, creating a gigantic space ocean.

47750 BC - The Horta die out with the exception of one individual, who will care for the thousands of eggs her species has left behind until they hatch in 2267.

Lokai attempts to begin a revolution on the planet Cheron, unhappy at the treatment of those who are white on the right side of their bodies by those who were white on the left. The attempt is unsuccessful, and Lokai must flee the planet. He is pursued by Commissioner Bele until at least 2269.

37600 BC - A group of aliens from the Delta Quadrant visit Earth and are greatly impressed by the spirituality of those Humans living on the Siberian Peninsula.

7750 BC - The machine God Vaal is built on the planet Gamma Trianguli VI. Intended to provide food and climate control, Vaal assumes control of the population and halts all development in the culture.

The Ferengi people adopt capitalism as a central philosophy of their species under the guidance of the first Grand Nagus, Gint, and his newly published "Rules of Acquisition".

The first of the Bajoran Orbs is discovered.

The Fabrini asteroid ship is launched. It will reach its destination in 2270.

6000 BC - Several Humans are abducted from Earth by aliens and trained to act as agents who will guide the planet through the unstable period after nuclear weapons are discovered.

3834 BC - Flint is born on Earth. Discovering himself to be ageless and almost impossible to kill, Flint lives for thousands of years under various identities. These include Leonardo da Vinci, Merlin and Johannes Brahms. Eventually he purchases a planet under the name of Mr. Brack. Once out of Earth's environment, Flint begins to age normally.

3750 BC - An ice age begins on the planet Sigma Draconis VI. The inhabitants construct underground shelters for its population but only the females move into these, leaving the males on the surface. Both groups lose all understanding of their technology over the next few thousand years.

2750 BC - A group of aliens settle in Earths Mediterranean region. Thanks to their highly developed telekinetic powers the inhabitants of Greece worship the aliens as Gods. When the Humans outgrow the need for such a religion the aliens depart. Most of them commit suicide over the next few thousand years. The last, Apollo, attempts to force the crew of the USS Enterprise to worship him in 2267.

850 BC - The Vulcan sanctuary at P'Jem is established.

735 BC - The Kalandans construct an artificial planet to serve as a base. Unfortunately its crew is wiped out by a virus shortly afterwards.

630 BC - Bajoran prophet Trakor encounters the Orb of Change. He subsequently makes many prophecies, some of which appear to come true in the 24th century.

354 - Surak's teachings bring him renown as the father of Vulcan logic.

370 - The Vulcans adopt a philosophy of suppressing emotion in favor of logic under the guidance of their greatest leader, Surak. Those Vulcans who reject the teachings of Surak leave the planet and settle on Romulus and Remus.

The Vidiians fall victim to the Phage, a disease which eats away at the bodies organs. Unable to cure the disease, the Vidiians began stealing replacement body parts from other species to keep themselves alive.

372 - The Dominion is founded by the shape shifting species known as Changelings in order to provide them with protection from non shape shifters and impose order on the region. The Changelings become known as the Founders. They are so reclusive that few in the Dominion believe that they actually exist.

374 - The Jem'Hadar become the Dominion's primary military force.

860 - Kahless unites the Klingon people by defeating the forces of Molor.

869 - Kahless defeats Molor in an epic personal duel.

1153 - Tarquin is born. He is banished from his homeworld because of his telepathic abilities and lives alone except for a series of companions thereafter.

The Spheres of the Delphic Expanse are thought to have been built at this time.

1154 - The Guardians create one of their spheres on this date.

1367 - The civilization on Ventax II solve their social problems by signing a deal with Ardra, their equivalent of the Human devil. The pact agrees to make the planet and all its inhabitants the personal property of Ardra after one thousand years of peace and prosperity.

1368 - The civilization on the planet Kataan is destroyed when their star goes nova. They attempt to preserve knowledge of their culture by launching a space probe which can download memories into the brain of anybody it encounters. The probe will be discovered by the USS Enterprise-D in 2367 and successfully cause Captain Picard to experience decades of living on Kataan within a few minutes.

1371 - A group of aliens from another galaxy explore the Delta Quadrant. While on the Ocampan home world they accidentally cause an ecological disaster which threatens to destroy the Ocampa. The aliens build an underground habitat for the Ocampa and two of them stay on to look after their charges. One subsequently leaves to found an Ocampa colony, the other dies of old age in 2371 after unsuccessfully attempting to reproduce.

1372 - An alien species known as the Hur'q invade the Klingon home world. They steal many cultural artifacts, including the Sword of Kahless.

1374 - The Hirogen culture becomes dedicated to hunting. They will continue this way of life unchanged for at least the next thousand years.

1669 - Guinan's father is born.

1767 - The planets Eminiar and Vendikar go to war with one another. Fearful that the infrastructure of their planets may be destroyed the two sides agree to conduct the war entirely by computer, with designated casualties reporting to suicide stations after each attack in order to immolate themselves. Having removed any pressing need for a ceasefire, the war continues unabated for the next five hundred years.

1770 - Sandrine's Bar in Marseilles opens.

1805 - The battle of Trafalgar takes place on Earth. One of Jean Luc Picard's ancestors takes part in the battle.

1851 - The Suliban home world is rendered uninhabitable. In the aftermath many Suliban spread out to settle in the territory of nearby species, including the Tandarans.

1853 - The conflicts between the Antareans and the Denobulans end. Both sides will retain a deep hatred of one another for at least the next three centuries.

1864 - The Skagarans abduct a large group of Humans from Earth to act as slaves on a world in the Delphic Expanse.

1869 - The Vulcans achieve interstellar flight.

1871 - The Cardassian Union is formed.

1903 - The Wright brothers make the first Human flight in a powered heavier than air craft.

1930 - Edith Keeler is killed in a road traffic accident. In an alternate timeline Keeler is saved by Dr. McCoy, thrown into the past by the Guardian of Forever. She goes on to become a person of great importance, using her influence to keep the USA out of World War II. This gives the Germans the time to develop atomic weapons and enables them to conquer the world.

1934 - A major war begins between the various Xindi sub-species. The war will lead to the destruction of Xindus and the extinctions of the Avians in 2033.

1937 - Several hundred Humans are abducted from Earth by aliens originating in the Delta Quadrant. The majority of the Humans are used as slaves, but some are left in stasis. The slaves eventually overthrow their alien masters and build a new Human community in the Delta Quadrant, revering those in stasis as important cultural icons. Amongst them is Amelia Earhart, a famed pilot who was abducted whilst engaged in intelligence gathering for the US government.

1939 - World War II begins on Earth.

1945 - World War II ends on Earth. Over 60 million people were killed during the war.

1947 - Quark, Nog, Rom and Odo are briefly trapped on Earth after their shuttle is thrown back in time and crashes in Roswell, New Mexico. They are able to escape by piloting the shuttle into the heart of a nuclear blast. Although the government denies any knowledge of the incident, it becomes a focal point for many rumors and conspiracy theories for decades to come.

1953 - First contact between the Andorians and the Vulcans, leading to a prolonged period of hostilities.

The Denobulans begin using genetic engineering, with generally positive effect.

1957 - Sputnik 1 is launched, Earth's first artificial satellite. The launch is observed by a Vulcan vessel which subsequently crashes on the planet, stranding the crew there for several months.

1966 - The population of Miri's planet begin a project aimed at greatly slowing the ageing process. Although the project is successful for children, it wipes out the entire adult population of the planet.

1967 - The 29th century Federation Timeship Aeon crash lands on Earth after an encounter with the USS Voyager in 2373. The vessel is salvaged by Henry Starling, who uses its technology to instigate a computer revolution.

1969 - The USS Enterprise is thrown into this time after an accidental encounter with a black star. Although significant pollution of the timeline results, the crew are able to correct the damage and return to their proper time.

Henry Starling introduces the first Isograted chip, a major advance in computer technology. He has achieved this breakthrough using the technology of the Timeship Aeon.

1992 - Khan Noonian Singh rises to power, controlling approximately one quarter of the planet Earth. Khan is the product of genetic engineering intended to create a new race of superhumans.

1993 - A group of genetically engineered super humans seize control of 40 of Earths nations simultaneously. Terrible wars follow in which entire populations are bombed out of existence.

1996 - The Eugenics wars end. Khan escapes in a DY-100 sleeper ship named the SS Botany Bay along with 96 of his fellow supermen and women. The launch deemed classified until 2150.

Shortly after the war the crew of the USS Voyager travel to this time period after an encounter with a 29th century Federation Timeship Aeon, under the command of Captain Braxton. The crew discover that much of Earths computer revolution has been a result of a Henry Starlings salvage of the Timeship in 1967. Voyager's crew are able to prevent Starling from any further use of the Timeship.


2000 - On the last day of the year Shannon O'Donnell, an ancestor of Captain Janeway and one of the first female astronauts, convinces the last remaining resident of Portage Creek, Indiana, to sell his business in order to make way for construction of the Millennium Gate. The Gate will become one of Earth's largest buildings, a kilometer high and 3.2 kilometers wide at the base.

2002 - The Nomad probe is launched from Earth. The probe is the first Earth mission designed to search for new life forms. It will later collide with an alien craft designed to sterilize soil samples; the two probes will manage to combine themselves but in the process their programming will be distorted, causing the resultant entity to seek out and sterilize alien life forms.

2004 - Captain Archer and T'Pol travel in time to this year in order to prevent a Xindi-Reptilian plot to release a devastating virus on Earth.

2009 - Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first successful manned mission to Saturn. The mission is kept secret from the public and declassified in 2150.

2012 - The Dax symbiont is born on the Trill home world.

2018 - An advance in propulsion systems renders sleeper ships obsolete.

2020 - The American government creates the Sanctuary districts to contain those who are unemployed. The districts quickly become ghetto areas.

2024 - The Bell Riots begin within Sanctuary District 4 of San Francisco. The riots lead to the abolishment of the Sanctuary Districts, forcing the USA to at last begin to deal with its social problems.

2030 - Zefram Cochrane is born.

2032 - The command module of the Aries 4, one of Mankind's early missions to Mars, is swallowed into a subspace ellipse together with its pilot Lieutenant John Kelly on October 19th. The loss of the craft strands two astronauts on Mars for weeks, and almost derails the entire Mars program. This marks Mankind's first ever encounter with a spatial anomaly.

2033 - The 52nd state is admitted to the United States of America.

The planet Xindus, homeworld of the Xindi, is destroyed. The Avian subspecies is rendered extinct. This marks the end of the civil war which has been raging for the last century; in the aftermath a ruling council is established comprising representatives of the five remaining subspecies.

2036 - The New United Nations rules that no Earth person can be held responsible for the crimes of their ancestors.

Hovercars come into widespread use on Earth.

2037 - NASA launches the spacecraft Charybdis, commanded by Colonel Steven Richey. The third manned attempt to explore beyond the solar system, the ship is declared missing. It is discovered in 2365 in the Theta 116 solar system.

2040 - Lela is joined to the Dax symbiont. Lela Dax subsequently becomes a politician.

Television ceases to exist as a form of entertainment.

2047 - The Los Angeles area is submerged under 200 meters of water by the Hermosa earthquake. The region subsequently becomes the largest coral reef on the planet Earth.

2050 - Hunting goes out of style on Earth.

2051 - The Vulcan ship T'Plana encounters a class 5 neutronic wavefront and is destroyed.

2052 - The Andorians claim the planetoid Weytahn and begin to terraform it.

2053 - World War III kills 600 million people and leaves very few governments on Earth.

The Vulcans make first contact with the Arkonians. The initial contact goes well but the Arkonians prove hostile and difficult to deal with, and eventually contact is broken off.

2058 - V'Lar becomes an Ambassador.

2061 - A significant event occurs related to the depletion of fossil fuels, most likely the development of a replacement energy source.

2063 - Zefram Cochrane makes Humanities first faster than light journey. The flight results in First Contact between Humans and Vulcans.

2064 - Zefram Cochrane makes a speech in which he reveals the Enterprise-E's and Borg's participation in the events surrounding his warp flight. He later recants, and given his reputation for telling tall tales the revelation is largely forgotten.

2065 - SS Valiant is lost whilst exploring the outer edge of the galaxy.

2067 - The society on Argelius II undergoes "The Great Awakening", a significant milestone in their development towards becoming dedicated to hedonism.

The probe Friendship One is launched. It is designed to transmit technical information to any alien species it meets. Earth will keep contact with the probe for another one hundred and eighty years, by which time it will be some thirty thousand light years from Earth.

The Conestoga is launched for the planet Terra Nova. This marks Earth's first attempt to found a colony in a solar system other than our own. The Conestoga's journey will take nine years.

2069 - The Klingon Emperor dies. No successor is appointed because the Klingon High Council has grown in power to the point where it effectively controls the Empire.

2072 - One of the two Sporocystian lifeforms which have been caring for the Ocampa for the last five hundred generations leaves, taking two thousand Ocampa with her. They establish a new home on a spaceborne array several thousand light years away.

Quinn is imprisoned in a cometary nucleus by the Q continuum. He will be released in 2372 by the crew of the USS Voyager.

2075 - Captain Vanik begins serving in the Vulcan space program.

The Moneyans discover the space ocean and begin to colonize it.

2076 - The Conestoga arrives at Terra Nova. This ship is broken up to provide the raw materials for the colony.

2079 - The "post-atomic horror". The legal system assumes guilt until proven innocent, and Lawyers have fallen into disfavor.

2081 - Earth decides to send a second wave of colonists to Terra Nova, a plan the original colonists strongly disagree with. The plan is abandoned, but communication with the original colony is severed shortly afterwards. Although unknown to Earth at the time, this is because Terra Nova has been hit by an asteroid. The resultant debris in the atmosphere cuts off all communication and spreads radiation across the planet. The surviving colonists begin to live underground.

2082 - Colonel Steven Richey dies.

2088 - T'Pol is Born.

2097 - The Andorian planetoid Weytahn is captured by the Vulcans; the Andorian colonists are removed and the planetoid is renamed Pan Mokar.


2102 - Ambassador Soval fires a weapon for the last time prior to 2152.

The Klingon, Kolos, becomes an advocate.

2103 - Mars is colonized by Earth.

The ECS Horizon is built. It is rumored that Zefram Cochrane signed the casing of the warp reactor.

A Vulcan ship discovers Berengaria VII. The crew's report includes the discovery of fire breathing flying reptiles more than 200 meters in length. This is rather doubted by many on Vulcan, though the report is in fact accurate.

2105 - Eight women are knifed to death by an unknown assailant on the Martian colony. The murders go unsolved until it is later found that Redjac committed them.

The Vulcan and Andorians agree a territorial compromise over the planet Weytahn / Pan Mokar. Despite the agreement tensions remain high and the two sides almost go to war twice over the next 92 years.

2113 - A World government is formed on Earth.

2114 - Phlox becomes a doctor

2119 - The Warp 5 complex is founded on Earth, dedicated to building a warp engine capable of reaching over one hundred times the speed of light.

Zefram Cochrane, now a resident of Alpha Centuri, departs on a trip into deep space. He vanishes, and is eventually presumed to have died in space.

2122 - The Vulcan Ministry of Security sends agents to infiltrate the criminal syndicates on the planet Agoran at the request of the government. Some of the agents will later refuse to return to Vulcan, though all will eventually be recaptured.

T'Pau is born.

Brian Bremer is born on Earth, in South Carolina.

2123 - Spacecraft SS Mariposa is launched. The craft carries two groups of colonists bound for the Ficus sector. It settles colonies on Bringloid V and Mariposa, where it crashes on landing leaving only five survivors.

2126 - Travis Mayweather is born.

Christopher 'CJ' Bremer is born in South Carolina.

2128 - T'Pol undergoes a dental procedure to seal her teeth with tri-fluorinate compound. Despite the treatment, some decay will appear by 2151.

2129 - Hoshi Sato is born on 9th July, the second child in a family of three.

2130 - Kantare ship is disabled by an Ion storm and crash-lands on an uninhabited class M planet. Only two people survive the crash, Chief Engineer Ezral and his daughter Liana. They remain on the planet until 2152.

2132 - Thirty Paraagans establish a mining colony on a class M planet. The colony will grow to 3,600 people by 2152.

The Klingon advocate, Kolos, begins serving in one of the courts on a Klingon world. He will remain in the same post for the next twenty years.

2133 - A Klingon ship emerges from the Delphic Expanse, the crew still alive despite having been anatomically inverted. Even in 2153 Klingons will still fear the Expanse because of this incident.

Dr. Arik Soong steals a number of genetically engineered embryos from Cold Station 12.

2135 - Lela dies. The Dax symbiont is joined to Tobin. He subsequently becomes a mathematician and engineer.

T'Pol graduates from the Vulcan Ministry of Security. Her first assignment is to capture seven Vulcan agents who have refused to leave the planet Agoran. T'Pol captures five of the agents, and is forced to kill the sixth. The seventh, Menos, escapes. Guilty at her actions, T'Pol leaves the Ministry of Security and spends time at the monastery on P'Jem.

2136 - Captain Vanik becomes Captain of the Ti'Mur.

2137 - An artifact is uncovered on Vulcan by Syrran. The artifact bears Surak's katra, which Syrran is able to recover.

2140 - Brian Bremer enters Starfleet Academy.

2142 - Shran gains command of the Kumari, an Andorian warship.

Christopher Bremer enters Starfleet Academy.

2143 - Archer meets Trip for the first time whilst serving as an engineer on the NX test program.

Archer becomes the pilot of the second successful warp 2 flight. Although the flight is unauthorized and takes place over the objections of the Vulcan advisors, the success leads to the engine design being approved for further development.

2144 - Reed attends a family reunion, his last until at least 2153.

Phlox speaks to his son Mettus for the last time prior to 2153, the two having fallen out over Phlox's attitude towards the Antarans.

The Vulcan ship Vahklas leaves the planet with a group of V'tosh ka'tur - 'Vulcans without logic' - who are experimenting with creating a new lifestyle for themselves.

The Suliban begin to launch a series of attacks against the Tandarans.

Brian Bremer graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Dr. Arik Soong is captured and imprisoned. He refuses to say what he did with the genetically engineered embryos he stole from Cold Station 12 more than a decade before.

2145 - A Xindi insectoid born in this year will be killed when his ship crashes in 2154.

The Borg assimilate Species 262, a primitive species which possessed some legends of a substance which could burn the sky. The Borg followed this trail to a dozen other species, eventually discovering the Omega molecule.

2146 - Christopher Bremer graduates from Starfleet Academy.

The USS Franklin, NX-326, is launched by Starfleet. The ship, the first of its class is also the first ship designed by Earth's Starfleet to travel at Warp Four. The class is also capable of carrying large amounts of cargo for a vessel its size.

2147 - Starfleet begins working on a method of generating a forcefield barrier.

Archer saves Trip's life.

2149 - T'Pol moves to Earth as part of the Vulcan diplomatic mission on the planet.

Mayweather leaves the ECS Horizon so he can join Starfleet.

Phlox sees his second wife, Feezal, for the last time prior to 2152.

2150 - Australia joins Earth's world government, the last nation state to do so.

Captain Archer requests a personal evaluation from the former commanding officers of the candidates he is reviewing for the position of helm officer. Ensign Mayweather's father responds with a single line claiming that his son is the most natural rudder and stick man he has ever known, and Archer would be a fool not to select him. The letter wins Mayweather the post.

2151 - Archer becomes captain of Enterprise, the first Human warp 5 capable vessel. His crew includes Trip Tucker as Chief Engineer, Reed as Armory Officer, Mayweather as Helmsman, T'Pol as Science officer, Phlox as Chief Medical officer, and Hoshi as Linguist and Communications officer.

Enterprise embarks on its maiden voyage, returning the Klingon Klaang to his home world. This marks the first contact between Humanity and the Klingons. Although apparently successful at the time, the contact ultimately proves disastrous and leads to over a century of hostilities between the two powers.

The NX-01 makes first contact with the Axanar.

Trip becomes the first Human male to become pregnant after an encounter with a Xyrillian woman.

Enterprise travels to Terra Nova, Earth's first extrasolar colony, and contacts the descendants of the original colonists.

NX-01 visits P'Jem where Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker are taken hostage by Shran. Archer reveals the existence of a secret Vulcan intelligence installation beneath the Vulcan monastery at P'Jem to the Andorians. Shortly afterwards they destroy both the monastery and the base beneath.

Enterprise rescues a Klingon scoutship from a gas giant planet. The action does little to endear the crew to the Klingons.

Silik infiltrates the NX-01 whilst it is observing the great Plume of Agosoria. He sabotages the ship in order to save it from an accident which would otherwise have destroyed it. Archer attempts to capture Silik with the assistance of Daniels, but fails.

The NX-01 encounters a group of Vulcans who believe in experiencing emotions. T'Pol is forced to undergo a mind meld by one of the group, contracting Pa'nar Syndrome in the process.

The NX-01 encounters a rogue planet drifting between star systems. First contact with both the Eska and Wraiths on the planet.

The NX-01 recovers Vulcan ambassador V'Lar from the planet Mazar and returns her to a Vulcan ship, in spite of some resistance from the Mazarites.

2152 - The NX-01 Enterprise visits Risa, the first Human vessel to do so. Half of the crew have the opportunity to enjoy two days and nights of shore leave on the planet.

Enterprise wanders into a cloaked minefield, first contact between Humanity and the Romulan Star Empire.

The NX-01 visits the Kretassian homeworld. Despite some minor diplomatic embarrassments, the visit is ultimately successful.

T'Pau travels to the T'Karath sanctuary in The Forge. She remains there continuously for at least the next two years.

First contact with the Takret. The crew of the NX-01 are forced to shelter in the ship's nacelles when an energy storm threatens the ship. The Takret military makes an unsuccessful attempt to steal the ship during the storm.

The NX-01 visits Dekendi III for an inter-species medical conference. Phlox attempts to gain access to information concerning Pa'nar Syndrome in order to facilitate his treatment of T'Pol. The attempt fails, and T'Pol is almost expelled from the High Command for participating in a mind meld. When it is revealed that the meld was against her will, she is allowed to retain her post.

Captain Archer negotiates a ceasefire between the Vulcans and Andorians, resolving the Weytahn / Pan Mokar crisis.

The NX-01 apparently causes the destruction of a Paraagan mining colony with the loss of over 3,000 lives. Captain Archer is able to prove that the Suliban actually caused the explosion. Captain Archer is taken into the future by Daniels, the NX-01 is subsequently captured briefly by the Suliban, but escapes with Archer's help. The NX-01 discovers a disabled vessel drifting in space. The ship proves to be from the future, in spite of considerable interference from the Tholians and Suliban, Archer is successful in returning the vessel to its rightful owners.

Captain Archer is captured by the Klingons and charged with assisting a group of rebels. Convicted, he is sent to Rura Pente but subsequently escapes thanks to some bribery by the NX-01 crew.

2153 - Travis Mayweather visits his home ship, the ECS Horizon, for the first time since leaving to join Starfleet. He is saddened to learn of his father's recent death.

A group of Borg which have been frozen on Earth's polar region since being destroyed by the Enterprise-E in 2063 are revived by a team which is investigating the debris. They assimilate the investigators and escape the planet, but are subsequently destroyed by the NX-01

A Xindi attack on Earth kills 7 million people, including Trip's sister Elisabeth. Enterprise is recalled and sent to the Delphic Expanse to investigate the origin of the Xindi weapon and prevent further attacks.

T'Pol resigns from the Vulcan High Command to take part in Enterprise's mission to the Delphic Expanse.

The Enterprise discovers the Vulcan ship Seleya adrift in the expanse, it's crew driven insane by the effects of Trellium-D. T'Pol also experiences the effects of the substance when she boards the ship, she becomes a habitual user of it afterwards.

The NX-01 discovers a Xindi outpost which is assisting in the construction of the weapon intended to destroy Earth. Archer manages to convince the leader of the facility to sabotage his next shipment.

The NX-01 encounters a group of Humans who have lived on a planet in the Delphic Expanse for more than a century after being abducted from Earth. When Trip is badly injured in an accident, Phlox creates a replica of him from a Lyssarian desevae in order to harvest neural tissue, in spite of the fact that the replica is a sentient being who will be killed by the procedure. The replica, named Sim, enjoys a brief romantic attraction to T'pol before his death.

The prototype Xindi weapon fails a test firing thanks to the sabotage arranged by Captain Archer. Archer's attempt to steal the weapon fails, but he is able to acquire detailed scans of the device thanks to some help from Shran.

The NX-01 discovers a sentient being adrift in a pod within a super-anomaly. This marks first contact with the Sphere Builders.

2154 - The NX-01 is badly damaged by the Xindi whilst attempting to destroy the final version of the weapon at Azati Prime. Thanks to Daniels' intervention, Archer is able to convince Degra that Humanity may not be responsible for the destruction of the Xindi Homeworld in the future.

Hoshi is kidnapped by the Xindi Reptillians. Major Hayes is killed during a successful rescue attempt by the MACOs.

Captain Archer destroys the Xindi weapon as it approaches Earth.

NX-01 Enterprise destroys the sphere network maintaining the Delphic Expanse. In the aftermath of the defeat of the Sphere Builders, the NX-01 is returned to Earth by the Xindi. As the ship arrives it is sent into the past by Daniels in order to combat the Na'kuhl's disruption of Earth's timeline. Daniels is killed in the process by unknown causes. Unknown to the crew, Silik stows away on the ship when it travels to 1944.

The NX-01 returns from 1944 safely, having defeated the Na'kuhl and ended the Temporal Cold War. The destruction of the Na'kuhl time machine restores the timeline, resurrecting Daniels. Silik is killed in the past during the mission.

A group of genetically engineered Humans steal a Klingon bird of prey, murdering the crew in the process. The NX-01 is sent to capture the Augments. During the mission, several of the crew are captured by Orion slavers but subsequently rescued successfully.

The Augmented Humans assault Cold Station 12, stealing samples of various deadly diseases.

Captain Archer is able to destroy the stolen Bird of Prey, killing the Augments.

The Earth embassy on Vulcan is badly damaged by a terrorist bomb, killing dozens of people, including Admiral Forrest. Although the Syrrannites are initially blamed, it is discovered that administrator V'Las is actually responsible for the crime as part of his campaign to discredit and destroy the Syrrannites in preparation for his planned war against the Andorians. Although the attack on Andoria does begin, V'Las is deposed and the attack halted.

Shran's ship, the Kumari, is destroyed, apparently by a Tellarite ship. Further investigation reveals that the attacker was in fact a Romulan drone ship designed to mimic other vessels. Captain Archer is able to gather a multi-species fleet to track down the drone ship. He is ultimately able to destroy it.

The Klingons begin to experiment with captured DNA from Human Augments. An accidental by-product of the experiment is a deadly disease which spreads rapidly to large numbers of Klingons. Phlox is able to cure the lethal phase of the disease, but can do nothing about the early stages, a symptom of which is the loss of the characteristic Klingon forehead ridges. Billions of Klinons are expected to lose their ridges over the following months.

The Orions attempt to capture the NX-01 by infiltrating the ship with three females. The attempt fails. Commander Tucker returns to the ship as Chief Engineer after his brief transfer to NX-02 Columbia.

NX-05 is commissioned ahead of schedule. A last minute change though a special dispensation by Starfleet Command changes the name from Atlantis to Yorktown. NX-06 is renamed Atlantis.

NX-03, USS Challenger, is commissioned.

NX-10, USS Pegasus, is commissioned ahead of schedule. While she is the tenth of the NX class to be ordered and started, she is the forth completed and commissioned. Captain Brian Bremer is assigned as her first Commanding Officer.

2155 - John Frederick Paxton commandeers the Verteron array on Mars and attempts to use it to blackmail Earth into severing all relations with alien species. The attempt fails when Captain Archer infiltrates Paxton's ship. Trip and T'Pol end their romantic involvement.

NX-04, USS Discovery, is commissioned. Captain Harrison Hawke becomes the Commanding Officer.

NX-05 beings an exploration mission expected to last six months.

NX-06, USS Atlantis, is commissioned.

NX-12, USS Lexington, is commissioned.

NX-10 is assigned a mapping mission of the Romulan border.

2156 - Shran has a daughter, Talla, by a woman named Jhamel.

Captain Christopher 'CJ' Bremer is assigned the new Captain of NX-10.

Brian Bremer is promoted to Vice Admiral.

The Romulan War begins.

Two women are knifed to death in Heliopolis City on Alpha Eridani II. Unsolved at the time, it is later discovered that the entity known as Redjac committed them.

NX-10 is assigned command ship for Task Force 4 which includes NX-05 among other vessels.

Battle of Draken is fought. NX-10 is heavily damaged during the battle, but Starfleet is able to push the Romulans out of the system.

2158 - Shran fakes his own death.

Repairs are completed to NX-10.

NX-05 is sent to attack a Romulan sensor array in the Nelvana system. The mission is a success.

NX-10 intercepts a Romulan convoy in the Boyden system.

2159 - NX-05 is attacked and destroyed by the Romulans near planet Galorndon Core.

NX-03 is attacked and destroyed by the Romulans at the Deneva Colony.

2160 - NX-04 is sent on a recon mission to the front lines. They recover a Romulan defector that's been altered to look Human. Romulan ships chase them back into the Sol system and heavily damage the ship.

A joint Starfleet/Vulcan task force, including Enterprise and Discovery, destroy a Romulan base two light years away from Earth. The Romulans were using technology given to them by a Temporal Agent from the 28th Century. In the aftermath of the Romulan base’s destruction, the Discovery was carried into another Galaxy where it encountered the ‘Horizon’, an advanced Temporal Observatory. The crew of the Discovery is assisted by another Temporal Agent from the 31st Century, and they are able to destroy the ‘Horizon’. The event was the last chapter in the Temporal Cold War.

The newly commissioned NS-01 is renamed Yorktown in honor of NX-05 and serves with distention in the last months of the Romulan War.

Battle of Cheron is fought.

Romulan War ends.

Shran is found to still be alive by the criminal gang he was hiding from.

2161 - Charles Tucker dies, sacrificing himself to defeat a criminal gang who boarded the Enterprise. The events surrounding his death are marked Classified.

The United Federation of Planets is formed by the Human, Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite governments.

2162 - The MACOs, Starfleet's Military Assault Command Operations, are disbanded by Starfleet. Many of the personnel are integrated into Starfleet including Colonel Balthazar M. Edison.

The USS Franklin, NX-326, is recommissioned by Starfleet after a major overhaul. Captain Balthazar M. Edison, a former MACO and hero of both the Xindi and Romulan wars is made Commanding Officer. The ship is assigned to a deep space exploration mission.

2164 - The drug felicium is used to stop a plague on the planet Ornara. The medicine proves to be powerfully addictive, and the whole population of Ornara become addicts.

2165 - Sarek is born on the planet Vulcan.

Guinan had her last encounter with Q prior to 2365.

Planet Deneva is colonized by the Federation. It is held by many to be one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy.

USS Franklin, NX-326, and its entire crew including Captain Balthazar M. Edison are lost without a trace.

2167 - The Starship Archon visits the planet Beta III in the C-111 system. The ship is destroyed by Landru, the planets controlling computer system.

The USS Essex is destroyed in an electromagnetic storm above a Class-M moon orbiting Mab-bu VI. The entire crew of 229 is lost.

Hoshi Sato leaves Starfleet.

2168 - The Starship Horizon visits Sigma Iotia II, a planet lying about one hundred light years beyond Federation space. The crew leaves behind a copy of the book Chicago Mobs of the Twenties; unfortunately the natives come to regard the book as a blueprint for the ideal society. They subsequently remold their world into a close approximation of the book.

Settlers from Earth establish a colony on the planet Moab IV. They create a sealed biosphere in which they plan to create an ideal society using genetic engineering.

2169 - A new type of impulse engine is adopted. The basic design of impulse drive remains unchanged for at least two centuries.

Jonathan Archer becomes Ambassador to Andoria.

2170 - The Kavis Alpha neutron star explodes. This phenomena repeats itself every 196 years, and will occur again in 2366 when the Enterprise-D will be present to observe it.

A group of Native Americans seek to preserve their cultural identity by leaving Earth to establish a home elsewhere.

NX-10 Pegasus is decommissioned and assigned to the reserve fleet.

2172 Bajoran poet Akorem Laan is thought lost whilst on an interplanetary journey. He actually stumbles into the Bajoran Wormhole.

The Dominion inflict the planet Teplan with a disease known as the Blight.

2175 - Jonathan Archer steps down as Ambassador to Andoria and is elected as a Federation Councilman.

2180 - NX-10 is reassigned to Starfleet Academy as a Cadet Training Vessel.

2183 - Jonathan Archer steps down as a Federation Councilman.

2184 - Jonathan Archer becomes President of the United Federation of Planets.

2192 - Jonathan Archer steps down as Federation President after eight years.

2196 - The last Daedalus class Starship is withdrawn from service.


2208 - Garth is born in the city of Trelemarcas, on Izar.

2209 - The first case of transporter psychosis is diagnosed. This rare condition is a result of changes to neurochemicals caused by the transporters in use at the time.

2215 - The planet Selcundi Drema begins to disintegrate, forming an asteroid belt inthe solar system.

2217 - The USS Valiant contacts Eminiar VII in the star cluster NGC-321. The ship and its crew are killed when the planets computers designate them as casualties in the ongoing computer-controlled war with Vendikar.

2218 - Fifty years worth of hostility between the Federation and the Klingon Empire begin.

2219 - Richard Daystrom is born.

2220 – Shron is born on Vulcan.

2222 - Montgomery Scott is born.

Pralor Automated Unit 3947 is activated by a builder on the Pralor home world for use in the war against the Kravic.

2224 - Sybok is born. A son of Sarek, Sybok is Spock's elder half brother.

2225 - Garth enters Starfleet Academy.

2227 - McCoy is born on Earth in North America.

2229 - Dax begins trying to master the Altonian Brain Teaser.

Garth graduates Starfleet Academy. He’d proved to be an exemplary cadet, and proved himself to be an adept tactician and military expert.

Mr. Brack purchases the planet Holberg-917 G. Brack is actually an alias for Flint.

2230 - Tobin dies. The Dax symbiont is joined to Emony. She subsequently becomes a professional gymnast.

Spock is born.

2233 - Kirk is born in Iowa on Earth.

2235 - Walter Norman Bremer is born in South Carolina on Earth. He's the grandson of Captain Christopher 'CJ' Bremer, former CO of the NX-10 Pegasus.

2236 - The SS Columbia crashes on the planet Talos IV. Crew member Vina is the only survivor. The Talosians judge Humans to be ideal slaves, but are unable to create a breeding stock without a male Human. In 2254 they will attempt to capture several members of the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

2237 - Spock is betrothed to T'Pring.

Shron attends the Vulcan Science Academy. After completions of his studies, he will serve on three different Vulcan Science ships until 2271.

Sulu is born in San Francisco, on Earth.

2239 - Nyota Uhura is born.

2240 - Garth takes command of the Marklin Class destroyer USS Xenophon. He is one of the youngest Captain’s in Starfleet History.

Scotty enters Starfleet academy.

2241 - First contact is made with the Divine Alliance by the Klingon ship IKS Kro'tak, that passed through an unstable wormhole to arrive in the M90 Galaxy.

Kharn la'quv, known as Kharn the Undying, becomes the Supreme Warlord of the Klingon Imperial Navy. He will be the architect of the Klingon attack on Archanis and the war against the Federation.

Klingon attack of Archanis kills thousands and starts of the ‘Four Years War’ between the Federation and Klingons.

Klingons attack the Inverness system, five colonized planets that are rich in dilithum. The Klingons claim the planets are sacred to them.

2242 - Klingons capture the Epsilon Ceti B, Rigel and Nausicaa systems.

Starfleet CnC, Admiral Conrad Slater, is relieved of duty following repeated Starfleet losses to the Klingons. Admiral Ramirez is promoted to Starfleet CnC.

The battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet.

2243 - Scotty begins specializing in Engineering subjects while still a cadet at the Academy.

The Ares Class Starship, the first pure warship built by the Federation, is deployed with the first vessel being the prototype, USS Ares. Captain Kelvar Garth is given command, and the ship is sent to the front lines against the Klingons.

‘Operation Pegasus’ is undertaken by the Federation to liberate Signus III and is a resounding victory, turning the tide of the ‘Four Years War’. After the battle, the Klingons start to call Captain Garth, 'Garth of Izar'.

The Federation liberates the Epsilon Ceti B, Rigel and Nausicaa systems from the Klingons.

The Klingons begin building the D-7 class of Battlecruiser.

Garth is promoted to Fleet Captain.

Dr. Daystrom invents the Duotronic computer. He wins the Nobel and Zee-Magnees praises for this advance.

Scotty becomes a Starfleet engineer.

2244 - Emony meets Leonard McCoy and has a brief affair with him.

Scotty graduates from Starfleet academy.

2245 - NCC-1701 Enterprise, a Constitution class ship, is launched with Captain Robert April in command.

Captain Garth wins a major victory at the planet Axanar, effectively ending the 'Four Years War' between the Federation and Klingon Empire.

Emony dies. The Dax symbiont is joined to Audrid.

McCoy joins Starfleet Medical School.

Pavel Chekov is born.

2246 - NCC-1702 Pegasus, a Constitution class ship, is launched.

Thomas Collins is born in Texas on Earth.

Kodos the Executioner seizes power on Tarsus IV when a food shortage becomes critical. Kodos orders the execution of 4,000 people in order to extend food supplies for the remainder, emergency supplies arrive too late to avoid the killings. James Kirk and Kevin Riley are among nine witnesses to the events.

2247 - Earth loses contact with the Friendship One probe. It is approximately thirty thousand light years away at this point. Unknown to its builders the probe makes contact with a relatively primitive planet and transmits all of its technical information to them.

NCC-1709 Lexington, a Constitution class ship, is commissioned.

Lenore Karidian is born

2249 - Spock joins Starfleet Academy, against the wishes of his father. The decision causes Spock and Sarek to stop speaking to one another, a silence which lasts for the next 18 years.

Charles Evans is born.

2250 - NCC-1717 Yorktown is launched from San Francisco Fleet Yards.

A Vulcan science mission reports a subspace rupture in the Hanoli star system. They detonate a pulse wave torpedo in the rupture in attempt to seal it. Unfortunately, the attempt causes the rupture to expand radically, destroying both the Vulcan expedition and the entire system.

Kirk enters Starfleet academy. He serves on board the USS Republic during this year. Whilst there, he reports an error made by his friend Ben Finney, causing Finney to be passed over for promotion. Unknown to Kirk, Finney will develop an obsessive hatred of him over the years due to this incident.

Samuel MacLeod is born in Scotland on Earth.

Walter Norman Bremer enters Starfleet Academy. He serves aboard the USS Pegasus during the year, the ship he will later command.

Afterwards James Kirk visits Axanar on a peace mission. The operation is a major success, and Kirk is awarded the Palm Leaf of Axanar for his part in the mission.

Kirk meets Gary Mitchell while teaching at Starfleet Academy. Mitchell sets Kirk up with a blonde lab technician in order to distract him and so have an easier time in classes, the attempt is so successful that Kirk almost marries the woman.

Kirk endures considerable torment from Finnegan, an upperclassman.

2251 - Garth gives a guest lecture at Starfleet Academy. In his talk, he advised, "assume that space will always be more unknown than known, and nothing you encounter in its reaches will surprise you." Cadets James T. Kirk and Walter N. Bremer take the words to heart.

Jonathan Roebuck is born on Earth, in California.

Garth is severely injured in a transporter accident. The gentle beings of Antos IV nursed him back to health and gifted him with their technique of cellular metamorphosis to repair his mangled body. Unfortunately, the technique also unknowingly induced acute paranoid psychosis. In gratitude for his recovery, Garth "offered them the galaxy", an offer refused. Garth, who was already suffering from the acute paranoid psychosis, found offense in Antos' rejection and he ordered the annihilation of the entire species. Whatever loyalty he once inspired in his crews vanished, and they refused his order. Garth vaporized his Executive Officer and Second Officer before the rest of the Bridge crew of the USS Heisenberg subdued him. Garth is relieved of command and Court Martialed. Federation authorities deemed it appropriate that Garth be sent to an asylum for the criminally insane.

2252 - Spock first serves aboard the Enterprise as a Cadet.

Charlie Evans becomes the sole survivor of a spaceship crash on the planet Thasus. He survives with the aid of powers given him by the non-corporeal Thasians.

Kirk becomes romantically involved with Ruth.

James Abraham Hudson is Born.

2253 - Spock graduates from Starfleet academy.

McCoy graduates from Starfleet medical school. He develops an impressive technique for the creation of axonal pathways between grafted neuronal tissue and basal ganglia. This procedure is later incorporated into Starfleet's Emergency Medical Hologram.

2254 - Kirk graduates Starfleet academy. He is assigned duty on the USS Farragut under Captain Garrovick after graduation.

Walter Bremer graduates from Starfleet Academy, tenth in his class. His first assignment is aboard the USS Lexington as Helmsman.

Three Enterprise crewman are killed and several injured during a violent encounter on Rigel. Captain Pike blames himself for the incident and considers resigning his commission.

The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, detects a distress call sent from Talos IV eighteen years before. The ship proceeds to Talos, where the Talosians attempt to use members of the crew to create a slave race of Humans. The Talosians release their captives when it becomes clear that they will immolate themselves rather than live as slaves.

Kirk commands his first planetary survey. He befriends Tyree, one of the local inhabitants, and recommends that the planet be left un-contacted.

2255 - The last contact between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate prior to 2366. The two groups sign the Treaty of Armens, this massively complex document cedes the planet Tau Cygna V to the Sheliak.

Hikaru Sulu enlists in Starfleet academy.

2256 - McCoy ends his romantic involvement with Nancy

2257 - Whilst serving on the Farragut, Kirk encounters a dangerous Vampire cloud on Tycho IV which kills 200 crew members, including the Captain. Kirk blames himself for the deaths because he hesitating when ordered to fire his phasers, though it is later discovered that it would have made no difference.

Anton Karidian's company of actors begins a tour of Starfleet installations.

Nyota Uhura enters Starfleet Academy.

2258 - Klaus Warner is born in Germany on Earth.

2259 - Hikaru Sulu graduates from Starfleet academy.

Cerberus Colony experiences a crop failure, and the entire population is faced with starvation. Carter Winston saves the people of Cerberus by using his personal fortune to bring in enough food and goods to carry the colony through the crisis.

Crystal Boyd is born in Minnesota on Earth.

2260 - Battle of Kaleb IV takes place. Two Klingon divisions led by Kor and Kang attack the Federation outpost on the surface of Kalab IV. Aboard the D5 class cruiser IKS Klothos, Kor outmaneuvers the defending Federation forces by attacking with an initial feint, and then returning with his full force, catching the Federation in the midst of their repair work. After a vicious battle, the Federation makes a last stand on the planet while the Starships Lexington, Potemkin, Enterprise, and Yorktown arrive to drive off the Klingon forces.

2261 - Uhura graduates Starfleet Academy.

David Marcus is born to Carol Marcus. The boy's father, James Kirk, leaves Carol to raise him alone at her request.

The exploratory vessel SS Beagle is lost. It is later found to have crashed on planet 892-IV.

Sara Robertson is born in Florida on Earth.

Robert and Nancy Crater arrive on the planet M113 to do archaeological research. Christine Chapel's fiance, Dr. Roger Korby, disappears on Exo III. His last message describes cave formations he has discovered. Christine gives up a promising career in bioresearch to sign aboard a Starship in order to search for Korby.

2263 - James Kirk is promoted to Captain and assigned to command the Starship Enterprise.

Pavel Chekov enters Starfleet Academy.

The miners Childress, Gossett and Benton begin lithium crystal mining on Rigel XII. A group of 150 colonists under the leadership of Elias Sandoval set off for Omicron Seti III to found a colony.

Spock returns home Vulcan to visit his parents. He and his father do not talk during the visit, maintaining the silence which has lasted for the last 14 years and which will last for a further four.

2264 - Sulu is assigned as a physicist on board the USS Enterprise.

Chekov has a romance with Irina Galliulin, an academy classmate. The pair split up when she drops out of the academy.

The Starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Kirk, is assigned a five year mission of exploration.

Tuvok is born.

Nancy Crater is killed on planet M113 by a creature native to the planet. The creature, which is able to assume any appearance it chooses, lives with Professor Crater.

Thomas Collins enrolls in Starfleet Academy.

Carter Winston, a renowned Trader and Philanthropist is reported missing along the Romulan border.

The Sandoval colonists arrive on Omicron Seti III. Unfortunately, the planet is found to have high levels of deadly Berthold rays, threatening the lives of the colonists. They manage to survive after being infected by a substance produced by the local plant life.

2265 - Walter Norman Bremer is promoted to Captain of the Constitution Class USS Pegasus. The ship is assigned a five year mission of exploration.

Scotty is appointed as Chief Engineer of the original constitution class USS Enterprise.

Elizabeth Dehner, a psychiatrist studying crew reactions, joins the USS Enterprise.

A bottle of Dom Perignon champagne from this year will be used to launch the Enterprise-B in 2293.

The USS Enterprise penetrates the barrier at the edge of the galaxy. Two of the crew develop powerful psychic abilities as a result, and are killed to protect the ship.

Carter Winston died of his injuries on planet Vendor.

The Borg destroy Guinan's home planet, scattering the few surviving El-Aurian people.

2266 - The USS Enterprise destroys a Romulan bird of Prey which has crossed the Neutral Zone and attacked several Federation outposts.

USS Pegasus is sent to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone in the wake of the USS Enterprise's encounter with a Romulan vessel.

McCoy is assigned as chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise.

Sulu is transferred from sciences to helm officer.

USS Yorktown is sent on a long old exploration mission in the Alpha Quadrant.

Uhura is assigned to the USS Enterprise as Communications Officer.

Chapel serves aboard the USS Enterprise on this date.

Rand serves on the USS Enterprise as the Captain's Yeoman. While there, she meets Charlie Evans and is the object of his first infatuation.

The USS Enterprise encounters the Fesarius, a vessel of the First Federation. Although they are initially wary of one another, friendly contact is eventually established between the two cultures.

The USS Enterprise visits M113 on a routine stop. Several crew members are killed by a creature native to the planet which has been living in the guise of Nancy Crater.

While researching a collapsing planet, the crew of the USS Enterprise are incapacitated by a new form of virus. Dr. McCoy is able to overcome the effects of the virus in time to save the ship. In breaking free of the planet, the ship is thrown back several minutes in time, the first known example of time travel by the Federation.

Charlie Evans is rescued from Thasus. After he proves unable to contain his powers, the Thasians return him to the planet.

USS Pegasus returns to it's exploration mission.

Fleet Captain Pike is seriously injured by Delta Rays during an accident aboard a Class J Starship. Badly disfigured, he is confined to a wheelchair.

The USS Enterprise discovers what appears to be professor Roger Korby alive and well on Exo III. However, it proves to be an android created by ancient technology which Korby discovered on the planet.

Klingon operatives begin supplying crude firearms to the village people on Tyree's planet.

2267 - The USS Enterprise is researching Murusaki-312, a quasar-like phenomena, when the shuttlecraft Galileo is lost on the planet Taurus II. The shuttle is able to regain suborbital height long enough to the surviving crew be retrieved by the departing Enterprise.

James Kirk becomes the first Starship Captain ever to be court martialed when it appears that he has been negligent in the death of Ben Finney. Kirk is exonerated when it is discovered that Finney is in fact alive, having faked his own death to frame Kirk.

USS Pegasus is assigned to patrol the Klingon border.

Commander Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise and uses it to return Fleet Captain Pike to Talos. Despite the regulations against visiting Talos, Starfleet approves his actions because of the special circumstances involved.

Whilst crossing a 'star desert' some nine hundred light years from Earth the Enterprise encounters Trelane, a being of immense power. Trelane is discovered to be an infant member of an advanced and powerful civilization, possibly the Q continuum.

First contact with the Gorn occurs when a Gorn ship destroys an Earth observation outpost on Cestus III. Kirk and the Gorn Captain are subsequently forced to fight one another by an advanced species calling themselves the Metrons.

USS Pegasus faces off with a Klingon battlecruiser after it crosses into Federation space.

Chekov graduates Starfleet Academy and is posted to the USS Enterprise.

The USS Enterprise visits the planet Beta III, where the Archon was destroyed in 2167. Kirk makes the Landru computer destroy itself by forcing it to accept that it is harmful to the society is was built to protect.

The USS Enterprise discovers an ancient DY-100 class spacecraft with the preserved bodies of several dozen people on board. It is soon discovered that these are the Genetic Tyrants led by Khan, missing from Earth since 1996. Kirk is able to defeat them, but rather than press charges he leaves Khan to found a settlement on Ceti Alpha V.

Spock undergoes Pon Farr, he is rejected by T'Pring and continues to serve in Starfleet.

Uhura's memory is wiped clean by the Nomad probe, she is re-educated on board the Enterprise.

The USS Enterprise uncovers a Klingon plot to gain development rights to Sherman's planet. Unknown to the crew, they receive covert assistance from the crew of the USS Defiant, thrown back in time from 2373.

Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to Commander.

USS Yorktown is assigned to the Klingon border.

Ceti Alpha VI explodes. The disaster shifts the orbit of Ceti Alpha V, causing environmental devastation. Khan's follows see their efforts to build a successful colony fail, and many of them will die over the years due to the harsh conditions and the remaining hostile life forms on the planet. Khan begins to nurture a deeply obsessive hatred of Kirk for his role in the tragedy.

The Enterprise transports over a hundred delegates to the planet Babel for a conference regarding the admission of Coridan to the Federation. Included amongst them is Ambassador Sarek, leading to his first meeting with his son Spock in four years and the first time the two exchange words in 18 years. Despite an attempt to sabotage the conference, the Enterprise succeeds in reaching Babel safely.

The USS Enterprise arrives at Omicron Seti III. Almost overcome by the effects of the local plant life, the crew manage to break free and rescue the colonists.

Romulan, Klingon and Federation governments establish a colony on Nimbus III, The Planet of Galactic Peace. USS Pegasus is assigned to escort the first Federation colony ship to the planet.

The Federation and Klingon Empire go to war. The USS Enterprise is assigned to secure the co-operation of the planet Organia, a primitive society which is located at a strategic point between the two powers. In fact the Organians are revealed to be enormously powerful and sophisticated non-corporeal entities who stop the war and force an uneasy treaty between the Federation and the Klingons.

2268 - Captain Kirk orders the USS Enterprise to cross the border into Romulan space, apparently acting irrationally as a result of stress. The ship is quickly surrounded by Romulan battlecruisers, who order it to surrender. Kirk reveals to his crew that he is acting on Federation orders, having faked his condition in order to allow the Federation deniability if the mission failed. Kirk is successful in stealing one of the Romulan cloaking devices and returning with it, a major intelligence coup for the Federation.

Garth is sent to the Elba II asylum.

USS Pegasus is reassigned to Romulan Neutral Zone. USS Lexington is also ordered to the area.

The USS Enterprise destroys a colossal single-celled organism which is threatening to invade our galaxy.

Commodore Robert Wesley is assigned the new Commanding Officer of the USS Lexington.

Thomas Collins graduates from Starfleet Academy.

The USS Enterprise tests the M-5 computer. Designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom, the M-5 is intended to allow Starships to operate with virtually no crew on board. The system malfunctions during testing, destroying the Starship Excalibur. The test convinces Starfleet that the removal of human thinking from Starships is wrong in principle, and no further moves along these lines are made.

2269 - The USS Enterprise is assigned to transport Lieutenant Mira Romain to Memory Alpha, a massive Federation information archive.

USS Enterprise visits the planet Ardana, home of the city of Stratos. Stratos is supported in the air, one of the most impressive known feats of sustained antigravity technology.

The star Beta Niobe is destroyed in a supernova explosion. The humanoid civilization occupying the planet Sarpeidon transports itself into earlier periods of their history to escape the destruction.

Captain Kirk meets one of his heroes, Garth, when the USS Enterprise arrives at the Elba II asylum. Garth poses as Kirk in an attempt to escape the asylum, but the plan is foiled by Spock. Garth then receives additional treatment for his mental illness which appears to help the fallen hero.

Dr. Janice Lester uses ancient technology she has discovered on Camus II to swap bodies with Captain Kirk. The transference is later found to be temporary.

Jonathan Roebuck enters Starfleet Academy.

Samuel MacLeod enters Starfleet Academy.

The truth behind Carter Winston's disappearance is discovered. Winston is seemingly discovered alive and adrift in his ship near the Romulan Neutral Zone by the USS Enterprise. The vessel's occupant is, in fact, the Vendorian shapeshifter who had cared for the real Winston on Vendor, now working as a Romulan spy. His strong feelings for Nored were absorbed and thus shared by his impersonator. The Vendorian shapeshifter ends up assisting the crew of the Enterprise out of the Romulan trap.

USS Enterprise completes its five year mission.

Captain Kirk is promoted to Admiral and assigned as Chief of Starfleet Operations.

Savok is born on Vulcan.

Garth is released from the Elba II asylum after it’s decided that the treatment he’d been receiving over the last year had cured his acute paranoid psychosis.

2270 - USS Pegasus completes its five year mission. She is assigned to the Beta Quadrant for the next five years.

Spock retires from Starfleet in order to undergo the Kolinahr.

McCoy retires from Starfleet.

Alexandra Gomez is born in Arizona on Earth.

The USS Enterprise commences a major refit.

James Hudson enters Starfleet Academy.

2271 - Kirk is reassigned as Captain of the USS Enterprise in order to deal with the V'Ger threat.

Spock rejects the award of the Kolinahr discipline and returns to Starfleet as Science Officer of the USS Enterprise. Shortly afterward, becomes the ship's First Officer as well.

McCoy is drafted back into Starfleet against his wishes under the little-known, seldom-used 'reserve activation clause'.

Sulu's daughter, Demora, is born.

Chekov serves on the USS Enterprise as weapons officer during the V'Ger incident.

Chapel had become a Doctor by this point.

Rand serves on the refitted USS Enterprise as transporter chief.

The newly launched USS Enterprise encounters the entity known as V'Ger. V'Ger merges with Commander Decker to become a new life form.

Klingon forces under the command of Kor win a stunning victory over the Romulans at Klach D'kel Brakt.

Shron decides to enter Starfleet Academy.

Admiral José Mendez declares Garth fit for space duty and assigned him to the USS Enterprise. Garth's assignment aboard the Enterprise is to return to Antos IV and attempt to repair some of the sociological damage he had caused to the general populace. Garth succeeds in stopping Antosian rebels who had refused to stop using their shape-shifting powers, and is appointed Federation Ambassador to Antos IV.

The weather control system on Kaldos becomes operational. It is one of the Federation's first ventures into this type of system.

2273 - Sarek begins work on a treaty with the Legarans.

Jonathan Roebuck graduates from Starfleet Academy, tenth in his class. He is assigned to the USS Saratoga as a Security Officer.

Samuel MacLeod graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2274 - The Artemis departs for Septimus Minor. It instead crashes on Tau Cygna V, where many of the crew die of hyperonic radiation.

Hudson graduates Starfleet Academy posted to USS Constitution as helmsman.

USS Yorktown is docked and begins her major refit.

2275 - Shron graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2276 - USS Yorktown leaves drydock after completing refit.

An individual named Tressa is born on Drayan II in the Delta Quadrant.

USS Lexington is docked and begins her major refit.

2277 - Spock is promoted to Captain and assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor. Duties include command of the USS Enterprise during training missions.

Chekov is assigned to the Starship Reliant as First Officer.

USS Lexington leaves drydock after completing refit.

Jonathan Roebuck is promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to Starbase 12.

McCoy is promoted to Commander.

The USS Enterprise is retired from front line duty and assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training ship.

Jonathan Roebuck transfers to the USS Bozeman as Chief of Security.

Klaus Warner enters Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet abolishes the practice of maintaining a different emblem for each Starship.

2278 - Jonathan Roebuck is severely injured during a Landing Party mission. He is taken to Starbase 12 to recover and continued physical therapy.

The USS Bozeman, NCC 1941, disappears near the Typhon Expanse.

Jonathan Roebuck is released from Starbase 12's Sick Bay. Able to return to duty, he is assigned to the USS Reliant as Chief of Security.

Sara Robertson enters Starfleet Academy.

Pardek becomes a member of the Romulan senate.

Hudson promoted to Full Lieutenant, Coris II Crisis.

2279 - Mark Jameson is born.

Crystal Boyd becomes an Elementary School teacher in her home town.

A treaty is signed between the Navot and the Paqu groups on Bajor.

2280 - NCC-1702 Pegasus is scheduled for decommissioning, however later it's decided to refit her as the rest of the Constitution class has been done, making her the last of the class to be refit.

2281 - Saavik enters Starfleet Academy.

Kirk meets the young Demora Sulu for the last time prior to the launch of the Enterprise-B.

Kirk retires from Starfleet.

Klaus Warner graduates from Starfleet Academy. He goes on to additional Marine training.

USS Pegasus's refit is completed. Captain Bremer reassumes command.

2282 - Tuvok undergoes the ritual of tal'oth - four months in a Vulcan desert with only a knife to stay alive.

Kirk meets and falls in love with Antonia while out riding.

Sara Robertson graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2283 - A bottle of Romulan Ale is produced in this year. McCoy will give the bottle to Kirk as a gift in the future.

Jonathan Roebuck is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2284 - Kirk returns to Starfleet as an instructor in the Academy, much to the disappointment of Antonia. He moves to San Francisco.

Audrid dies. The Dax symbiont is joined to Torias. He subsequently becomes a test pilot.

Jonathan Roebuck transferred to the USS MacLeod as Executive Officer.

Torias Dax marries a woman named Nilani Kahn, a joined Trill.

Crystal Boyd becomes engaged to Lars Roder, an independent freighter Captain working for his father’s company. She decides to give up her teaching career to go with him aboard his freighter where she learns piloting and navigational skills.

Carol Marcus presents the Genesis project proposal to the Federation. The project is funded and she begins working on the Genesis Device.

Torias Dax dies after a shuttle accident. Lela dies. The Dax symbiont is joined to Joran Belar, a musician.

USS Greenville is docked for a full system overhaul.

The Starship Excelsior is commissioned.

2285 - USS Reliant, searching for a lifeless planet for use in the Genesis experiment, is seized by Khan Noonian Sing. Sing attempts to steal the Genesis Device, but is engaged in battle by the USS Enterprise under the command of Admiral Kirk. Spock is killed saving the Enterprise from destruction.

Spock is reborn on the Genesis planet.

Jonathan Roebuck is assigned to the USS Yorktown as Executive Officer.

Saavik and David Marcus are assigned to the USS Grissom to investigate the Genesis planet.

USS Republic is assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training ship, replacing the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is scheduled for decommission. Scotty is appointed Captain of engineering on the USS Excelsior. Uhura takes a position as a transporter operator on Spacedock. Both abandon their posts along with the rest of the Enterprise senior officers in order to steal the Enterprise and rescue the rejuvenated Spock from the Genesis planet. Unfortunately, the Enterprise is destroyed during the mission and Kirk's son David is killed by the Klingons. The crew proceed to Vulcan in a captured Bird of Prey and succeed in reuniting Spock's Katra with his body.

Joran Dax proves to be badly unstable after he commits a murder the symbiont is removed and transferred to Curzon.

2286 - Jonathan Roebuck and Sara Robertson meet while both are assigned to the USS Yorktown NCC-1717, they become friends.

Spock undergoes re-education on Vulcan.

A gigantic alien probe attempts to contact the long-extinct Humpbacked whales on Earth, causing environmental havoc on the planet. Chapel and Rand serve at Starfleet Command during the crisis.

The HMS Bounty rescues a pair of humpbacked whales from extinction by time travelling to 20th century Earth. The whales convince the alien probe to leave Earth.

USS Yorktown, damaged by the alien probe, is dry docked at Earth's Space Dock. While there, the ship is renamed USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A. Jonathan Reobuck remains on board the ship to help over see repairs and overhaul. He mainly worked with the ship's weapons and defensive systems, as well as security systems and personnel.

All charges related to the theft and destruction of the Enterprise are dropped for the majority of the crew. Admiral Kirk is convicted of disobeying orders and reduced in rank to Captain. He takes command of the USS Enterprise-A. His officers from the Enterprise are also appointed to the ship.

The USS Hathaway is launched.

Jonathan Roebuck is promoted to Commander and Executive Officer of the USS Hathaway.

The Enterprise-A travels to the centre of the galaxy and penetrates the Great Barrier.

2287 - The transwarp development project is deemed unsuccessful.

Alexandra Gomez enters Starfleet Academy. Savok enters Starfleet Academy.

2288 - Starfleet retires the Soyuz class Starships from service.

Hudson returns to Constitution as First Officer.

2289 - Tuvok joins Starfleet Academy.

Crystal Boyd and Lars Roder end their relationship and she returns to Earth but she misses space and decides to enter Starfleet Academy at the age of thirty.

Federation negotiator Curzon Dax holds difficult talks with Kang at the Korvat colony. The two become good friends.

2290 - Sulu is promoted to Captain and assigned command of the USS Excelsior.

2291 - Alexandra Gomez graduates Starfleet Academy. Savok graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2292 - An alliance between the Klingon and Romulan Empires collapses, leaving the two as blood enemies for the better part of the next century.

2293 - Rand serves on the USS Excelsior as communications officer.

Tuvok graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is appointed to the USS Excelsior, where he serves during the Khitomer Crisis.

Crystal Boyd graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Spock arranges the peace conference between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Uhura is scheduled to give a seminar at Starfleet Academy but cancels the appearance to return to the Enterprise-A for the mission to meet Chancellor Gorkon. The Enterprise-A escorts Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for a peace conference. When Gorkon is assassinated, Kirk uncovers a plot to reverse the recent easing of tensions between the Federation and Klingons. The Enterprise-A crew are responsible for saving the Khitomer Peace Conference, along with Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior.

The Enterprise-A is decommissioned.

Spock retires from Starfleet.

Uhura retires from Starfleet

Kirk retires from Starfleet.

McCoy retires from Starfleet.

Scotty, Kirk, and Chekov attend launch the Enterprise-B. The ship rescues some El-Aurian refugees from the Lakul on its maiden voyage, including Guinan and Soran. Kirk is apparently killed on the mission, but is in fact swallowed into the Nexus.

2294 - Scotty retires from Starfleet relocates to the Norpin V colony. His ship crashes on a Dyson Sphere while on route to Norpin and Scotty places himself into suspended animation to await rescue.

Walter Norman Bremer retires from Starfleet as a Vice Admiral.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is dry-docked for a major overhaul and upgrade of key systems.

2295 - A plasma plague breaks out on the planet Obi VI.

Hudson becomes Captain of the Constitution.

A new Command Staff is assigned to the USS Pegasus, NCC-1702. Thomas Collins is assigned to as Executive Officer and Chief Helmsman. Alexandra Gomez is assigned as Chief Communications Officer. Crystal Boyd is assigned as Chief Navigator. Shron is assigned as Chief of Security and Tactical Officer. Samuel MacLeod is assigned a Chief Engineering Officer. Savok is assigned as Chief Science Officer. Sara Robertson is assigned as Chief Medical Officer. Klaus Warner is assigned as Marine Detachment Commander.

Jonathan Roebuck is promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702 completes overhaul and leaves drydock on a new mission.

2296 - The Ansata terrorist group begins operating against the Rutian government.

The Excelsior Class USS Yorktown NCC-1717-A is commissioned.

2297 - First Contact with Ventax II by a Klingon expedition.

2298 - Tuvok resigns from Starfleet after finding it difficult to integrate. Returns to Vulcan and attempts to complete the Kolinahr discipline.


2300 - McCoy returns to Starfleet.

2301 - Mamoru Tujiro Nakamura born in Japan on Earth.

2302 - Last Federation contact with planet Angel I prior to 2364.

The future Federation President Jaresh-Inyo enters politics.

2304 - Tuvok undergoes Pon'Farr and abandons his Kolinahr training to marry T'Pel.

Alynna Nechayev is born on Earth.

2305 - Picard is born in LaBarre, France, on Earth.

2307 - Timicin is born on Kaelon II.

Owen Paris is born on Earth.

2309 - Representatives of the Cardassian union offer assistance to Bajor. Although their presence is seen as benign, this will eventually lead to the Occupation.

Federation Starships first explore the Indri system near Caere.

Klingon Bloodwine of this year was considered to be an excellent vintage.

A recessive gene is discovered in Klingons that causes the loss of forehead ridges. It's later learned to be an after affect of the attempted experiment with Human Augment DNA in 2154. The gene affects about 1 in every 5 million, and is triggered when Klingon and Human DNA are combined.

2311 - The planet Meridian materializes in this universe for a short period.

The Tomed Incident leads to the loss of thousands of lives. This marks the last significant contact between the Federation and the Romulan Empire until 2364. The Treaty of Algeron is signed, redefining the Romulan Neutral Zone and banning the Federation from developing cloaking devices.

2314 - William Ross born on Earth.

2318 - William Toddman born on Earth.

2321 - USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is retired from service. She will undergo preparation to join the Starfleet Museum.

Johnathan Robuck is promoted to Rear Admiral and assigned to Starfleet Academy as professor of Advanced Starship Tactics.

2322 - Picard applies to Starfleet Academy for the first time and is rejected.

2323 - Rear Admiral Johnathan Roebuck is assigned to Starfleet Academy's Board of Review for new applicants.

Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy at his second attempt.

2324 - Beverly Crusher is born.

2325 - NCC-1717-B USS Yorktown, a Centaur class ship, is commissioned.

Rear Admiral Johnathan Roebuck retires from Starfleet.

2327 - Picard graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Neelix is born on Rhinax.

2328 - Lwaxana marries Ian Andrew Troi.

Kathryn Janeway is born in Bloomington Indiana, on Earth.

2329 - Kestra born.

2330 - Hikaru Sulu is elected Federation President.

2332 - Sisko is born in New Orleans on Earth.

Soong marries Juliana O'Donnell on Mavala IV.

Miles O'Brien is born.

2333 - Picard assumes command of the Constellation class USS Stargazer.

2335 - Riker is born in Valdez, Alaska, on Earth.

Lore and Data are created.

Chakotay is born.

Geordi LaForge is born.

2336 - Deanna is born on Betazed.

Omicron Theta colony is destroyed by the Crystalline entity; Soong and Juliana flee, leaving Data and Lore behind.

Kestra dies in a swimming accident. Lwaxana suppresses the memory of Kestra for almost thirty five years.

2337 - Riker's mother dies.

Yar is born on the Turkana IV colony planet.

2338 - Data is discovered in the remains of the Omicron Theta colony by the Federation Starship USS Tripoli.

2340 - Worf is born on Qo'noS.

USS Yorktown NCC-1717-B is destroyed. At first it is believed to be a possible Klingon attack, but a joint Starfleet/Klingon investigation proved the ship was destroyed by a sever ion storm.

2341 - Jadzia, a future Dax host, is born.

Bashir is born.

Data enters Starfleet Academy.

2342 - USS Pegasus NCC-53847, an Oberth class ship, is commissioned.

Yar is orphaned when both parents where killed in a fire fight. She is raised by her sister, Ishara, until the age of fifteen.

Deela T'Lar is born.

Beverly enters Starfleet Academy.

2343 - Ian Andrew Troi, dies.

Kira Nerys is born on Bajor.

2344 - The USS Enterprise-C is destroyed defending the Klingon outpost of Narendra III.

2345 - Data graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Neelix begins working on an orbital tether on Talax

James Winter Born.

2346 - Kira's mother dies in a refugee camp.

B'Elanna Torres is born on Earth.

The Romulans attack the Khitomer outpost. An infant Worf is rescued from the aftermath by Sergei Rozhenko, a Starfleet officer who subsequently adopts him.

2347 - Neelix stops working on an orbital tether on Talax after two years he refuses to fulfill his military service during the Hakkonian war.

The Federation-Cardassian wars begin. Also known as the 'Border Wars', they would last over ten years. Most engagements are fought along the border or nearby sectors. They they fight to a near stalemate. Minor skirmishes are fought through the 2360s.

Jon and James Westmoreland are born.

2348 - Beverly Crusher marries Jack Crusher.

Bashir is taken to Adigeon Prime in order to have his DNA re-sequenced.

2349 - Wesley Crusher is born.

Quark accomplishes the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony. He is apprenticed to a district subnagus, he is later ousted from his apprenticeship after becoming involved with the man's sister.

Tuvok returns to Starfleet; he serves on board the USS Wyoming.

Harry Kim is born on Earth, in South Carolina.

Annika Hansen is born on the Tendara Colony.

Neelix's entire family is killed by the Metreon Cascade.

Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time.

2350 - Riker is abandoned by his father.

USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C, an Ambassador class ship, is commissioned.

Chakotay enters Starfleet Academy.

Neelix begins a six year stint on a Talaxian garbage scow.

Beverly graduates from Starfleet Academy with a medical degree.

Rear Admiral Johnathan Roebuck dies on Earth.

Sisko enters Starfleet Academy.

Miles O'Brien enters Starfleet.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is born on Earth, in South Carolina.

Janice Fultian is born in Italy on Earth.

2351 - Quark reaches the Age of Ascension and leaves Ferenginar. He does not return to the planet for twenty years.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is born on Earth, in California.

B'Elanna's father abandons her after his marriage breaks down.

Alexandra Reynolds (Harrison) was born to Mac and Victoria Reynolds.

2352 - Yar leaves Turkana IV.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al is born on QonoS.

Quark works on a Ferengi freighter for eight years as ships cook.

Paul MacLeod is born on Earth, in Scotland.

James K'Temoc Bremer is born on Earth, in South Carolina.

2353 - Worf kills a Human child during a soccer match.

Dukat's daughter, Tora Ziyal, is born to the Bajoran Tora Naprem.

Riker enters Starfleet Academy.

LaForge enters Starfleet Academy.

2354 - Deanna Troi enters Starfleet Academy, specializing in psychology.

Jack Crusher is killed whilst serving on board the USS Stargazer as a result of orders issued by Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Janeway played tennis while in high school, the last time prior to 2373 that she would play the game.

Chakotay graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Sisko graduates from Starfleet academy.

2355 - Picard participates in the Battle of Maxia against a Ferengi vessel. Picard invents a new tactical ploy to win the battle, later dubbed the "Picard Manoeuvre".

Yar joins Starfleet Academy.

Jake Sisko born.

Annika Hansen is assimilated by the Borg while her parents where exploring the delta quadrant in the Raven, a civilian deep space exploratory ship.

Kira joins the Bajoran Resistance.

2356 - Neelix works aboard a Trabalian freighter.

Bremer meets Rebecca Hammond for the first time.

2357 - Kira helps to liberate the Cardassian slave labor camp Gallitep.

Worf joins Starfleet Academy.

Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Riker is assigned to the Starship Pegasus NCC-53847

Bremer and K'Temoc leave Earth to spend two years on QonoS.

LaForge graduates from Starfleet Academy.

2358 - Starship Pegasus, NCC-53847, believed destroyed during tests of the phase cloak system. Riker assists Captain Pressman to cover up the truth about the loss of the ship.

Deanna graduates Starfleet Academy.

Kathryn Janeway's father, Admiral Janeway, dies by drowning.

Neelix begins to work on a mining colony.

2359 - Riker and Deanna become romantically involved.

Yar graduates from Starfleet Academy

Bashir enters Starfleet Academy Medical School.

Riker is assigned to the planet Betazed.

Bremer and K'Temoc return to Earth.

2360 - Quark opens a bar on DS9.

Walter Heinrich Roebuck is born aboard the USS Berlin.

Bremer and K'Temoc travel to visit historic Charleston South Carolina, Bremer develops a life long interest in Earth's history, specifically 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

Neelix buys his own ship and begins trading.

2361 - Riker is assigned to the Starship Potempkin.

Bremer and Harry Kim meet for the first time.

Deanna and Riker break up.

Bremer and K'Temoc travel to San Fransisco to attend Worf's graduation from Starfleet Academy. Bremer declares his intent to enter Starfleet.

Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy.

A duplicate of Riker is created during a mission to the Nervala IV.

2362 - Geordi serves on the Starship Victory.

Dukat places the Cardassian child Rugal into a Bajoran orphanage, hoping the boy will become an embarrassment for his father Kotan Pa'Dar, a political enemy of Dukat's.

Bremer and K'Temoc travel to QonoS again.

The Setlik III Massacre takes place. This marks the first time that O'Brien has ever killed another person.

James K'Temoc Bremer starts going by his middle name, K'Temoc, only.

2363 - Odo and Dukat meet for the first time.

Quark has a brief affair with Natima Lang, who admires him for illegally selling food to Bajorans. They break up when she finds he used her personal access codes to steal money.

Deela T'Lar graduates from Starfleet Academy.

The USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-D, is launched.

Bremer and K'Temoc return to Earth.

James Winter Enters Starfleet Academy.

2364 - Admiral McCoy makes an inspection of the Enterprise-D during her maiden voyage.

Deanna is assigned to USS Enterprise-D as ships Counselor.

Yar is assigned to Enterprise-D as chief security officer.

Data is assigned to the Starship Enterprise-D as Chief Operations Officer.

O'Brien is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a conn specialist.

Worf joins the USS Enterprise-D.

Bremer and Rebecca Hammond start dating.

First Contact with the Q continuum.

Beverly Crusher joins the Enterprise-D as Chief Medical Officer. She brings her son Wesley to the ship with her.

Commander Riker joins the Enterprise-D as First Officer.

LaForge is joins to the USS Enterprise-D as helmsman.

K'Temoc declares his intention to enter Starfleet Academy.

Yar is killed at Vagra II by the entity known as Armus, while attempting to rescue crewmembers from a crashed shuttlecraft.

Worf is appointed as Chief Security Officer of the Enterprise-D.

B'Elanna joins Starfleet Academy.

Deanna's wedding to Wyatt Miller is planned, but abandoned when he joins a Tarellian plague ship to search for a cure.

Lore is discovered on Omicron Theta and reactivated.

Wesley Crusher is commissioned as an Acting Ensign in recognition of his help in returning the Enterprise to Federation space after it was stranded by the Traveler.

Wesley attempts to gain entrance to Starfleet Academy - but fails the entrance exam.

Jadzia enters the Trill Initiate program.

The Borg make their first attack on the Federation, destroying several outposts near the Romulan border. The Romulans re-establish diplomatic ties with the Federation.

Q grants Will Riker the power of the continuum in an attempt to corrupt his humanity. The attempt fails.

2365 - Beverly is assigned as Chief of Starfleet Medical.

LaForge is promoted to Chief of Engineering.

Pulaski joins the Enterprise-D as Chief Medical Officer.

Kyle Riker visits the Enterprise-D; father to Will Riker and a former romantic interest of Pulaski, he is there to brief Will concerning a new Starship command he has been offered.

Mike K'Wor Bremer and Harry Kim take the Academy entrance exam, both are accepted.

Wesley commands a survey of the Selcundi Drama system.

Dukat orders Odo to work as chief of security of Terok Nor.

Captain Katherine Janeway completes her first Starship command assignment. Tuvok criticizes Janeway's performance in front of a panel of three Admirals.

The Enterprise resettles the Bringloidi colonists to Mariposa at Pulaski's suggestion.

Lwaxana goes through the phase.

Lwaxana attends the Pacifica conference.

Will Riker is infected with a parasite by a plant on Surata IV. Pulaski is able to defeat the parasite by provoking a series of negative memories in the unconscious Riker.

2366 - Crusher returns to the Enterprise-D to replace Doctor Pulaski as Chief Medical Officer. She is replaced by Rear Admiral Vickie Bremer as Chief of Starfleet Medical.

Wesley experiments with nanites, resulting in damage to the Enterprise's computer systems when they escape.

For his various trouble-causing actions across the universe, Q is stripped of his powers and deposited on the Enterprise-D. After a brief but eventful stay he manages to convince the continuum to return his powers.

Data builds a daughter named Lal.

Barclay transfers to the USS Enterprise-D from the USS Zhukov.

Worf becomes father of Alexander.

Lwaxana and Deanna are kidnapped by DaiMon Tog, a Ferengi. They are subsequently rescued by Picard.

Wesley is accepted into Starfleet Academy, but misses his transport and instead remains on the Enterprise-D. He is granted a field promotion to full Ensign by Captain Picard.

B'Elanna leaves Starfleet Academy after several issues with her tutors.

Mike K'Wor Bremer, Harry Kim, Lindsay Ballard, and Rebecca Hammond enter Starfleet Academy.

Dukat sends his Bajoran mistress and their daughter to Lissepia on the Ravinok. The vessel vanishes on route to the planet.

Sarek visits the Enterprise-D, site of a conference with the Legarans. The culmination of almost a century of negotiations, the conference is a success despite Sarek's suffering the effects of Bendii Syndrome.

2367 - Mike K'Wor Bremer, Harry Kim, and Rebecca Hammond all become friends with Lindsay Ballard.

Picard is captured by the Borg and forced to become a member of the collective.

The Battle of Wolf 359 occurs. Thirty nine Federation Starships and eleven thousand personnel are lost in the battle. Picard is rescued by the Enterprise-D. He manages to relay information to the crew of the Enterprise-D which allows the Borg to be defeated by Riker whilst he is commanding the Enterprise-D in Picard's place.

Soong is killed by Lore.

K'Ehleyr returns to the Enterprise with her and Worf's son, Alexander. She is murdered by Duras soon afterwards. Worf kills Duras in retaliation. Alexander is sent to live with Worf's parents on Earth.

Wesley joins Starfleet Academy.

Deanna temporarily loses her empathic powers.

A truce to enforced an end to hostilities of the Federation-Cardassian Wars is drawn up, but it leaves key questions unresolved. The finalized treaty, unsigned until 2370, formed a demilitarized zone between the powers, creating a new border and clarifying claims to planets such as Dorvan V.

Miles O'Brien marries Keiko Ishikawa.

Bremer teaches Lindsay Ballard several Klingon proverbs and philosophical sayings.

Bashir graduates from Starfleet Academy, second in his class. James Winter graduates, Posted to the USS Mars as Security Chief.

Curzon dies, Jadzia is joined to the Dax symbiont.

Barclay encounters the Cytherian probe; his I.Q. is briefly boosted tremendously.

Q recreates the legend of Robin Hood with the Enterprise-D senior officers in the outlaw roles, in order to force Captain Picard to admit that he is in love with Vash.

Jon Westmoreland is caught smuggling. Starfleet Security impounds his private craft, the Starlighter. To avoid jail time, Westmoreland agrees to enter Starfleet Academy.

Lwaxana falls in love with Timicin, a scientist from the planet Kaelon.

Gowron is confirmed as leader of the Klingon High Council. The Klingon civil war begins when the Duras family challenges Gowron. Worf resigns his Starfleet commission in order to join Gowron's side in the war.

2368 - After discovering that the Romulans are assisting the Duras family, Starfleet sends a fleet to the Romulan-Klingon border commanded by Captain Picard. The fleet is successful in preventing Romulan border crossings. Gowron's forces defeat the Duras family, although the sisters Lursa and B'Etor escape.

Worf returns to Starfleet.

The Enterprise-D is badly damaged by a quantum filament, forcing Deanna to assume temporary command. Miles and Keiko O'Brien's daughter, Molly O'Brien, is delivered in the ten-forward lounge by Worf.

Spock goes to Romulus without authorization in order to work undercover toward the goal of re-unification.

Sarek dies of Bendii Syndrome.

K'Temoc and Paul MacLeod meet when they both enter Starfleet Academy. They are assigned to the same room in the dorms. Jon and James Westmoreland, Jonathan Roebuck IV, and Janice Fultian are all accepted to Starfleet Academy. Janice chooses to become a Marine.

Picard and Data go to Romulus to speak with Spock. The Romulans launch a covert attack on Vulcan which fails.

Worf's son Alexander returns to the Enterprise-D.

Wesley participates in the forbidden and highly dangerous Kolvoord Starburst maneuver, resulting in the death of a classmate.

Lwaxana is engaged to Minister Campio, the engagement is broken when she arrives naked for the wedding.

Garak is exiled to Terok Nor.

Data's head is discovered in a cave under San Francisco, apparently left there approximately 500 years before. Analysis of artifacts found near the head suggest that they originate from Devidia II in the Marrab sector. Whilst investigating the planet, Data discovers that alien life forms are traveling back in time to Earth in order to prey on the inhabitants. The android is thrown back in time to the nineteenth century. The Enterprise's senior crew follow him back in time.

2369 - Data's head is severed from his body as he returns to the present from 19th century Earth. Geordi LaForge attaches the head found under San Francisco to his body successfully. The Enterprise crew is successful in destroying the aliens on Devdia II.

Barclay rescues the survivors of the USS Yosemite, facing his fear of transporters in the process.

Scotty is recovered from the Dyson Sphere by the crew of the Enterprise-D, he subsequently sets off in a shuttlecraft for parts unknown.

Amanda Rogers visits the Enterprise-D. Whilst there Q appears on the ship and informs her that she is actually a member of the Q continuum. Despite initial misgivings, Amanda returns to the continuum with Q.

Admiral Nechayev relieves Captain Picard of his command and assigns him, Lieutenant Worf and Dr. Crusher to a mission to infiltrate Celtris III. Picard is captured on the mission.

Captain Jellico, in temporary command of the Enterprise-D, mines the McAllister nebula to force a Cardassian fleet hiding there to surrender. He orders Captain Picard's release. Picard subsequently returns to the Enterprise-D.

The Cardassians retreat from the Bajoran system, abandoning the Terok Nor ore processing facility in orbit of the planet. The Bajoran Provisional Government asks Starfleet to take over the running of the station.

Kira is assigned to Deep Space Nine as second in command.

Odo begins working for Starfleet when they take over the station and rename it Deep Space Nine.

O'Brien is transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of Operations.

Sisko is assigned to command Deep Space Nine. He persuades Quark to remain on the station despite the precarious political situation.

Bashir is assigned as Chief Medical Officer of Deep Space Nine.

Jadzia is assigned to Deep Space Nine. She and Commander Sisko discover the a stable wormhole in the Bajoran system's Denorios belt. The wormhole has existed for at least 10,000 years in a stable state, apparently due to the influence of aliens who live within it. Sisko is successful in convincing the wormhole aliens to allow traffic to use the wormhole.

Deanna is abducted and surgically altered by Romulan dissidents in order to work undercover on a Romulan Warbird and assist with the defection of Vice Proconsul M'Ret.

Jaresh-Inyo is elected Federation President.

Soong meets Data in a dream.

Quark briefly serves as Grand Nagus when it appears that Zek is dead.

Picard discovers an ancient message left by the first Humanoid beings in our galaxy.

Beverley disobeys orders whilst hosting scientific conference to assist in the discovery of metaphasic shielding.

Neelix has a run-in with the Ubean authorities in which his friend Wixiban is imprisoned.

The cloned Kahless becomes Emperor of the Klingon Empire.

Starbase 400, a Spacedock Type Station, is commissioned in orbit of the planet Kaleb IV in Beta Quadrant near the Federation border with Klingon and Romulan space, on the edge of unclaimed space called 'The Triangle'

A Borg vessel is detected in Federation space. The ship is discovered to be operating outside the influence of the Borg collective, under the control of the android Lore. Lore manages to disable Data's ethical subroutine and convince him to join forces with the Borg. He also captures several of the senior officers of the Enterprise-D.

2370 - Dr. Beverly Crusher, in command of the Enterprise during the absence of Captain Picard, is successful in destroying the Borg vessel. Lieutenant Commander LaForge manages to reinitiate Data's ethical subroutine, Data disables and then dismantles Lore.

Data obtains an emotion chip from Lore.

Geordi's mother is apparently killed when the Starship Hera is reported as lost.

Kes is born on the Ocampan home world.

Verad steals Dax, stays joined for only a few hours before the symbiont is removed and replaced in Jadzia.

Excessive telepathic contact with Cairn forces Lwaxana to remember her daughter Kestra's death for the first time

Bashir falls briefly in love with Melora Pazlar, a woman from a low gravity environment.

Quark survives an assassination attempt by a business partner.

Paul Harrison was born to Ruben and Alexandra Harrison.

Due to excessive warp speed travel, a rift forms in the Hekaras Corridor. Maximum warp speed is temporarily reduced to Warp 5 by the Federation Counsel.

Data meets his 'mother', Juliana Tainer.

Worf wins Champion Standing at the bat'leth competition on Forcas III.

The Oberth class USS Pegasus is discovered. Commander Riker and Admiral Pressman attempt to cover up the experimental phase cloak on board, but in the end Riker admits the truth.

Beverley's grandmother, Melissa Howard, dies.

Deanna is promoted to Commander.

Kira becomes romantically involved with Vedek Bariel.

Barclay becomes the first sufferer of Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome. A treatment developed by Beverly Crusher creates the disease, which causes most of the Enterprise-D crew to mutate to animal forms.

The Federation agrees a treaty with the Cardassians setting a new border between the two, formally ending the Federation-Cardassian Wars. Several colonies must be relocated as part of the treaty. In the aftermath, many Federation citizens take up arms against the Cardassians as part of 'The Maquis'.

Mike K'Wor Bremer, Harry Kim, Rebecca Hammond and Lindsay Ballard graduate from Starfleet Academy on Stardate 47918.

Mike K'Wor Bremer marries his long time girlfriend Rebecca Hammond.

Klingon Dahar Masters Kor, Kang, and Koloth along with Jadzia Dax satisfied their blood oath, killing the Albino that killed the Klingons' first born years before. Kang and Koloth are killed in battle.

Wesley Crusher ascends to a higher state of being as a Traveler.

Dukat is briefly captured by the Maquis, but subsequently rescued by Commander Sisko.

A future version of Alexander returns to the present to try and convince his earlier self to appreciate Klingon culture and the warrior ethos.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is assigned to the USS Iomega as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. A week into the assignment, he's ordered to attend Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course.

Garak's cranial implant fails.

Mike K'Wor Bremer completes the ATT course and is assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a Security/Tactical Officer.

Bashir and Kira cross over to the mirror universe during an accident inside the Wormhole, the first people from our universe to do so in over a century.

K’Wor and Becca Bremer are born to Mike and Rebecca. Rebecca ends her marriage with Mike unexpectedly.

Ro Laren joins the Maquis.

Mike K’Wor Bremer resigns his Starfleet commission. He enters the Klingon Defense Force and is assigned to the IKS Bortas as Chief Gunner.

Jean-Luc Picard convinces the Q to allow Humanity to continue to exist by demonstrating that we are capable of understanding the so-called limitless possibilities of existence. The experience involves Picard visiting alternate timelines created by Q, which draws the Captain closer to his crew and leads to him joining the regular senior officers poker game for the first time. Picard is the only one that retains memories of the events and he details them in a report to Starfleet Command.

USS Enterprise-D docks at Starbase 400 and undergoes an overhaul. The Bridge is modified and updated.

Sisko makes first contact between the Federation and the Dominion when he and Quark are captured by the Jem'Hadar.

The Dominion destroy the USS Odyssey.

Chakotay resigns from Starfleet and joins the Maquis.

Tom Paris causes the death of several other officers during training. He lies about the accident during the inquest, then subsequently confesses and is expelled from the academy.

USS Enterprise-D completes her overhaul and leaves Starbase 400.

Tom Paris joins the Maquis. He is captured on his first mission and jailed.

Barclay Leaves the Enterprise-D

The EMH program is developed by Dr Lewis Zimmerman, assisted by Lieutenant Barclay.

2371 - Mike K'Wor Bremer is transferred to the newly completed IKS Negh'var under General Martok's Command.

Sisko takes command of the USS Defiant in order to fight the Dominion.

Odo discovers that his species are the Founders of the Dominion.

Chakotay's father, Kolopak, dies.

Quark is married to, and subsequently divorced from, Grilka, briefly becoming head of the Klingon House of Kozak.

The EMH is activated for the first time during Captain Janeway's pre-launch inspection tour of USS Voyager.

Kes's father dies.

The Bajoran gratitude festival is held on Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana attends the festivities.

Tuvok is successful in infiltrating a cell of the Maquis while serving as Captain Janeway's Chief Security/Tactical officer. He is transported from the Badlands to the Delta Quadrant whilst serving on board a Maquis vessel.

Kes escapes from her home city.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702-A, a Galaxy class ship, is Commissioned.

Kes falls in love with Neelix.

Mike K'Wor Bremer wins Champion Standing at the bat'leth competition on Forcas III.

Kes is captured by the Kazon.

Janeway assumes command of the Starship Voyager.

Tom is paroled from Federation rehabilitation, he joins USS Voyager as an observer.

Harry is assigned as Chief Operations Officer of the USS Voyager.

Voyager is dragged into the Delta Quadrant by the being known as The Caretaker.

Neelix joins the crew of the USS Voyager.

Chakotay becomes the Executive Officer of the Starship Voyager.

B'Elanna is assigned as Chief Engineer of the Starship Voyager.

The USS Defiant is stolen by the Maquis, lead by Thomas Riker. Dukat and Sisko manage to recapture the vessel in a joint operation. Riker is jailed by the Cardassians.

The Bajoran gratitude festival is held on Deep Space Nine. Lwaxana attends the festivities.

General Martok is taken prisoner by the Dominion and replaced by a Founder while hunting Saber Bear on Kang's Summit. He is imprisoned in Dominion Internment Camp 371 in the Gamma Quadrant.

Vedek Bareil dies.

Neelix's lungs are stolen by the Vidiians, he receives a replacement lung from Kes.

Tom is convicted of murder by the Baneans.

Bashir is nominated for a Carrington Award for his research in bimolecular replication.

O'Brien dies and is replaced by another O'Brien from an alternate timeline.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is inducted into the Order of the Bat'leth.

Tuvok violates Janeway's orders in an attempt to secure long range transporter technology from the Sikarians.

Garak briefly rejoins the Obsidian Order prior to its annihilation at the Founder's home world.

Worf is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Data installs the emotion chip he acquired from Lore. The Amargosa star system is destroyed by Dr. Tolian Soran. The Enterprise-D is destroyed whilst attempting to prevent Dr. Soran from similarly destroying the Veridian system. Captain Kirk is killed while helping Captain Picard stop Soran.

In the aftermath of the Enterprise-D's destruction, Worf goes on leave to the planet Boreth.

The Tal Shiar attempts to assassinate Garak. Odo and Garak attempted to find out why but are captured by a Tal Shiar Warbird with Enabren Tain aboard. The joint Tal Shiar / Obsidian Order fleet attempts to destroy the Founders homeworld but is annihilated by a Jem'Hadar fleet. A Founder posing as Tal Shiar Colonel Lovok allows Odo and Garak to escape.

Chakotay's neural energy is temporarily 'drained' while on an away mission.

Geordi undergoes surgery to replace his VISOR with ocular implants.

Captain Janeway meets her hero, Amelia Earhart.

Chakotay becomes involved in the initiation of a young Kazon male.

Sisko is promoted to Captain.

Odo is forced to kill a Founder when it attempts to provoke a war between he Federation and the Tzenkethi.

2372 - Kes undergoes a false Elogium.

Harry is briefly transported to an alternate Earth.

Dukat becomes the military advisor to the Detapa Council, a group of civilians who overturned the military government of Cardassia and became its new leaders.

Sisko violates orders and interferes in the Klingon-Cardassian war. Mike K'Wor Bremer leaves the Klingon Defense Force in disagreement over the blockade of the Bajorian system.

Worf arrives on DS9.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is transported from the Negh'Var to DS9 as the Klingon fleet leaves for Cardassia.

The Khitomer Accords are broken by the Klingons.

A Klingon fleet attacks Deep Space Nine in retaliation. The attacks fails, but results in the subsequent Klingon/Federation war. Worf is appointed as Strategic Operations Officer of Deep Space Nine. Bremer is recommissioned in Starfleet and is assigned to Starbase 24 near the Klingon border as Security Chief and Strategic Operations Officer.

Lwaxana marries Jeyal.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al enters the Klingon Defense Force.

Dukat and Kira find Ziyal in a Breen work camp. Dukat takes her to Cardassia to live with him. He is subsequently disowned by his family and loses his role as the Detapa Council's military advisor.

Quark is given his own ship by cousin Gaila, he loses it soon after in a temporal accident.

Captain Picard is assigned command of the Enterprise-E. He takes many of his Enterprise-D crew with him.

Worf, Kor, and Dax locate the Sword of Kahlass in the Gamma Quadrant. After Toral attempts to steal it, the three decide to leave the Sword adrift instead of taking the chance it falls into the wrong hands.

A Federation/Romulan conference in Antwerp on Earth is interrupted by a bomb set off by a Founder.

USS Lakota arrives at Deep Space Nine and transports Captain Sisko and Odo to Earth to discuss the Founders threat. Changeling is found posing as Vice Admiral Leyton by Odo. State of Emergency declared on Earth because of worldwide power outage caused by Red Squad at Vice Admiral Leyton's direction. Captain Sisko uncovers the plot by Vice Admiral Leyton. USS Defiant is called to Earth by Sisko. USS Defiant and USS Lakota fight a pitch battle, but Captain Benteen of the Lakota stands down and both ships return to Earth. Vice Admiral Leyton stands down, ending the coupe.

Voyager attempts to form an alliance with the Trabe, the attempt fails.

James K'Temoc Bremer and Paul MacLeod graduate from Starfleet Academy. Bremer is assigned to the USS Enterprise-E as a Security/Tactical Officer and MacLeod is assigned to the USS Memphis as a Security/Tactical Officer. Jon Westmoreland graduates from Starfleet Academy. He attends Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course. James Westmoreland graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Nautilus as a Security/Tactical Officer. Jonathan Roebuck IV graduates Starfleet Academy, assigned to the USS Charleston as a Security/Tactical Officer. Janice Fultian graduations from Starfleet Academy. She is the top Marine in her class. She then attends additional Marine training.

Keiko conceives her second child.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is transferred to the USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C.

Kira becomes romantically involved with Edon Shakaar.

Thomas Eugene Paris becomes the first known Human being to achieve Warp 10 and travel at infinite speed. Unfortunately, there are some serious side effects.

In the aftermath of the bombing of the Antwerp Conference earlier in the year, the Enterprise-E is assigned with transporting a team of explosive experts to a number of key Starfleet facilities, including Deep Space 9 and Starbase 375. These experts discovered co-conspirators in Admiral Leyton's attempted coup on Earth.

USS Yorktown is attacked by three Klingon vessels along the Federation/Klingon border. Mike K'Wor Bremer receives a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Commander for his actions.

Dukat gains control of a Klingon Bird of Prey with the help of Kira and aunches a terrorist campaign against the Klingons.

Enterprise-E attends a security summit called by Admiral Jeremiah Hayes at Starbase 19.

James K'Temoc Bremer and Jonathan Roebuck IV attend Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course.

Tuvok mind melds with Ensign Suder in an attempt to cure him of his violent tendencies.

Janeway presides over a hearing to determine the fate of Quinn, a Q who wishes to end his own life. She rules in his favor, and he subsequently kills himself. The Q civil war begins some time afterwards.

The EMH has a brief relationship with Danara Pel.

Neelix begins broadcasting "A Briefing With Neelix", a news and current affairs program on Voyagers communications network.

Kim dies and is replaced by a duplicate from an alternate timeline.

Kurn arrives on Deep Space Nine. Klingons deploy cloaked mines just outside the Bajorian system. Kurn and Worf board a damaged Klingon vessel and retrieve the codes for the mines. The minefield is destroyed. Kurn goes missing and is believed killed by Worf during the Mauk-to'Vor ritual.

Tuvok crashes on a moon of Drayan II.

The Klingons try to frame Worf for destroying a civilian ship.

O'Brien is convicted of spying on the Argrathi, he receives a memory implant equivalent to spending twenty years in jail.

Sisko is pulled into the Mirror Universe again.

Odo marries Lwaxana Troi, which ends her marriage with Jeyal.

Neelix and Tuvok are merged in a transporter accident; they are subsequently separated by Captain Janeway.

Kasidy Yates is caught smuggling medical supplies to the Maquis. Michael Eddington betrays Starfleet and joins the Maquis, stealing several industrial replicators in the process.

James K'Temoc Bremer returns to the Enterprise-E.

Maximum warp speed limits removed, ships can travel as fast as their CO's discretion again.

Mike K'Wor Bremer transferred to Deep Space Nine as Chief of the Starfleet Security contingent aboard the Station and USS Defiant, replacing Michael Eddington.

Paul MacLeod attends Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course.

Enterprise-E engages in a war games exercise with the USS Samson in the Pantera Nebula. During these exercises, the Samson was infiltrated and destroyed by a Changeling, which then transferred aboard the Enterprise. Captain Picard and crew were eventually able to force it off the ship.

Chakotay and Janeway are temporarily stranded on Earth 2 after they contract a disease. They are later cured with Vidiian medical technology.

Weyoun serves as a Field Supervisor for the Jem'Hadar attempting to resolve the Iconian Gateway scandal, the first joint Federation/Dominion operation. He is killed by his Jem'Hadar First at the end of the mission.

Bashir spends several weeks trying unsuccessfully to find a cure for the Teplan Blight.

Miles and Keiko's child is transferred to Kira's womb after a Runabout accident.

Quark sells his remains after he is falsely informed that he is dying of Dorek Syndrome. His business license is revoked after he fails to fulfill the contract.

Odo's shape shifting powers are removed by the Founders for killing another of his kind.

Voyager is briefly captured by the Kazon. The large majority of the crew are stranded on a primitive planet.

2373 Voyager is re-captured from the Kazon by Paris and a small group of Talaxians. Seska is killed during the operation.

A Changling is found to be impersonating General Martok and is killed.

Starfleet captures a Jem'Hadar Attackship.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is assigned to the USS Los Angeles as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Tuvok experiences strange flashbacks to time on USS Excelsior as a result of a form of parasite.

Tom and Harry are briefly imprisoned by the Akritiri.

Newly inaugurated Federation President Min Zife calls Captains Picard and Sisko to Earth and assigns them with the mission aimed at reopening negotiations with the Klingon Empire, which had withdrawn from the Khitomer Accords over a year earlier.

Voyager trespasses on Swarm space to avoid a lengthy detour on their journey home.

Quark becomes involved with Grilka again when she visits DS9. Worf and Dax begin seeing each other.

Paul MacLeod is assigned to the USS George Washington as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Klingons attack Ajilon Prime. USS Farragut is destroyed near the Lembatta Cluster while attempting to relieve the colony.

Keiko O'Brien's body is taken over by a pah-wraith in an attempt to kill the Prophets.

USS Defiant is thrown back in time by the Orb of Time.

Voyager is thrown back in time to 1996, the ship prevents a temporal explosion which would otherwise have destroyed the Earth.

Odo crashes on an inhospitable planet with Quark, and is forced to climb a mountain to call for help.

Barclay transfers to the Enterprise-E as a systems engineer and is assigned to Alpha Team.

The progressive faction wins the Q civil war with Voyager's help. Q mates with a female Q, helping to end the rifts which caused the war by producing a baby Q.

Enterprise-E is dispatched to the planet Chiaros IV in the desolate expanse known as the Geminus Gulf to prevent the region from falling under the control of the Romulan Star Empire. Captain Picard and Lieutenant Hawk discover the existence of the rogue Starfleet covert operations division known as Section 31.

Bashir is replaced by a Changeling infiltrator whilst attending a burns conference on Meezan IV.

Janeway destroys a macro virus infestation on board Voyager.

Kira gives birth to the O'Brien's baby. Odo regains his shape shifting abilities when an infant Changeling joins with him.

Neelix meets Wixiban, an old friend, at the Nekrit supply depot. He becomes involved in some less than legal business dealings on the station and is sentenced to two weeks on deuterium maintenance duty.

Maquis traitor Michael Eddington is taken prisoner by Captain Sisko.

The second Borg invasion of the Federation. The cube is defeated by a Federation fleet including the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-E. The Enterprise-E rescues the surviving crew of the USS Defiant including Worf and Bremer. The Enterprise-E subsequently travels back in time to 2063 in order to prevent the Borg from creating an alternate timeline in which the Federation is never created and Earth is assimilated.

Enterprise-E is docked at Earth Station McKinley to repair damage suffered against the Borg.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is promoted to Lieutenant JG and Chief Security/Tactical Officer following the death of the previous Chief, killed while defending Earth from the Borg.

Kes ends her relationship with Neelix.

Deep Space Nine receives a message from Enabren Tain in the Delta Quadrant. Garak and Worf travel to the Delta Quadrant to verify the authenticity of the transmission. Worf and Garak are captured taken to Dominion Internment Camp 371 where they find Tain, General Martok, and Bashir.

Enabren Tain dies.

Dukat becomes the head of the Cardassian government after assisting the Dominion in their take-over of the planet.

USS Lexington-D is commissioned.

The Dominion Fleet drives the Klingon fleet out of Cardassian space. The Khitomer Accords are reinstated, reestablishing the Federation/Klingon Alliance.

Worf, Bashir, Martok, and Garak escape from the Dominion and return to Deep Space Nine.

Repairs are completed on board the USS Enterprise-E.

Due to high causality rates among senior Starfleet Officers from the conflict with the Klingons and the recent Borg attack, especially those of Commander and Captain ranks, many young Starfleet Officers are promoted early to fill the void. This frustrates many career Starfleet Officers who've waited years for promotions, but with war with the Dominion seeming to be inevitable, Starfleet Command feels it must begin to take steps to fill its ranks now. Many of those young Officers will perform well in the coming conflict.

Chakotay encounters a group of ex-Borg; experiences a limited version of the Borg collective.

Enterprise-E is assigned to patrol near sector 221G, home of the recently fallen Thallonian Empire. The ship's crew cataloged the terrible refugee situation caused by the failure of the Thallonian infrastructure. Shortly thereafter, Admiral Alynna Nechayev dispatched Picard and the Enterprise to convince former Starfleet officer Mackenzie Calhoun to return to Starfleet as Captain of the USS Excalibur, assigned to assist the needy inhabitants of Sector 221-G

Bashir admits that he was genetically engineered as a child; his father is sentenced to two years in prison as a result.

USS Pegasus arrives at Deep Space Nine before a patrol mission along the Federation/Cardassian border. Mike K'Wor Bremer is offered the Executive Officer position.

Janeway experiences her own apparent death repeatedly when she is attacked by a non corporeal alien.

Quark briefly works as an arms dealer with Hagath and Gaila.

The EMH adds various personality traits to his program, creating a split personality.

Grand Nagus Zek and Ishka begin their relationship.

The fifth Weyoun clone served as Chief Dominion Liaison to the Cardassian government.

USS Pegasus returns to Deep Space Nine. Mike K'Wor Bremer accepts a transfer to the USS Pegasus as Executive Officer and is promoted to Commander.

Rom and Leta become engaged.

Quark regains his Ferengi Business license in exchange for helping to break up the relationship between Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek.

General Martok takes command of the IKS Rotarran.

Worf joins the House of Martok.

Kes experiences her life in reverse, due to Chroniton radiation poisoning, seeing glimpses into Voyager's possible future.

The Maquis is all but whipped out by the Jem'Hadar. A few survivors return to the Federation, others hide.

Kira ends her involvement in Shakaar after a visit to Kendra Shrine.

Harry Kim and Lindsay Ballard leave Voyager on an away mission. Ballard is killed during the mission.

The crew of the Defiant discovers their own descendants, and learn that they will crash two hundred years in the past. Odo from the planet changes the ship's flight plan, preventing the crash from ever happening.

The EMH creates a holographic family in an attempt to experience normal family life. His daughter, Belle, is killed in an accident shortly afterwards.

Sisko has Michael Eddington released from prison, he is later killed while rescuing Maquis survivors from the Jem'Hadar.

Voyager encounters the Voth, an advanced species that originated on Earth millions of years ago.

Zife is elected Federation President.

The Nyrian attempt to take over Voyager by swapping places with the crew, one at a time. The EMH's optical sensors are reconfigured to allow sight in the microwave range of the EM spectrum.

Ensign Jetal dies when Harry Kim is given medical priority by the EMH. Memories of Ensign Jetal are deleted from the EMH by Janeway.

Mike K'Wor Bremer is promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus, NCC-1702-A, when the ship's previous CO, Admiral Casey, takes command of the new Sovereign class USS Octavian and Commanding Officer of the Seventh Fleet. USS Pegasus is assigned to the joint Federation/Klingon task force.

The Romulans sign a Non-Aggression Pact with the Dominion.

Jon Westmoreland joins the USS Pegasus as Chief Security Officer.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is transferred to the USS North Carolina.

A Dominion/Cardassian fleet attacks Deep Space Nine. A joint Federation/Klingon task force destroys the Dominion shipyard at Torros III. Worf becomes engaged to Lieutenant Commander Dax. Dukat regains control of Deep Space Nine when the Dominion capture the station, starting the Dominion War.

Paul MacLeod is promoted to Lieutenant JG and Chief Security/Tactical Officer following the death of the previous Chief, killed during the Federation/Klingon raid on the Torros III shipyards.

Worf serves as First officer of the Rotarran under General Martok.

USS Pegasus is assigned to patrol the Federation/Dominion border.

Janeway begins spending time in the Leonardo da Vinci holoprogram.

James Winter, becomes second officer aboard Intrepid class USS Sun Tzu.

USS Pegasus is destroyed while on a rescue mission.

Ro Laren joins the Bajorian Militia as a Major.

Voyager encounters the Borg and Species 8472.

2374 - Captain Bremer and the majority of the USS Pegasus crew are reassigned to a newly commissioned Galaxy Refit class ship that is renamed USS Pegasus, NCC-53847-A. The vessel is assigned to the newly established Fourth Fleet. Starships USS Miranda, USS Nautilus, and others are assigned to the Forth Fleet.

The Federation proposes an amendment to the Treaty of Algeron to allow select Starfleet vessels to be equipped with cloaking technology. The Federation cites the cooperation between the two governments regarding the cloak aboard the USS Defiant. They state the use of cloaks would be limited to exploration of open space believed to be close to Borg or Dominion territory. The Romulans reluctantly agree, if, they are given all Stellar Cartography, Astrometerics, and Tactical data learned. The Federation agrees to the Romulan terms however the Romulans refuse to provide cloaking devices to Starfleet. The Federation turns to the Klingons for cloaking devices which they provide and Starfleet begins to equip select vessels in the Forth Fleet only.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al is assigned to the IKS Ramal as Assistant Gunner.

The Enterprise-E is dispatched to investigate a mysterious incident in a lab on the planet Galor IV attempting to re-create the work of Commander Data's creator Noonien Soong. During the course of the investigation, Data unraveled a mystery that revealed much to him about the history of androids in the galaxy.

Paul MacLeod is promoted to Lieutenant.

Seven of Nine is chosen to be the Borg representative to the crew of the USS Voyager. She is removed from the collective consciousness while undertaking this task.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is promoted to Lieutenant.

Voyager defeats a force of 8472 vessels, ending the Borg/8472 war.

Bremer is promoted to Rear Admiral and Executive Officer of the Fourth Fleet.

Kes becomes non corporeal, she hurls Voyager 9,500 light years closer to Federation space.

Bremer and K'Temoc's father, ma'gh, a Klingon Captain is killed when his ship, the IKS N'all, is destroyed by Dominion forces.

Tom and B'Elanna become romantically involved.

The Seventh Fleet loses 98 ships in an attack against Dominion forces.

USS Yorktown NCC-1717-C is decommissioned. The following day the Intrepid Class USS Yorktown NCC-1717-D is commissioned and assigned to the Forth Fleet.

Chakotay is brainwashed by the Vori into becoming a soldier in their war against the Kradin.

Captain Sisko launches a raid into Dominion-held territory, destroying a Ketracel White production facility and limiting supplies of the drug used to control the Jem'Hadar.

The Enterprise-E is ordered to the homeworld of the Gorn, where Picard attempts to recruit the lizard-like race into joining in the war against the Dominion.

The Dominion captures the Benzite system.

Tuvok is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

USS Yorktown-D escorts a Federation convoy to Starbase 375.

Harry becomes attracted to Seven of Nine, an attraction she does not return.

Seven of Nine finds the SS Raven in Bomar space.

Bremer is again promoted, this time to Fleet Admiral and Commander of the Fourth Fleet when Fleet Admiral Murdock is reassigned to the First Fleet.

Alexander Rozhenko is assigned to the Klingon ship Rotarran.

Sisko becomes an adjutant on Starbase 375. Jadzia Dax becomes commander of the Defiant. The Female Changeling arrives on Deep Space Nine and links with Odo. The Defiant destroys a Dominion long range sensor array.

USS Yorktown-D is assigned to patrol the front lines.

Voyager's crew undergoes involuntary medical testing by an alien species.

Enterprise-E leads a Federation/Klingon Task Force against several Dominion outposts along the Cardassian border.

The EMH Mk II is developed.

Starfleet launches an operation to recapture Deep Space Nine. Captain Sisko leads a large Federation force, but is bogged down battling a Dominion fleet. A Klingon fleet arrives to assist Federation forces, turning the tide of battle. The Defiant breaks through and reaches Deep Space Nine just as the minefield is destroyed. Sisko convinces the Prophets to prevent Dominion reinforcements from coming through the wormhole. 200 Federation and Klingon ships break though the Dominion lines, lead by the USS Pegasus-A.

As Dominion forces leave DS9, Damar murders Ziyal. Distraught at losing both the station and his daughter, Dukat becomes mentally unbalanced and is captured by Federation forces.

Due to very high causality rates among Starfleet Marines in the early days of the Dominion War, many young Marines are promoted to fill the void. Janice Fultian is promoted to the rank of Colonel.

Seven of Nine and Harry Kim build an Astrometerics Lab aboard Voyager. Voyager encounters the Krenim, a species who use temporal technology in weapons applications. The encounter passes peacefully.

USS Pegasus-A departs DS9 after repairs. The ship passes by an anomaly that throws the ship into the Mirror Universe. Bremer comes face to face with his Mirror Universe duplicate. The duplicate attempts to kill Bremer and take over the Pegasus, but fails. The Pegasus-A returns to its proper universe where the Mirror Bremer escapes and later joins the Dominion. The Pegasus-A returns to DS9 for minor repairs.

Alexander is transferred to the IKS Ya'Vang.

Worf and Dax marry.

Mike K'Wor Bremer and James K'Temoc Bremer join the House of Martok.

Bareil from the Mirror Universe attempts to steal an Orb from the Bajorian Temple aboard Deep Space Nine.

B'Elanna is accused of inciting violence with her thoughts on the Mari home world. Fortunately Tuvok is able to prove her innocence.

James K'Temoc Bremer transfers to the USS Octavian and promoted to Lieutenant, taking the position of Operations Officer.

Bashir begins to help a group of genetically engineered people.

Neelix is killed during an away mission, he is revived by Borg technology.

The Defiant completes the first reconnaissance mission behind Dominion lines since the Dominion withdrawal from Deep Space Nine.

Starfleet Task Force 44, part of the Forth Fleet, led by the Pegasus-A, raids a Dominion facility and POW camp on Lazon II. The facility is destroyed and over 1000 Federation POWs are rescued, including Thomas Riker.

Quark, Rom, and Nog rescue Ishka from the Dominion. They take the Vorta Yelgrun prisoner and present him to Starfleet.

USS Yorktown-D scouts the Dominion positions in the Benzite system as Starfleet plans a counter attack.

Enterprise-E raids Dominion supply lines leading into the Argolis Cluster.

Dukat escapes from Federation custody when the ship transporting him is destroyed by the Dominion.

Chakotay helps Voyager escape from captivity by the Dream Species.

Voyager's EMH is transferred via an alien communications array to the USS Prometheus. The EMH, along with the Prometheus's EMH Mk II thwart a Romulan plan to steal the ship. Voyager's EMH returns with a message to the crew from Starfleet letting them know they 'are no longer alone'.

James K'Temoc Bremer takes over as Marine CO aboard the USS Octavian, is promoted to Major.

Voyager receives messages from Starfleet via the Hirogen communications network. Janeway's letter informs her that her fiancé Mark has married a co-worker. Voyager also finds that the Maquis have been wiped out by the Dominion. The communications network is later destroyed during an attack by a Hirogen ship.

USS Yorktown-D is pulled off the front lines and sent to the Beta Quadrant to patrol along the Romulan Neutral Zone while new crewmembers are trained. The ship is attacked by three Jem'Hadar attackships that crossed from Cardassian territory into Romulan space and catches the Yorktown-D off guard. The Dominion continues to use this strategy to keep the Federation off guard and inflict casualties.

B'Elanna begins to use dangerous holoprograms without safeties in order to alleviate her depression over the fate of the Maquis.

The Dominion fields a new type of Jem'Hadar, specifically designed for the war in the Alpha Quadrant.

O'Brien goes undercover on Farius Prime to penetrate the Orion Syndicate for Starfleet Intelligence.

False memories prompt Seven of Nine to accuse an Entharan trader of assault.

Worf and Dax are sent to bring in a Cardassian defector, but Worf turns back to rescue Dax after she is severely injured.

Voyager is captured by the Hirogen. The majority of the crew is forced to participate in holographic hunts for nearly three weeks before the ship is retaken.

Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel to 2346 and meet her mother.

Enterprise-E is pulled off the line to handle several diplomatic issues that have arisen between Federation member worlds.

Repairs to the USS Yorktown-D are completed.

Bashir is kidnapped by Section 31 for the first time.

The Dominion attack Betazed while the Tenth Fleet is on training maneuvers, the planet is conquered in less than ten hours.

Tom helps Steth repair his ship, which is powered by a co-axial warp core.

The Romulans join the war against the Dominion. They attack fifteen Dominion bases along the Cardassian border.

Voyager encounters some Omega molecules.

USS Pegasus-A is deployed to the Beta Quadrant, Fleet Admiral Bremer meets with Romulan Admiral V’Rel to discuss Romulan fleet deployments in the Alpha Quadrant and transit though Federation space.

James K'Temoc Bremer is promoted to Commander and assigned to the USS Calidorn as Executive Officer.

First Contact between the Federation and Krazzle in Sector 349 of Beta Quadrant by the USS Pegasus-A and USS Bonaventure. USS Pegasus-A is heavily damage.

Kira becomes romantically involved with Odo.

USS Yorktown-D is reassigned back to the Alpha Quadrant, rejoining the battle fleet.

Chakotay falls in love with a Ramuran woman, Kellin, she leaves him after being recaptured by her people.

USS Pegasus-A is repaired and redeployed back to the Alpha Quadrant, rejoining the battle fleet after escorting a convoy to the Bolarus system.

The Benzite system is liberated by the Romulans, they later return the system to the Federation.

USS Valiant is destroyed by a prototype Dominion Battleship. Only Ensign Nog, Jake Sisko, and Cadet Dorian Collins survive.

USS Enterprise-E leads the Federation Second Fleet in an attempt to retake Betazed. They attack the Dominion positions on three occasions, but each time the Dominion re-enforces their positions.

Jon Westmoreland leaves the USS Pegasus-A to become the Executive Officer of the USS Atlantis.

USS Yorktown-D escorts a relief convoy to the Benzite system.

A Dominion occupation force lead by the Vorta Deyos is sent to the planet Iconia within the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone to capture the world and use it as a possible supply base for an invasion of Romulus. The Dominion loses contact with the force and it's believed they were destroyed by the Romulans.

Voyager's crew are replicated by the Deuterium/metal lifeform on the Demon planet.

USS Pegasus-A provides protection to a Federation convoy to the Trill Homeworld.

Seven of Nine pilots Voyager through a Mutara class nebula while the crew is in stasis.

Miles and Keiko O'Brien's daughter Molly falls into a time portal. O'Brien is able to reverse the effects.

Dukat becomes a follower of the pah-wraiths.

Arturis attempts to fool Voyager's crew with a fake message from Starfleet and an advanced Starship called Dauntless, in an attempt to have the crew assimilated by the Borg. The attempt fails and Voyager is able to duplicate the Dauntless's slipstream drive system, using is long enough to get 300 light years closer to Earth.

The first major Allied offensive captures the Chin'Toka system from the Dominion. Starships Defiant, Galaxy, Pegasus-A, Yorktown-D, Atlantis, Constantinople, and North Carolina are apart of the Fleet. Jadzia Dax is killed by Gul Dukat, who seals the entrance to the Wormhole. Sisko takes a leave of absence from DS9.

The Dax symbiont develops life-threatening complications whilst on its way home to Trill, to save its life it is transplanted into the only available host, Ezri Teegan.

USS Pegasus-A is damaged after raiding a Dominion Cloning Facility and POW Camp. Q makes an appearance aboard the ship and as an Earth Christmas gift, he repairs the ship while handing out gifts to the crew, dressed as Santa Claus.

2375 - Kira is promoted to Colonel.

Worf leads a mission aboard the Rotarren to destroy the Dominion shipyards at Monac IV to ensure Jadzia gets into Sto-vo-kor. Bashir, O'Brien, and Quark accompany him. The mission is a success. Sisko discovers the Orb of the Emissary with the help of Ezri Dax, Jake, and his father. He uses it to re-open the Bajoran Wormhole.

Jonathan Roebuck IV transfers to the position of Strategic Operations Officer aboard the USS North Carolina.

Tom begins playing the Captain Proton holoprogram.

Yorktown-D escorts a Federation convoy to Chin'Toka.

Ezri is given the rank of Lieutenant and appointed a Counselor on Deep Space Nine.

Defiant class USS Falcon is commissioned and assigned to Avalon Fleet Yards. James K'Temoc Bremer is promoted to Captain and CO of the Falcon, and R&D CO of Avalon Fleet Yards.

Voyager crosses a 2,500 light year wide gulf in space, possibly the gap between two galactic arms. Janeway goes through a bout of depression and isolates herself from the crew.

The fifth Weyoun is killed in a suspicious transporter accident.

USS Falcon escorts a Federation convoy to Chin'Toka.

The Delta Flyer is built.

Deela T'Lar is promoted to Captain and assigned as Commanding Officer of the new USS Essex NCC-173-A.

The sixth Weyoun clone, considered defective by his creators, attempts to defect to Odo. The Seventh is assigned the task of tracking him down and destroying him, and is ultimately successful. Odo learns that the Great Link is suffering from some form of illness.

Janeway forges a peace treaty with Species 8472.

General Martok leads a raid on the Dominion Base on Trelka V. Kor is later killed in battle.

Using their telepathic powers, the population of Betazed rises up against the Dominion. Enterprise-E leads a Federation Task Force against the Dominion fleet in the Betazed system. Betazed is liberated by the Federation.

USS Falcon raids the Dominion Ketracel-White facility in the Pelosa system.

The Dominion attacks AR-558. Nog is severely wounded and loses a leg.

The Dominion works out a deal with the Son'a, whereby they will manufacture Ketracel White at their outpost on Devos II.

Voyager is almost destroyed during an attempt to reach home via Quantum Slipstream drive.

USS Falcon escorts a Federation convoy to AR-558.

Seven of Nine develops a version of multiple personality disorder when assimilated personalities are reactivated by a damaged Borg vinculum.

Worf visits the Enterprise-E. While he is there, the ship travels to the Briar Patch where Captain Picard and crew expose the plot by Admiral Dougherty and the Son'a to forcibly relocate the Ba'ku.

USS Pegasus-A and USS Falcon raid the Dominion Base on Trelka V and its orbital drydocks.

Fultian is again promoted, this time to the rank of Brigadier General after her Divisional Commander is killed in battle against the Dominion.

Tom is reduced in rank to Ensign and sentenced to thirty days in the brig for his actions at the space ocean.

USS Pegasus-A leads a Federation Task Force which includes USS Falcon and USS Yorktown-D in an attack against the Dominion shipyard and Cardassian weapons research facility in the Loval system. The facilities are destroyed.

The EMH recovers his memories of Ensign Jetal and is nearly driven insane.

Tuvok and Tom are stranded on a planet which experiences accelerated time.

USS Falcon is assigned to escort duty again, followed by a patrol mission along the front lines.

Mike K`Wor Bremer has a brief affair with Janice Fultian, then a Brigadier General in the Starfleet Marine Corps, while both are visiting Deep Space Nine. Janice becomes pregnant, however she doesn't inform Bremer.

Ezri captures the Vulcan murderer responsible for two deaths on Deep Space Nine.

USS Yorktown-D docks at Starbase 375 for an overhaul.

Odo meets Laas, another of the infant Changelings sent out into the galaxy.

Seven of Nine is almost re-assimilated by the Borg during an attempt to steal a transwarp coil.

Bashir is enlisted to help Section 31 at the Federation/Romulan conference on Romulus.

Chakotay helps to communicate with a species occupying chaotic space.

Enterprise-E raids the Son'a outpost on Devos II.

USS Yorktown-D's overhaul is complete.

Seven of Nine is offered a position in the Think Tank.

The Forth Fleet launches an attack against Dominion Forces in an attempt to draw ships away from the main lines. While successful, over thirty Federation ships are lost. The USS Pegasus-A is believed to be one of them after the ship is heavily damaged and abandoned. Most of the crew is picked up by other vessels.

Dominion ships are sent to help guard the Son'a outpost on Devos II.

The Federation raids the Cardassian planet of Velos Prime, lead by Rear Admiral Riggs. In 2389, it's learned Riggs altered the logs and reports from the attack to indicate the attack was against a Military facility. However over five thousand civilians were killed and no Military facility was present.

Worf is reported Missing in Action. Ezri steals a Runabout and manages to find his escape pod, but the two are captured by the Breen. They are subsequently freed by Legate Damar.

Paul MacLeod transfers to the position of Strategic Operations Officer aboard the USS George Washington.

USS Enterprise-E locates and recovers the badly damaged USS Pegasus-A and tows her to Starbase 24 where she is rushed into dry dock.

The Breen become Dominion allies.

Sisko marries Kasidy Yates.

Klingons attack Septimus III, landing fifteen divisions, and whipping out the Cardassian Eleventh Order.

The seventh Weyoun clone is killed by Worf.

Voyager prevents a catastrophe by piloting a Malon freighter into a star before it can explode.

Repairs to the USS Pegasus-A are completed.

Battle of Rashanar is fought. During the battle every starship fought to the death, leaving their crews dead and the hulks of the ships hanging in space in a "boneyard".

USS Pegasus-A leads an attack against the Son'a Outpost on Devos Two with the USS George Washington.

A Breen fleet launches an attack against Earth, heavily damaging Starfleet Headquarters and badly damaging the San Francisco area. The arrival of the Starships Enterprise-E and Columbia help to drive off the Breen and they suffer heavy losses in the attack.

While en-route to Earth in response to the Breen attack, USS Pegasus-A is briefly thrown forward in time 200 years, then back in time to 1999, before being returned to the present.

The Chin'toka system is retaken by Dominion and Breen forces. The USS Defiant and USS Yorktown-D are among the ships destroyed during the battle.

Cardassian troops, led by Legit Damar, rise up against the Dominion destroying the Dominion cloaning facility on Rondac III.

Seven of Nine begins to investigate Human dating protocols.

Kira, Garak, and Odo go behind Dominion lines to assist Damar and the Cardassian resistance.

General Martok is inducted into the Order of Kahless.

Odo begins to display signs of the same terminal illness infecting the Great Link.

Paul MacLeod and Mutara Romain marry.

Worf kills Gowron in personal combat. General Martok becomes Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

Bashir and O'Brien capture Sloan. Sloan dies. Bashir finds a cure for Odo.

Harry leads his first away mission, almost destroying Voyager in the process.

USS Sal Paulo is Commissioned and sent to Deep Space Nine. The ship is renamed USS Defiant NCC-74205-A.

Kasidy becomes pregnant.

USS Falcon completes a covert reconnaissance mission behind Dominion lines.

Bashir and Ezri become romantically involved.

Rom becomes Ferengi Grand Nagus.

The Dominion withdraws from Federation, Klingon, and Romulan space, setting up a new defense parameter in Cardassian and Breen space.

USS Pegasus-A arrives at Deep Space Nine. The majority of the Forth Fleet arrives soon thereafter.

Voyager encounters the USS Equinox.

The Cardassian population rises up against the Dominion. The Dominion destroys a city of 2 million people in retaliation.

The Federation/Klingon/Romulan Alliance launches an attack on Cardassia. Starships Defiant-A, Enterprise-E, Pegasus-A, Falcon, Rotarren, Avenger, Lexington-D, Bellerophon, and Essex-A are among the ships that take part in the attack.

The Cardassian fleet switches sides, helping the Allies to inflict a major defeat on the Dominion and Breen forces. As allied forces approach Cardassia, The eighth and last Weyoun in the Alpha Quadrant is killed by Garak. Odo links with the female Founder and convinces her to end the Dominion war. Garak chooses to remain on the devastated Cardassia to assist in rebuilding efforts.

Dukat attempts to release the pah-wraiths from captivity with the help of Kai Winn, and is trapped in the fire caves with them for all eternity by Sisko. Sisko ascends to a higher state of being, choosing to live with the Bajoran Prophets within the wormhole.

In the aftermath of the Dominion war, Kira is appointed commander of Deep Space Nine, Worf becomes Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, O'Brien accepts a teaching post at Starfleet Academy, and Odo returns to the Great link, ending his relationship with Kira.

The EMH Mk III is developed.

Starfleet Academy training ship USS Republic undergoes an overhaul. The ship then proceeds on its first training cruise outside the Sol System in over fifty years.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is transferred to the USS Shraan as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

James K'Temoc Bremer takes an extended Leave of Absence. Commander James Jarovik takes over as Avalon Fleet Yards R&D CO and USS Falcon Commander.

The Son'a sign the Dominion Peace Treaty. In exchange for their aiding the Dominion during the war, the Son'a agree to turn over the Davos system to the Federation by 2377.

USS Pegasus-A tests of a new transwarp drive system that had been developed during the Dominion War. The tests fail and the ship is heavily damaged.

Worf is inducted into the Order of Kahless.

Paul MacLeod is assigned to the Cardassian Occupation Force. He is assigned to the Cardassian Central Command as Starfleet Liaison Officer. His marriage to Mutara Romaine ends, she remains aboard the USS George Washington.

Vedek Ungtae is made Kai on Bajor following the death of Kai Winn a few months before.

USS Universal, a prototype Federation dreadnought designed during the war, is stolen by its test crew lead by Fleet Admiral Mark Casey. They set course for Cardassian space.

USS Pegasus-A returns to Avalon Fleet Yards to under go repairs from the failed transwarp tests, but the ship is rushed back into service before repairs are completed.

USS Pegasus-A and USS MacArthur are destroyed while attempting to prevent the USS Universal from attacking Cardassia during a mission of revenge. Fleet Admiral Casey is killed. Bremer's ex-wife Becky is killed while saving Bremer's life aboard the Pegasus just prior to the ship's destruction. The majority of the Pegasus-A's crew is rescued and taken to Earth.

James K'Temoc Bremer returns to duty.

Jon Westmoreland leaves Starfleet unexpectedly.

A new Defiant class ship is commissioned, she is renamed USS Yorktown - NCC-1717-E. The ship is assigned to Avalon Fleet Yards and Captain K'Temoc assumes command of the ship. USS Falcon is reassigned.

2376 - Starfleet Academy training vessel, USS Republic, is believed to have been attacked.

Janice Fultian gives birth to twins, she continues to keep the news from Bremer.

Seven of Nine encounters some ex-Borg drones whom she once re-assimilated into the collective after an accident released them.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702, a Constitution class refit, is pulled out of the Starfleet Museum and recommissioned for a mission to track down who attacked the USS Republic. Fleet Admiral Bremer and the Senior Staff of the late Pegasus-A are assigned the task.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is pulled though an unstable wormhole to the far side of the Gamma Quadrant. They locate the mission USS Republic as well as three other missing Academy ships. The crews work together reopen the wormhole and return to the Alpha Quadrant. USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is returned to the Starfleet Museum and is decommissioned again.

Paul MacLeod is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Enterprise-E travels to the artificial planet called Gemworld, home of Elaysian Lieutenant Melora Pazlar, who had received a telepathic distress cry from her homeworld. Once there, the Enterprise-E crew finds a way to keep the world, home to six different species, from destroying itself.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Transfers to Starbase 99 and Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

B'Elanna has a near death experience in which she experiences the Barge of the Dead.

Elderly scientist Carol Marcus is kidnapped.

Alexandra Harrison graduated from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Essex as Security/Tactical Officer.

The EMH experiments with daydreaming.

USS Pegasus NCC-1702 is reopened to the public at the Starfleet Museum.

USS Defiant is attacked, Ezri Dax takes command when Commander Jast is killed and saves the ship. Dax and Nog are able to devise a tactic to defeat their attackers. Both are awarded Starfleet's Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry.

First contact between the Federation and C'Hakililian Empire in the Beta Quadrant.

Tom rebuilds an old shuttle, Alice, and is nearly killed by the ship's neural interface.

Tuvok is seriously injured when he is attacked by the Ba'Neth, a mysterious species long thought by the Kessat to be mythical. Voyager is able to discover a Ba'Neth outpost and gain information which allows Tuvok to recover successfully.

Odo sends Jem'Hadar observer Taran'atar, to Deep Space Nine to observe the people and culture of the Alpha Quadrant. Due to his experience at AR-558, Nog was unable to accept Taran'atar as anything but a Jem'Hadar killer.

Enterprise-E delivers Ambassador Worf to his first assignment on the disputed Klingon world of taD.

Dax and Bashir travel to the world of Sindorin to destroy the laboratory of Dr. Ethan Locken, a rogue former agent of Section 31, who was breeding an army of Jem'Hadar Soldiers.

Voyager encounters the underspace corridor network which allows extremely high speed travel across a large portion of the galaxy. Seven of Nine reawakens one of the remnants of the Vaadwaur species, who have lain dormant for 892 years in stasis pods after being destroyed by an alliance including the Turei. Vaadwaur ships attempt to capture Voyager, and although they are defeated many of the Vaadwaur escape into the corridor network.

Dax was given the position of first officer aboard the USS Defiant for its three-month exploratory mission of the Gamma Quadrant by the mission's commander, Elias Vaughn.

Worf takes temporary command of the USS Avenger.

Pegasus NCC-1702-B, a Galaxy Class Refit, is commissioned. Fleet Admiral Mike K`Wor Bremer assumes command.

Seven of Nine recovers the body of John Kelly, lost in a graviton ellipse since 2032.

Enterprise-E rescues the crew of the USS Excalibur, who had escaped that vessel in lifepods prior to its destruction.

Pegasus-B finds the missing Daedalus class ship USS Ambria.

Voyager uses an alien catapult device to advance several years in its journey towards Earth.

The Elora rebel against the Son'a. The rebellion fails, but a handful of Elora seek refuge within the Federation.

Enterprise-E is assigned to search the Badlands with Commander Elias Vaughn in response to a rumored Breen presence. After an encounter with a derelict Cardassian freighter, Vaughn discovered a lost Bajoran Orb of the Prophets. The Enterprise-E docks at Deep Space 9 to return the Orb to its rightful owners, then proceeds to Earth for crew R&R.

Pegasus-B responds to a distress call from the Son'a Outpost on Davos II.

Barclay successfully creates a method of contacting USS Voyager on a regular basis while working on the Pathfinder Project.

Rodek, Son of Noggra is injured, suffering a concussion while serving aboard the IKS Gorkon.

Tom creates the Fair Haven holoprogram.

USS Sarek is stolen from orbit of Betazed. The vessel is subsequently recovered from the Orions by the Pegasus-B. Patrick Dow is assigned to the Pegasus-B.

Rodek is injured again, this time hit by a disruptor blast to face on Elarej. He his treated by Klingon Dr. B’Oraq. Following this, Rodek starts having dreams of his life as Kurn.

Dax and Bashir end their relationship.

Janeway begins a relationship with a holographic man from the Fair Haven program.

Romulan Commander Tamarith joins the crew of the Pegasus-B as an exchange officer and ship's Executive Officer.

Pegasus-B is briefly thrown back in time to the year 2289.

IKS Gorkon arrives at the Klingon Homeworld.

Voyager encounters a planet which exists in a highly accelerated time frame compared to the rest of the galaxy. The ship has a large though unintentional effect on the planets culture.

Noggra is assassinated on QonoS.

Rodek arrives at Deep Space Nine and questions Doctor Bashir about his dreams. He is later approached by Klingon Captain Dorrek. Dorrek lies to Rodek, tells him Captain Klag arranged for his memories of his life as Kurn, Son of mogh, to be erased. Rodek returns to QonoS with Dorrek.

Patrick Drigget joins the crew of the Pegasus-B.

Rodek confronts Klag and challenges him. The fight is stopped by Ambassador Worf. Worf explains to Kurn/Rodek why he had the procedure done to erase Kurns memories. Rodek tells Worf he will continue to be known as Rodek, Son of Noggra even though he's recovered all of his memories as Kurn. Rodek also tells Worf that he will kill him if their paths cross again.

Captain Dorrek is killed by Chancellor Martok in the High Council chambers for his assassination of Noggra and other traitorous actions.

Pegasus-B is swept into the Delta Quadrant, they encounter the species calling themselves The Order. They are actually a sect of the Holy Order of the Kinshaya.

Captain Klag removes Rodek from his ship, the IKS Gorkon.

The EMH becomes a major singer on the Qomar home world.

EMH Mk IV is developed.

Following the completion of his duties on Cardassian Prime, Paul MacLeod takes a three year Leave of Absence from Starfleet.

Benjamin Sisko is returned to normal space and time by the Profits just before the birth of his and Kasidy's child. Sisko takes an LOA from Starfleet to spend time with his wife and children.

The Klingons and Krazzle go to war over border raids by Krazzle ships.

Enterprise-E is dispatched to Narendra III along with Klingon Captain Klag aboard the IKS Gorkon in response to the discovery of the last of the infamous Malkus Artifacts.

Pegasus-B enters the Klingon/Krazzle war zone. They receive word from the small Krazzle clan called the Minjay that they wish to leave the empire and join the Federation.

Seven of Nine is kidnapped by Penk, a Tsunkatse organizer.

Voyager encounters a Borg Cube with only five juveniles on board. Four of them, including Icheb are removed the Collective and choose to live aboard Voyager.

Ensign Lindsay Ballard returns briefly to Voyager, having escaped the Kobali who were holding her captive. She returns to the Kobali after it becomes clear that she can no longer consider herself Human.

B'Elanna becomes the inspiration for a playwright when she crash-lands on a primitive planet.

Pegasus-B goes into drydock at Avalon Fleet yards for overhaul.

Rodek is assigned to the IKS Val'sha, a Bird of Prey, as Gunner.

Enterprise-E is dispatched to rein in the renegade Captain Calhoun from attacking Federation member the Selelvians. After confronting Calhoun and the new Excalibur, Picard helps Calhoun expose Selelvian manipulation of the Federation.

Kes returns to Voyager and travels back in time in an attempt to destroy the ship, she is ultimately convinced by Captain Janeway to return to her home world.

The EMH is transported back to the Alpha Quadrant to treat his creator, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman.

Six months after the kidnapping of Carol Marcus, co-creator of the Genesis Devise, a deadly new variant of the effect is detected in a wave that had destroyed several inhabited Federation worlds and was expanding and gaining speed. The Enterprise-E is dispatched to carry out emergency evacuation efforts, during which it encountered a shuttlecraft carrying Dr Leah Brahms and an aged Klingon named Maltz, who were attempting to warn worlds of the impending disaster.

Nog spends a week on Ferenginar to attend the birth of his half-sister Bena, daughter of Grand Nagus Rom and his Leeta. While he is on Ferenginar he visits his mother for the first time since he was a small child, and helps his father stave off an attempt by Brunt to have Rom removed as Grand Nagus.

The Enterprise-E's crew manages to stop the wave, and Dr. Brahms and Maltz tracked down the source of the wave to the region known as the Boneyard. They discover the Moss Creatures that had set off the wave in order to re-make worlds so that they can be colonized by their species. Maltz and Dr Marcus are both killed in the explosion that destroyed the Moss Creatures base.

Voyager assists the Borg Unimatrix Zero drones.

Pegasus-B starts a six month exploration mission in Beta Quadrant, beyond the borders of Klingon territory.

2377 - Seven of Nine's cortical node breaks down, Icheb donates his.

Enterprise-E completes repairs at Starbase 302. A portable version of the Genesis Device falls into the hands of a zealous Bajoran Vedek named Yorka, who believes it to be "The Orb of Life". The Enterprise-E confiscates the device on the planet Solosos III.

B'Elanna and Tom marry.

Starfleet's Pathfinder team attempts to send Voyager a hologram during the monthly data stream. The transmission fails.

Many of Voyager's crew fall under the influence of an old mind control program implanted by a Bajoran Vedek.

Voyager receives a hologram of Barklay in the monthly data stream giving them news that Starfleet has found a way home for them. Barklay realizes the transmission has been intercepted and the USS Carolina is dispatched to intercept the Ferengi vessel responsible. The crew aboard Voyager is unable to pass through a geodesic fold before the Ferengi close it. USS Yorktown-E is dispatched to escort the Ferengi vessel back to Avalon Fleet Yards where the crew is taken into formal custody.

Ben Sisko is asked by Starfleet Command to resume his position as Commanding Officer of Deep Space Nine. After discussions with Colonel Kira, who has commanded the station while Sisko was away, he agrees.

Harry is assigned as Captain of the Nightingale, his first command.

Enterprise-E is dispatched to the planet Aluwna, a planet transformed by the Genesis Wave whose population had survived by dematerializing in a series of Transporter satellites. They assist a group of Klingons, including Ambassador Worf and Alexander Rozhenko, and humans, that include Dr. Leah Brahms, in facing the dangers of the transformed world and restoring its population from the satellites.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al is reassigned to the Klingon Armored Station at Ty'Gokor as a Weapons Officer.

The leaders of the Krazzle Clans come together to form a unified government.

The EMH briefly defects to a group of holograms being hunted by the Hirogen.

B'Elanna becomes pregnant.

The leaders of the new Krazzle Government call for an end to their war with the Klingons. Chancellor Martok calls on the Federation to help mediate an end to hostilities.

B'Elanna convinces a nomadic Klingon sect to settle on a Delta Quadrant planet after decades of wandering.

Voyager is briefly stranded in The Void, a closed subspace region with no natural resources, Janeway creates an alliance of ships in order to break free.

The war between the Klingons and Krazzle officially ends.

Pegasus-B completes its exploration mission, stops at QonoS before returning to Federation space. Fleet Admiral Bremer and Captain K'Temoc are inducted into the Order of Kahless.

Many of Voyager's crew are kidnapped by the Quarren and have their memory wiped so they can serve as workers on the Quarren homeworld.

The EMH acts as the ship's Emergency Command Hologram for the first time, assisting in the rescue of Voyager's crew from the Quarren home world.

Q makes a visit to Voyager and forces Captain Janeway to assist in the raising of his son, Q2.

The EMH writes the holonovel "Photons Be Free", a major, yet controversial, success in the Alpha Quadrant.

Pegasus-B returns to Deep Space Nine for engine overhaul and routine maintenance.

Yorktown-E beings field testing an updated LCARS system designed at the Avalon Fleet Yards R&D facility.

Voyager finds the Friendship One probe. The Starship is able to repair much of the damage done to the planet the probe landed on.

Bajor officially joins the Federation.

Neelix leaves Voyager, choosing to live at a Talaxian colony. He becomes a Federation Ambassador to the Delta Quadrant.

Chakotay falls in love with Seven of Nine.

The Dominion falls into civil war.

Pegasus-B leaves Deep Space Nine after her overhaul is completed.

Ro Laren is recommissioned as a Commander when the Bajorian Militia is absorbed into Starfleet.

Tuvok develops early symptoms of a degenerative neurological condition.

The Forth Fleet is ordered to Earth in preparation for fleet wide training maneuvers. Eighteen vessels arrive early, among them are the Pegasus-B, Yorktown-E, Avenger, Tiriptz, Prometheus, Hyperion, Vendetta, Venture, Essex-A, Durga, Tomar, and Constantinople.

Seven of Nine begins dating Commander Chakotay.

A Borg transwarp conduit is detected close to Earth. The Forth Fleet vessels, lead by the Pegasus-B, respond and intercept the Borg Sphere. Voyager reaches Earth using the Borg Transwarp conduit, destroying it in the process. Voyager destroys the Borg Sphere as it emerged from the conduit close to Earth. Voyager is escorted into Earth by the Forth Fleet.

Sisko is promoted to Rear Admiral.

Starfleet Academy formally accepts Icheb's application. They give him credits for the courses he took while aboard Voyager.

Janeway appeals to Starfleet Command to pardon the former Maquis aboard Voyager. They agree, but decide to defer the decision to the Federation Council and Federation President.

Captain Janeway is promoted to Vice Admiral.

2378 - Kim is promoted to Lieutenant jg.

Following the Pegasus's return to the Alpha Quadrant, Bremer's Mirror Universe duplicate reappears aboard the ship. He temporarily assumes command of the ship after incapacitating the Admiral, but is later stopped by Bremer himself. The Mirror Universe Bremer is taken into custody and an Isolinear Tag is implanted into his arm to make identifying him easier. He is later taken, under heavy guard, to a Federation penal facility.

The former Maquis aboard USS Voyager are pardoned by the Federation Council and Federation President Min Zife.

Enterprise-E is assigned to patrol near the site of the Battle of Rashanar, a vast graveyard of ships that resulted from one of the deadliest battles of the Dominion War.

Pegasus-B is called to Earth to pick up VIPs for a diplomatic mission to Romulus.

After the loss of the USS Juno with all hands, and a diplomatic incident with the Ontailians, Captain Picard's competence was called into question, and he is relieved of command of the Enterprise-E. Commander Riker orders the ship back to Rashanar and finds evidence needed to clear Picard.

Enterprise-E is ordered to investigate a 200 year old distress signal sent by the Dokaalan. Starfleet expects the race to be long doomed, as the Dokalaan homeworld was breaking apart at the time of the signal.

Enterprise-E's crew discovers that the Dokalaan have saved a portion of their population aboard a series of asteroid outposts, and are attempting to terraform a world in their system for their new home. After offering some assistance to the Dokalaan people, the Enterprise-E's crew discovers a plot by the Satarrans to steal the terraformed world for themselves.

Pegasus-B stops at Risa for shore leave.

Enterprise-E is then ordered to the distant planet of Delta Sigma IV, a world co-inhabited by the Bader and the Dorset, two races who had traditionally been adversaries. When it was discovered that a Starfleet created medication is restoring the aggressive natures of the two races, canceling the calming effect of the planet's atmosphere, Picard, Riker, and Riker's father, Kyle, struggled to find a workable solution.

Icheb enters Starfleet Academy.

Pegasus-B is sent Cardassia Prime to pick up part of the Starfleet Occupation Force and return them to Federation space.

Clearing of the Rashanar Battle Site starts.

Enterprise-E is sent to the planet Tezwa to attempt to avert a war between Tezwa and the Klingon Empire after the mad Tezwan leader Kinchawn attacked a Klingon fleet. After the removal of Kinchawn, who managed to escape custody, the Enterprise-E remains at Tezwa acting as peacekeepers in the unstable region, an act made more difficult by an insurgency begun by Kinchawn and his loyalists. In the aftermath of Kinchawn's eventual capture, Commander Data uncovered evidence that the weapons used against the Klingons had been supplied by Federation President Min Zife and his Chief of Staff, Koll Azernal. Those on the Enterprise-E who knew the truth agreed to keep silent in order to avoid war with the Klingons, and President Zife abruptly leaves office and drops out of sight.

Enterprise-E is sent to retrieve the missing Klingon Emperor Kahless, who had panicked the Empire by going on an unannounced "walkabout" leaving a Hologram in his place.

Worf transfers back to the USS Enterprise-E.

The Reman Warbird Scimitar is completed.

2379 - K'Temoc is assigned the new Ambassador to the Klingon Empire. USS Yorktown-E remains under his command.

Wesley Crusher leaves behind The Traveler at Tau Alpha C and returns to Starfleet. He is recommissioned as a Lieutenant.

A heavily damaged Dominion Attack Ship drifts though the wormhole toward DS9. USS Pegasus-B and USS Yorktown-E are sent covertly into the Gamma Quadrant to find out what happened. Bremer learns from Odo that a small group of Founders have broken off from the Great Link and started their civil war in an attempt to take over the Dominion as a whole, then plan to re-attack the Alpha Quadrant. The ploy fails and leads to improved Dominion/Federation relations.

Riker accepts a promotion to Captain and command of the new USS Titan. Starfleet Command agrees to allow the transfer take place after his upcoming wedding to Deanna Troi. Wesley Crusher is assigned to the USS Titan as an Engineering Officer in charge of the night duty shift.

Worf accepts a promotion to be the Enterprise-E's new First Officer.

Rodek is transferred to the IKS Lek'Ter.

Paul MacLeod returns to Starfleet, he is assigned to Starbase 375 as Strategic Operations Officer.

USS Yorktown-E returns to Earth for crew rotation and systems overhaul.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is demoted to Lieutenant JG for insubordination for refusing to follow the orders of Starbase 99 Executive Officer while on an away mission to stop a terrorist threat. The Executive Officer gave an order that would put the lives of nearly one hundred civilians at risk. Believing the order was too much of a risk, Roebuck IV did things 'his' way. Over a dozen civilians were still killed, however more lives were saved. He leaves Starfleet a week later.

Shinzon assassinates the Romulan senate and seizes control of the Empire.

Pegasus-B returns to Earth.

Riker marries Deanna Troi.

USS Pegasus-B is assigned to track down the leaders of 'The Trytonians', a group of former Starfleet Officers that are responsible for recent terrorist attacks.

Work aboard the Yorktown-E is completed.

Data, Picard, and Worf discover B-4. He is reassembled by Data and LaForge.

The Enterprise-E travels to Romulus to meet Praetor Shinzon. Data's memories are transferred to B-4. Shinzon attempts to destroy the Enterprise-E as part of a plot to launch a war against the Federation. Data is killed.

USS Titan is assigned to lead a diplomatic and humanitarian mission to Romulus in the wake of the Shinzon coup.

Tuvok is assigned to the USS Titan as Second Officer and Tactical Officer.

A Federation Freighter is attacked near the Brair Patch, Pegasus-B investigates.

Romulan Senator Tal'Aura ascends to the position of Praetor though her hold on the position is unstable due to various factions attempting to dominate the empire after Shinzon's death.

Pegasus-B visits Betazed.

A new Treaty between the Federation and Romulan Empire dissolves the Neutral Zone. They each receive three Class-M worlds for colonization within the former Zone area.

Worf is promoted to Commander.

Rodek becomes the Military Advisor to Governor Malor on the Klingon planet Toran.

Toral returns to the Gamma Quadrant and finds the Sword of Kahless. He is able to use his influence to work out a deal with the remaining members of Shinzon's Reman group.

B'Elanna is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Chakotay is promoted to Captain. He is offered his own command but requests to keep the position of Executive Officer of USS Voyager.

Paris is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer of USS Voyager.

Kim is promoted to Lieutenant.

Nanietta Bacco is elected as Federation President.

2380 - The Doctor is declared a sentient being.

B-4 is relocated to the Daystrom Institute. He is later declared a sentient being.

Captain Picard detects the presence of Borg in the Alpha Quadrant. In defiance of orders from Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Picard diverts the Enterprise-E to investigate. The Crew is able to deactivate the cube and prevent the creation of the Queen.

Seven of Nine becomes an instructor at Starfleet Academy.

Deela T'Lar marries Commander Jim McNamara.

Q visits the Enterprise-E at Gorsach IX.

Another Borg Cube enters the Alpha Quadrant. USS Pegasus-B is sent halt the advance while a fleet is assembled. During the engagement, Bremer is captured and assimilated by the Borg. Bremer unwillingly helps the Borg destroy twenty-five starships, kill thousands of people, and nearly assimilate the Zerian population and their planet before he is rescued in a joint mission by the Pegasus-B, Enterprise-E, Yorktown-E, and Voyager. The Borg Transwarp Hub in the Zerian system is destroyed.

Following his return to Earth, Bremer retires from Starfleet.

Alexander Rozhenko is promoted to Soghla' and Chief Engineering Officer of the IKS Ya'Vang. He is also made ship's Second Officer.

Data's personality becomes dominate within B-4 thanks to work by LaForge and The Soong Foundation. A copy of B-4's personality matrix is saved. Data reassumes his duties aboard the Enterprise-E as Operations Officer and Second Officer.

Toral convinces Malor, the Klingon Governor of Toran, to follow him and the Sword of Kahless. Starfleet Command and Chancellor Matok request Bremer come out of retirement to try to talk to Malor who was a close friend of Bremer's father ma'gh. Reluctantly, Bremer agrees. Bremer is successful in recovering the Sword and talking Malor down, however Toral escapes. The Pegasus-B chases Toral to his Reman base where Toral boards a newly built Scimitar class ship and sets course for the Bajorian Wormhole. The Pegasus-B pursues, but Toral attacks Deep Space Nine before entering the Gamma Quadrant. While assisting Deep Space Nine with repairs, Alexandra Harrison is assigned to the USS Pegasus-B as Chief Security/Tactical Officer and Patrick Dow returns to the Pegasus-B as Chief Strategic Operations Officer. The Pegasus-B manages to prevent Toral from attacking the Founders' Homeworld, and takes Toral into custody.

Rodek leaves the Klingon Defense Force.

Walter Heinrich Roebuck enters Starfleet Academy.

Dax is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the USS Aventine as Second Officer.

USS Titan is transported 210,000 light years away, they are subsequently returned to Federation Space.

Seven of Nine meets the Enterprise-E at Vulcan, informing Picard that the Borg Cube he'd previously deactivated had revived. Picard disobeys orders from Admiral Edward Jellico, and travels to "Trophy World" to retrieve the Doomsday Machine, an ancient Borg-fighting weapon. The Enterprise-E then proceeds to Earth, where it joined the armada assembled to fight the invading Borg Cube.

Bremer attends a diplomatic conference, Commander Mark commands the Pegasus-B during an archaeological dig on Nolan IV.

Pegasus-B visits Betazed. Long serving Marine, Captain Greff'an Zenum, retires from the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Enterprise-E is ordered to investigate the plight of the USS Rhea and the fate of the assimilated USS Einstein. Enterprise-E is outfitted with transphasic torpedoes in an effort to destroy the Borg vessel before it can acquire quantum slipstream drive technology. The Enterprise-E is aided by The Liberated and they successfully end the threat posed by the USS Einstein.

Starbase 400 is scheduled for decommissioning and scrapping. Bremer resigns from his position in the Forth Fleet and takes a demotion to Captain in order to take over as commander of Starbase 400, keeping the station from being decommissioned. The Starships Pegasus-B and Yorktown-E are assigned to Starbase 400, joining the USS Luna already there. Captain K'Temoc is reassigned to Starbase 400 as R&D CO.

2381 - Work begins to bring Starbase 400 full operational status.

Drex, Son of Martok, Captain of the Vor'cha Class IKS Rovlaq, is killed when he and his ship perished in honorable battle against the Holy Order of the Kinshaya.

Pirates operating within 'The Triangle' attack a Federation cargo ships passing through the area. Starbase 400 is assigned the task of patrolling the area.

Dax takes command of the USS Aventine after the ship's Captain and Executive Officer are killed while defending the Acamar System from the Borg. A week later, Starfleet Command field-promotes Dax to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Aventine.

Wesley is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Chief Engineer of the USS Titan.

After months of work, Starbase 400 is once again at full operational status.

Picard and Beverly Crusher marry.

Section 31 pays a visit to Starbase 400.

Enterprise-E is assigned to investigate how the Borg penetrated Federation defenses so easily and destroyed a number of worlds. Since the Enterprise-E was outfitted with transphasic weapons, she was able to defend several critical worlds, destroying several Borg Cubes, and help to gain the support of the Klingon Empire in the Federation's war against the Borg.

The Enterprise-E detects sirillium deposits on the Borg Cubes' hulls and trace the origin of the Cubes to the Azure Nebula. Once there, they investigate the area in an effort to stop the Borg from continued access via subspace tunnels found in the nebula cloud. Enterprise-E comes under severe attack and transmittes a general distress call.

Paul MacLeod is transferred back to the USS George Washington where he is assigned as Executive Officer.

USS Aventine rendezvoused with the Enterprise-E and is able to destroy a Borg Cube. Captain Ezri Dax wants to utilize the tunnels as exploratory devices, but Captain Picard insists on determining how to collapse them to prevent further Borg incursions. After learning that collapsing the tunnels could have disastrous results, the two ships worked to open and survey the far sides. Although the Aventine makes the first few journeys, the Enterprise-E is able to travel through one of the tunnels to find a harnessed galaxy.

The last tunnel that the Aventine travels through jointly with the Enterprise-E deposits them in a plasma stream between a binary star on the outer rim of the Carina Arm near the meridian of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. The journey back is rushed due to the collapse of the tunnel system, and when the ships arrive back at the Azure Nebula, they find a ship graveyard, the remnants of over seven thousand Borg Cubes making a final assault. The Aventine set course for Earth to attempt a defense, and the Enterprise-E chases them.

MacLeod and Romaine rekindle their relationship.

Borg Cube 829 looses contact with the Borg Collective. The vessel is on the far side of the Delta Quadrant near the Galactic Core, it sets course back to Borg space.

Clearing of the Rashanar Battle Site is halted in the face of the Borg threat.

Bremer and K'Temoc learn that they are in fact one-quarter Vulcan. Their mother was half Human, half Vulcan.

The Borg attack the Alpha and Beta Quadrants in mass. The Federation/Klingon Alliance, along with the Cardassians and the members of The Typhon Pact fight back against the Borg invasion. The Borg Collective is believed annihilate by and absorbed into the Caeliar Gestalt, and thus no longer a threat to the Galaxy. Only a handful of 'liberated' Borg and their ships are known to still to exist, but Starfleet also believes there could be a small collective (that has previously broken away from the main Borg Collective) still in existence in an isolated part of the Delta Quadrant.

Following the major Borg attack on Alpha and Beta Quadrants, the Romulans, along with the Gorn, Tholians, Breen, and a handful of other minor powers re-affirm their alliance of mutual protection known as 'The Typhon Pact', and rival the Federation/Klingon alliance.

Seven of Nine and Chakotay rekindle their relationship.

USS Titan is sent on a deep space exploration mission.

2382 - Aventine is sent to assist Dr. Julian Bashir. The meeting between Dax and Bashir does not go well, as their relationship is still highly strained.

Ship building resumes at Starbase 400.

Borg Cube 829 returns to Borg space to find the Collective annihilated.

Romulan Praetor Tal'Aura is murdered. Gell Kamemor, a former Romulan Ambassador, becomes the new Praetor.

A new Soong type android is completed and B-4's personality matrix is downloaded into its positronic brain. B-4 is activated and studied at The Soong Foundation.

The Federation and Cardassians sign a Non-Aggression Pact. The Klingons initially object, but later also agree to a Non-Aggression Pact with the Cardassians as well.

Brandon T'Lar is born to Deela T'Lar and Jim McNamara.

After months of inactivity, Borg Cube 829 starts repairs on the Borg Unicomplex. A new Queen is created and a new Collective is established.

Icheb graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Seven of Nine and Chakotay marry.

Commander Dow leads an Away Team down to Kaleb IV to try and uncover some of its mysteries while Starbase 400 is locked down due to a several cases of the Bolian Flu.

The Doctor starts working with Dr. Lewis Zimmerman and Barclay at Jupiter Station.

Starship Durga is attacked at the edge of the Triangle, Pegasus-B responds. USS Durga is damaged beyond repair.

2383 - Bremer learns he's the father of twins Marc and Emmaline. Janice apologizes for not telling him.

Bremer is promoted to Admiral again. Major General Janice Fultian is assigned to Starbase 400 as Executive Officer. She and Bremer rekindle their relationship from years ago.

A recently completed Ronin class vessel is renamed Durga-A and assigned to Starbase 400 along with the USS Intrepid.

Borg Cube 829 assimilates a convoy of ships that attempt to pass through space formerly held by the Borg. The new Drones are taken to the Unicomplex and construction begins on new Borg vessels, mostly Spheres.

Bremer and Futian marry.

B-4 is relocated to the Enterprise-E.

Sisko is promoted to Vice Admiral.

EMH Mk V is developed. At the suggestion of The Doctor and Barkley, Dr. Zimmerman uses the appearance parameters of the EMH Mk I for the Mk V. Starbase 400 is chosen to receive the prototype.

Captain Ryan Greenwood takes command of USS Avenger.

2384 - Bremer takes over as Forth Fleet Operations Officer and Task Force 58 CO.

A peace treaty is signed between the Krazzle and Federation.

Deela T'Lar is promoted to Vice Admiral.

The 181st Tactical Fighter Wing is assigned to Starbase 400.

Jonathan Roebuck IV returns to Starfleet, rank of Lieutenant JG, assigned to the USS Savok as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical.

Icheb is assigned to USS Voyager.

USS Challenger passes through a wormhole and finds itself in the M90 Galaxy.

Bremer finds out that Janice has an addiction to alcohol she’s been battling since the end of the Dominion War. He, along with Doctor Brislan, are able to help Janice overcome her addiction.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al is assigned to the IKS MeH'Haj as Chief Weapons Officer.

Paul MacLeod is demoted to Lieutenant following the ‘Gomor Incident’ in which the USS George Washington confronts a Cardassian Galor Class warship within Federation space. During an away mission to the Cardassian ship, MacLeod is accused of killing the Cardassian Gul without reason which led to a brief battle between the Cardassian ship and George Washington. While MacLeod denied any wrong doing, the Cardassians were able to ‘prove’ intent based on MacLeod’s history with the Cardassians and Gul Stor’k in particular.

The Starships Venator, Sutherland, Lexington, Endeavour, and Saratoga are assigned to Starbase 400.

Walter Heinrich Roebuck graduates from Starfleet Academy. He is assigned to Starbase 400.

MacLeod begins to show signs of depression, this takes a toll on his personal life and he ends his relationship with Romaine again.

Krazzle ships cross into Federation space and attack a Federation ship. USS Pegasus-B and USS Vanguard are sent to investigate the attack. They are also attacked by the Krazzle. Admiral Bremer is believe killed when the Pegasus's Stardrive Section explodes while covering the withdrawal of its Saucer Section and USS Vanguard.

Paul MacLeod is transferred to the USS Manning as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

While reviewing logs from the recent battle with the Krazzle, Starbase 400 personnel learn that the Krazzle ships were in fact the same ships that attacked the USS Pegasus-A and USS Bonnaventure in 2374. They also learn of Federation prisoners aboard the ship. A rescue mission led by Major General Fultian-Bremer aboard the USS Durga and Captain K'Temoc aboard the USS Yorktown-E is undertaken. One of the prisoners rescued is Admiral Bremer himself, who'd been beamed board the Krazzle ship just before the Pegasus's Stardrive exploded.

K'Wor, Admiral Bremer's son, who served at Tactical aboard the USS Yorktown-E during the rescue of his father, is promoted to 'Acting-Ensign' while his application to Starfleet Academy is reviewed.

2385 - Dilithium shipments are hijacked, Starbase 400 sends Captain Weatherlight and Lieutenant Smith to investigate.

Romulan forces attack Starbase 400. The Romulan Government calls the attack the work of 'rogue forces', then break off the majority of diplomatic relations with the Federation and the Klingons. Starbase 400 is assigned the duty of monitoring the Romulan border.

Commander Jim McNamara, husband of Deela T'Lar, is killed by the Gorn.

Gateway Station is commissioned in the M90 Galaxy, Starfleet's first Starbase outside the Milky Way Galaxy.

The new Borg Collective assimilates two Class-M planets that were once on the edge of Borg territory. The assimilated populations are taken to the Unicomplex and used to crew additional Borg vessels and the Unicomplex itself. The planets are stripped of all useful technology and recourses and then left in ruin.

Zark, a Ferengi Bar Owner aboard Starbase 400, brings three Orion women aboard the station who are unknowingly carrying a version of the PSI-2000 virus. Many of the crew become infected. Commander Huddle kills himself when he sets off a bomb aboard the Vanguard's bridge. Dr. Mclintok is able to come up with a cure before further harm is done.

Starbase 400 is reassigned from the Forth Fleet and made an independent command of Admiral Bremer.

The Divine Alliance attacks Gateway Station without provocation. The Divine War begins in the M90 Galaxy.

Janice Fultian-Bremer becomes pregnant again.

Barkley transfers back to the Enterprise-E, the position of Assistant Chief Engineer.

K'Wor's application to Starfleet Academy is rejected, citing the need for additional education and training in quantum mechanics. Starfleet Academy also believe he's too young, only sixteen years of age.

Kim transfers to the USS Rhode Island as Chief Operations Officer and Second Officer.

Icheb takes over as Chief Operations Officer aboard USS Voyager.

2386 - Starbase 400 is reassigned to the Ninth Fleet and Flagbase of Task Force 94.

Lieutenant Commander Winter is assigned to Starbase 400 as Tactical Operations Officer.

Captain Terran Andrews is talked out of retirement and assigned to Starbase 400. He takes command of USS Venator.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is transferred to the USS Hera as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, rank of Lieutenant JG.

Walter Heinrich Roebuck is reassigned to the USS Maryland as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Starship's Venator and Saratoga are sent on separate covert missions into Romulan space.

Paul MacLeod is transferred to the USS Rhode Island as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Deela T'Lar gets remarried to Civilian Vincent Hainey.

Janice gives birth to Christopher Brian Bremer.

USS Avenger, Defiant class, is heavily damaged in an engagement against the Gorn. The ship is subsequently decommissioned and scrapped.

Bremer learns of a Romulan spy operating at Starfleet Command. The newly repaired USS Pegasus-B is deployed to Earth to find out who it is and apprehend him.

2387 - Bremer and crew manage to stop the Romulan plot, and discover Admiral Edward Jellico had been supplying intelligence to the Romulans in the hope of preventing a possible war. The new USS Excalibur under command of Captain Calhoun confronts the Pegasus-B, but later stands down when they learn of Jellico's involvement. Jellico is arrested for treason, and the Romulans on Earth are held as spies. Lieutenant General Bremer is kidnapped by rogue members of Starfleet JAG that were assisting Jellico, but she is rescued by the USS Cairo.

A newly commissioned Intrepid Class ship is renamed USS Avenger and command is given to Captain Ryan Greenwood.

Starships USS Avenger, USS Laffey, USS Alabama, and USS Tripitz are assigned to Starbase 400.

Vice Admiral Stryfe of the USS Alabama is assigned Starbase 400's Diplomatic Officer.

Paul MacLeod comes up for promotion to Lieutenant Commander again, but the Starfleet Promotion Board denied the promotion even though his record had been spotless since the ‘Gomor Incident’ even though Captain Ramon of the Rhode Island and Admiral Zarek Dragon of the George Washington send letters to the board on his behalf. MacLeod requests transfer to the USS Akagi and the position of Chief Operations Officer in a hope of 'starting clean'.

Sovereign class USS Essex is lost, Vice Admiral T'Lar and the majority of the crew are rescued.

Looking for a 'fresh start', Jonathan Roebuck IV requests transfer to the USS Unification as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Romulus and Remus are destroyed by the 'Hobus Event', a massive supernova explosion, despite the efforts of Ambassador Spock to prevent it. The Romulan Nero, enraged by what he views as Spock's betrayal, attempts to destroy Spock's ship. As a result both are pulled into a blackhole, which closes behind them.

The Federation offers aid to the Romulans, the Romulans refuse.

Alexander Rozhenko is promoted to la' and assigned to Ty'Gokor Station as Chief Engineering Officer.

Starbase 400 sends to the USS Endeavour covertly into Romulan space to investigate the situation in the former Romulan system. Commander Coleman reports the area is still in chaos, and that several Romulan commanders are at odds with how the Empire should proceed with recovery from the disaster.

The Romulan Empire and its Typhon Pact allies re-affirm their alliance.

Kim becomes Executive Officer aboard USS Rhode Island.

Raivyn T'Lar is born.

A dozen Romulan commanders and their ships request to defect to the Federation. One, Commander Tamarith, requests to remain at Starbase 400 as Romulan Liaison Officer. Admiral Bremer and Starfleet Command agree, even though the decision increases tensions between the Federation and the Romulans. These Romulan commanders were already acting as Liaison or Exchange Officers within Federation space. They continue with their assignments.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is promoted to Lieutenant.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al applies for the Starfleet/Klingon Defense Force Exchange Program.

Admiral Bremer's Mirror Universe duplicate is transferred to Starbase 400's new Maximum Security Brig as Prisoner 001. He is joined by mass murder Morgan Dexter who is designated Prisoner 002.

The USS Enterprise-E is decommissioned at Starbase 400.

2388 - At the request of the Talosian people, Starfleet Command orders Starbase 400 to send a vessel to the Talos Star Group to recover the body of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, who is posthumously promoted to Commodore, and returned to Earth for a State Funeral. Colonel Lee Pike, the last descendent of the Commodore, is assigned to the mission.

William Ross conceders retiring from Starfleet, but decides to serve at least another few years.

"Tragedy at Mourir" involving the USS Ulysses occurs.

Starships Intrepid and Lexington are redeployed away from Starbase 400. USS Kearsarge is assigned to Starbase 400.

Picard retires from Starfleet.

Geordi LaForge is promoted to Captain and CO of the Galaxy Class USS Challenger. Nog is assigned as Chief of Security. Barkley is assigned Chief Engineer, Wesley Crusher is assigned as Assistant Chief Engineer. Data is assigned as Executive Officer, B-4 is relocated to the Challenger with him.

Worf is promoted to Captain and CO of the Defiant Class USS Warrior.

Ch`Val Son of Rek`al is assigned to the USS Ulysses as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is assigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer for Deep Space 6. His brother, Walter Heinrich Roebuck takes over as the Chief Security/Tactical Officer aboard the USS Unification.

The Federation announces that in a new treaty with the Romulans, both powers are re-establishing the Romulan Neutral Zone. Federation and Romulan colonies in the area are given six months to evacuate. The Romulans demand the 2373 amendment to the Treaty of Algeron be removed, preventing the Federation from using cloaking technology again, however the Federation refuses. The Romulans protest, but do not push the issue. Starfleet however agrees not to deploy cloaking technology throughout the fleet, and it remains used only by a select few vessels that are assigned to hazardous areas.

USS Constantinople and USS Steadfast are assigned to Starbase 400.

The Excelsior class USS Dallas receives a new Commanding Officer, Captain Karl Eastman.

Six old Sydney class runabouts that were modified during the Dominion War, and scheduled to be scrapped, are reported missing.

Triangle Pirate leader Clark is broken out of a Federation penal facility by former Starfleet Officers included former USS Pegasus-A Chief of Security Jon Westmoreland and his brother. They are believed to be headed back to The Triangle.

The USS Mangus, Excelsior class, is reported missing on its trip from Vulcan to Draken.

A new Intrepid class vessel is commissioned and named USS Essex. Command is given to Vice Admiral T'Lar.

Liberated Borg and former Klingon General Korok and his small group of Liberated Borg ships encounter vessels belonging to the new Borg Collective.

Jonathan Roebuck IV is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Unrest among the colonists within the soon-to-be-reestablished Romulan Neutral Zone begins. Several colony leaders file formal notice with the Federation Council that they do not plan to move, even with the Zone's re-establishment.

One of the missing Sydney class runabouts is spotted heading for colony Zemor III.

While en-route to look for the missing USS Mangus, the ships from Starbase 400 are attacked by rogue Klingons lead by the renegade Toral. After a violent but brief battle, Toral and his surviving ships make a run toward the Romulan border. Chancellor Martok sends Klingons vessels to the Klingon/Romulan boarder while the ships from Starbase 400 give chase. Admiral Bremer advises the Romulan commander in the area, Admiral Tomalok, of the approach of Toral's forces but the Romulans allow Toral's ships to cross the border without incident. Starfleet Command advises Admiral Bremer to not cross into Romulan space. They send additional vessels to patrol the border.

Lieutenant General Janice Fultian-Bremer retires from the Starfleet Marines. Captain Mark, Colonel Sosuki, Lieutenant Darr, and Ensign Driggett are reassigned from Starbase 400.

Wesley Crusher is assigned to the USS Warrior as Chief Engineering Officer.

Vice Admiral Stryfe is reassigned, the USS Alabama departs Starbase 400 with him. The Ambassador class USS Ark Royal is assigned to Starbase 400 to replace the Alabama.

While reviewing historical records, Nog comes across recently declassified material which finally reveales the truth behind the death of Commander Charles Tucker III over two centuries earlier. Nog decides to visit his old friend Jake Sisko at his home in Louisiana, and shares the information he recently discovered.

Vice Admiral T'Lar is assigned as the new XO of Starbase 400. Her flagship, USS Essex, and its Senior Staff join Starbase 400 with her.

Ro Laren is promoted to Captain of the USS Ashalla, an Intrepid class ship.

The newly formed Special Operations Team at Starbase 400 is sent aboard the USS Yorktown-E to investigate the sighting of the Sydney class runabouts near the Zemor, Boyden, and Nelvana systems as well as check on the status of the colonial uprising.

USS Princeton, a Constitution Refit class ship kept in the mothball fleet for seventy years, is sent to Starbase 400 for modernization.

Commander Winter and Colonel Highsmith suddenly resign from Starfleet and leave Starbase 400.

USS Essex-B leaves Starbase 400 for a patrol mission along the edge of the Triangle.

Yorktown-E locates three of the missing Sydney class runabouts. They are later destroyed by Clark, Winter, and Westmoreland aboard the Starlighter. Yorktown-E is heavily damaged in the explosion and is forced to return to Starbase 400.

After returning to Starbase 400, the Special Operations Team embarks aboard the USS Steadfast to complete their mission.

The remains of a Romulan Warbird are located, crashed onto one of the moons in the Chin'toka system during the Dominion War. The Cardassians send the information to Starfleet and a recovery team from Deep Space Nine is sent to investigate.

Major Hurd is taken hostage by Pirates while on an away mission from the USS Essex-B. When the ship is forced to return to Starbase 400 due to damage, the USS Avenger-A goes looking for him.

Vice Admiral Liam Riskin, Starbase 349, and the Reayan System secedes from the Federation over how the Federation Council and President Bacco handled the recent Hobas Event and destruction of the Romulan System. The Reayans allow Starfleet to maintain Avalon Fleet Yards within the Reayan Asteroid Belt.

James Westmoreland is killed aboard Starbase 400. James Winter and Clark are captured by Starbase 400's Special Operations Team and taken back to Starbase 400. Jon Westmoreland escapes capture.

Paul MacLeod accepts a new position at Gateway Station.

USS Defiant arrives at Starbase 400 with Vice Admiral Sisko, Captain Kira, and Doctor Bashir aboard. Also aboard are Odo and a Jem Hadar Commando Team. They tell Admiral Bremer about a possible Dominion outpost on the planet Iconia within the Romulan Neutral Zone. According to Odo, the Vorta in charge of the outpost is Deyos and the Dominion had ordered the planet held as a supply base to a possible invasion of Romulus during the war. The Dominion had believed the outpost destroyed by the Romulans, but intelligence uncovered on the Romulan ship found crashed in one of the moons in the Chin'toka system last month reviled the Romulans never knew about the Dominion outpost. Sisko proposes a joint Federation/Dominion operation to investigate if the outpost is still there and to either talk Deyos into returning to Dominion space with Odo, or destroying the Dominion presence.

Harry Kim is attacked while on vacation on Risa. He survives the assault.

A Task Force comprising the Starships Pegasus-B, Yorktown-E, Essex-B, Defiant, Saratoga, Avenger-A, and Sutherland leave Starbase 400 to investigate the possibility of a Dominion base on Iconia. Once in the system, Odo hails the planet and Deyos explains he was ordered to hold the planet by the Female Founder and refuses to surrender. A Jem'Hadar fleet of six Attackships and one Battleship attack the Starfleet task force and the USS Yorktown-E is destroyed. However all of the Dominion Attackships are destroyed and the Battleship is neutralized. A joint Marine/Security/Jem'Hadar Commando assault force beams down and manages to secure the Outpost. Deyos is captured, and later orders the Jem'Hadar garrison to stand down after speaking to the Female Founder via subspace. However the assault force suffers heavy casualties, including Major Hurd and Admiral Bremer, both being severely wounded.

Once the Outpost is secured and the Jem'Hadar returned to their ship, the First of Odo's Commando Team, Ramta'tar, requests to remain on Starbase 400. He is impressed by the fact that Admiral Bremer defended him after being injured, which led to Bremer's own injuries, and then further impressed that Captain K'Temoc made sure his wounds were treated instead of just being left to die. Odo agrees, and Ramata'tar becomes an official member of the Starbase 400 crew in the Security/Tactical Department.

Jonathan Roebuck IV transfers to Starbase 400 as a Security/Tactical Officer.

Klingon politician J'mpok leads hardliners on the Klingon High Council that believed the Federation and Romulans should pay for the destruction of the Klingon fleet that was sent to stop Nero.

Kia Ungtae dies in a shuttle accident. Vedek Orum becomes Kai on Bajor with the backing of Sisko.

The USS Rhode Island docks at Deep Space Nine. Paul MacLeod disembarks the ship and remains on the station awaiting transport to his new assignment.

Sela becomes the Romulan Navy CnC, taking orders directly from Romulan Praetor Gell Kamemor. The move prompts several additional Romulan Commanders to defect to the Federation with their ships. These include Donatra and D’Tan. Romulan Praetor Gell Kamemor calls the defectors ‘Enemies of the Star Empire’ and blames the Federation.

Upgrades are done to the USS Durga, including Slipstream technology.

Paul MacLeod is attacked on Deep Space Nine, he survives the assault.

USS Falcon, former command of Captain K'Temoc, arrives at Starbase 400 for repairs following an encounter with an ion storm.

Clifford is promoted to Captain, R'nard is promoted to Commander, and Hurd is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

David Slater, a friend of Bremer's, is found dead on Alpha Centauri. It's believed to be suicide, but later found to be murder.

2389 - Several C'Hakilian vessels raid Krazzle colonies, tensions increase between the two Empires.

Slade Michael Matthews, a Human, is elected President of the Federation defeating incumbent Bacco.

Paul MacLeod's transfer to Gateway Station is cancelled and he is assigned to a new position at Starfleet Intelligence, the assignment is classified.

Jack Pike is promoted to Colonel and assigned command of the USS New Hampshire, a Galaxy Class Refit, NCC-84702-A.

President Matthews and the Federation Council allow the Romulans that have requested to defect to the Federation to settle on Vaun'gan II, a Class-M planet near to the Romulan border and close to Stararbase 400. The planet was originally a Romulan world, but following the end of the Earth/Romulan War in 2161 ended up on the Federation side of the established border. Federation Citizens living on Vaun'gan II protested at first, but later agreed to allow the 'Free Romulan Forces' to settle the south-eastern continent. The Governor of Vaun'gan II, Wanda Cutzman later says the 'Free Romulans' she's met are honorable and appeared to only want to live in peace. Nearly 200,000 Romulans relocate there.

While on their way for a family vacation, the runabout carrying Admiral Bremer's family is attacked. Marc and Emmaline Bremer are killed, Janice Bremer and Christopher Bremer are severely injured, and K'Wor is kidnapped. Admiral Bremer, who had to stay on Starbase 400 for a high level meeting, takes the Pegasus-B to the site of the attack where the crew begins recovering the casualties and investigating who attacked the runabout and why. Becca Bremer is unharmed, she had remained on Starbase 400 with her father.

During the investigation, the crew of the Pegasus-B discover three tricobalt charges have been planted against the ship's hull. Captain Pike and Lieutenant Vid-Lotilija manage to deactivate two before the third goes off, injuring both and damaging the ship. It's discovered that Jon Westmoreland was behind the attacks on Kim, MacLeod, and Slater as well as Bremer's Family. The Pegasus-B gives chase. Meanwhile, Vice Admiral T'Lar finds evidence that Admiral Riggs at Starfleet Command is aiding Westmoreland, and she takes the Essex to Earth to investigate.

Starfleet pulls out of the M90 Galaxy, strips Gateway Station of anything useable and blows it up to seal the 'Gateway Wormhole'.

The Krazzle declare war on the C'Hakilian Empire.

The Son'a join the Typhon Pact.

The Essex arrives at Earth to question members of Starfleet Command while attempting to track down and detain Admiral Riggs. The Starlighter arrives at Remu III and lands at a previously unknown Smuggler base. The Pegasus-B arrives a few minutes later and beams down Marines. Admiral Bremer leads the rescue team to find his son.

The rescue team from the Pegasus-B recovers K'Wor. Bremer kills Westmoreland in personal combat. The crew of the Essex apprehends Admiral Riggs. Riggs admits to aiding Westmoreland. It's discovered that Riggs falsified records during the Dominion War, and Westmoreland was using that information to force Riggs to help him. They also learn Westmoreland's hate for Bremer goes back thirteen years to the Pegasus-A's mission to stop the USS Universal's attack on the Cardassians following the Dominion War. Westmoreland's wife had been killed aboard the USS Universal and he blamed Bremer's for her death. The Pegasus and Essex later returns to Starbase 400.

Newly elected Federation President Slade Matthews calls on the Federation Council to launch an investigation into the Hobus Supernova.

Upgrades are begun aboard USS Pegasus and USS Essex.

Admiral Sevlek and the USS Gladiator arrive at Starbase 400 unexpectedly.

Janice has a brief relapse of her alcohol addiction following the deaths of Marc and Emmaline, but she is able to overcome it soon thereafter.

Overhaul of USS Durga is completed.

USS Avenger and USS Kearsarge are sent to the Federation/Gorn border to investigate why the Gorn recently crossed the border and attacked a Federation ship.

Admiral Bremer and family return to Earth for the funeral of the murdered children, Marc and Emmaline. They use General Janice Fultian-Bremer's former Flagship, USS Durga and her new Slipstream drive for the trip.

Marc and Emmaline Fultian-Bremer are laid to rest on Earth.

The Federation Council announces the results of an investigation into the Hobus supernova and the Vulcan Science Academy's research into red matter manipulation. The council decides that the Vulcans may not have realized the full extent of the threat of the Hobus supernova, as the scope of the explosion was greater and more violent than any supernova previously recorded. In addition, the chain reaction of the detonation could not have been predicted, and the council recommends that the matter be subjected to further scientific study. However, the council criticizes the Vulcan Science Academy for creating red matter without consulting or informing Federation authorities. In a speech before the Federation Council, Councilmember T'Los of Vulcan expresses regret if any of the actions or inactions of her people caused harm to the Federation. She announces that all of the academy's red matter was on board the Jellyfish when it disappeared along with Ambassador Spock, and that the Vulcan Science Academy has pledged to do no further red matter manipulation research without the full knowledge and cooperation of the Federation Science Council. To the Romulans, she directs a single statement: "We grieve with thee." At the end of her address, T'Los says that is only logical to change who speaks for Vulcan, as the past year has made it clear that she has been inadequate to the task. She resigns from the Federation Council and returns home.

The Krazzle push deep into C'Hakilian space. The C'Hakilian fleet falls back to protect its inner worlds. The C'Hakilian Prince meets with Federation President Matthews and requests aid. He also claims the Krazzle are receiving outside assistance. The Federation Security Council and President Matthews promise to look deeper into the conflict.

USS Lexington returns to Starbase 400.

Upgrades are begun aboard USS Venator while additional upgrades are started aboard USS Durga.

The Federation learns that the Typhon Pact has been aiding the Krazzle in their war against the C'Hakilians. The Federation promises humanitarian aid to the C'Hakilians, but no military aid. The Federation Council continues to discuss the situation.

USS Avenger and USS Kearsarge return to Starbase 400 from the Gorn Border.

Starfleet Command assigns Admiral Bremer the job of recovering a Starfleet Intelligence Operative from Romulan space who fears his cover has been blown. They also order the recovery a Reman Scientist and his colleagues from Romulan space who plan to defect. Vice Admiral T'Lar is assigned to command the USS Vanguard while Admiral Bremer commands the USS Lexington personally.

USS Lexington is able to recover the Reman Scientists while also recovering key intelligence on the Romulans, while the USS Vanguard is able to recover Starfleet Intelligence Operatives Commander Marcus Horman and Lieutenant Paul MacLeod.

Chakotay is promoted to Commanding Officer of USS Voyager, while Tom Paris is promoted to Executive Officer, however Janeway continues to use USS Voyager as her Flagship when needed.

After much deliberation, the Federation Council allows the 'Free Romulans' living on Vaun'gan II to build an orbital facility to service their hand full of vessels and serve as a sensor and defense outpost. The Governor of Vaun'gan II, Wanda Cutzman, supported the idea. In exchange, the 'Free Romulans' provide Starfleet with full intelligence on the Romulan military and technology as well as allowing Starfleet Engineers to look over their vessels to see advancements since the Dominion War.

Upgrades aboard the USS Pegasus-B and USS Venator are completed.

K'Wor and Becca Bremer apply for Starfleet Academy.

MacLeod accepts the position of Executive Officer of the USS George Washington again. Admiral Zarek Dragon promotes MacLeod to Commander, bypassing the Starfleet Review Board.

The Federation Council votes to set up a blockade around C'Hakilian space to stop the Typhon Pact's interference in the Krazzle/C'Hakilian war. In the meantime, the Federation offers to mediate peace talks between the warring powers. Deep Space 14 is chosen as the location for the talks while Admiral Bremer is sent to lead the blockade fleet comprised of Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian ships.

2390 - General Jones mysteriously becomes ill and Commander Paul MacLeod is forced to take over as the Federation Representative for the Conference.

A blockade of C’Hakilian space is set up as peace talks to end the Krazzle/C’Hakilian War begin. Ships involved in the blockade include the Pegasus-B, Venator, Warrior, Challenger, Titan, Ashalla, and over one thousand others.

While visiting San Francisco on a lecture trip to Starfleet Academy, Pavel Chekov becomes ill and dies. He's given a state funeral with full Starfleet Honors.

Krazzle ships start probing the Blockade.

The Krazzle send Ra’ Graline as their Representative. Graline, the current leader of the unified Krazzle Empire, is also known to be responsible for the 2374 Krazzle attack on the Raeya system and subsequent attack on the Starships Pegasus NCC-1702-A and Bonnaventure NCC-2977-B. Later, he was responsible for the 2384 Krazzle incursion within Federation space and subsequent attacks on the Starships Pegasus NCC-1702-B and Vanguard NCC-82009. He was a decorated combat commander during the Krazzle/Klingon war of 2376-77. Reportedly opposed to the Krazzle joining the Typhon Pact initially, but later supported the alliance.

Sergeant Major Pepper is assigned to Starbase 400.

Federation relief convoys come under attack while the Krazzle/C'Hakilian Peace Talks are ongoing. Federation ships Gladiator and Venator are among those that respond.

USS Pegasus-B confronts a Typhon Pact fleet in open space as it closes in on the blockade. Admiral Bremer is successful in negotiating with Empress Sela who urges Ra' Graline to accept the peace deal and end the Krazzle/C'Hakilian war.

With the war over, several Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian vessels are pulled off the blockade line and are replaced by C'Hakilian vessels. Starfleet begins construction of a sensor/tachyon grid network along the C'Hakilian border. USS Pegasus-B, USS Venator, USS Sutherland, and USS Tiriptz return to Starbase 400.

C'Hakilian Crown Prince Yinsil heads for Earth for a meeting with Federation President Matthews, Klingon Chancellor Martok, and Legit Garak of Cardassia.

General Dartt and Colonel Hurd become engaged. They request a Klingon wedding and assistance in preparing from Sergeant Major Pepper who is a member of the Klingon House of Pir'up pa and Admiral Bremer who is a member of the House of Martok.

The Borg start building a new Transwarp Hub Network.

A Q entity appears on Starbase 400 and causes several systems to malfunction and other chaos. The well-known Q and Q2 later arrive and the station and crew are caught in the middle. The original Q asks Admiral Bremer to act as a mentor and 'Father Figure' for the new Q dubbed Q3.

Captains Harrison and Pike also set a date for their long awaited wedding, also requesting a Klingon wedding, they seek Admiral Bremer's assistance with its preparations.

USS New Hampshire docks at Starbase 400. Commander Paul MacLeod is transferred aboard as Executive Officer. Also transferred aboard as Chief Medical Officer is Lieutenant Commander Mutara Romaine, MacLeod's ex-wife.

Jack Solomon returns to Starbase 400 and takes up the Assistant Chief Operations Officer position again.

'Free Romulan' Commanders Donatra and D’Tan request to have their thirty Warbird fleet officially integrated into Starfleet. Starfleet Command rejects the idea, but allow the vessels based out of Vaun'gan II to operate as 'exchange vessels' assigned to various Starfleet Fleets within Alpha and Beta Quadrants, similar to the exchange program between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. Donatra and D'Tan agree. Commander Tamarith maintains her position at Starbase 400 as Romulan Liaison Officer.

USS Searcher detects strange readings from the Socala Major system, beyond Federation space.

The C'Hakilians agree to an Alliance with the Federation and Klingons. They also sign a Non-Aggression and Mutual Support Treaty with the Cardassians.

USS Yorktown NCC-1717-F is officially commissioned at Starbase 400. She sets off on a shakedown cruise under the command of Captain K'Temoc. USS Essex-B is sent to the Socala Major system to investigate the strange readings the USS Searcher detected weeks before.

Several members of the Federation Security Council arrive on Starbase 400 to meet with Admiral Sevlek.

During her shakedown cruise, USS Yorktown-F's computer core shows signs of sentience. Following an encounter with an ion store, the core is overloaded and no further signs of life are observed.

Crew of the USS Essex-B recover advanced alien technology from a Class-M world inhabited by a Humanoid species that are at a technological level on par with Earth during World War Two.

K'Wor and Becca Bremer leave Starbase 400 and head to Earth to begin their career at Starfleet Academy.

Rodek, Son of Noggra is injured when his shuttle is caught up in an ion storm. He suffers a concussion and is treated by a Klingon doctor and released.

A natural disaster strikes the new Federation Colony on Hunster II. A relief force from Starbase 400 responds. Meanwhile, following the departure of the Federation Security Council members, Admiral Bremer is informed that the leader of the Krazzle Empire, Ra' Graline, is enroute to Starbase 400 to discuss Krazzle/Federation relations.

2391 - Starbase 400's relief force arrives at Hunster II. Ra' Graline arrives at Starbase 400 for peace talks.

USS Voyager enters drydock and starts a nine month overhaul on all key systems.

Rodek arrives on Deep Space Nine suffering from amnesia. He is briefly examined by Doctor Bashir before suddenly leaving the station.

Section 31 agent known as 'Cyrus' is seen aboard Starbase 349.

During the peace talks at Starbase 400, the Krazzle agree to return all conquered territory back to the C'Hakilians in exchange for the resource rich territory the C'Hakilians took from the Krazzle during their war. The Federation agrees to these arrangements and will monitor the exchange. Following the second day of peace talks with the Krazzle, an assassin attacks Admiral Bremer and Ra' Graline. Both are severely injured. It's later learned that the assassin is the infamous Mörderin, an assassin for hire.

An all new Operations Center module is installed aboard Starbase 400.

Major 'Percy' Morris arrives on Starbase 400 and assumes the position of First Marine Division XO.

Treaty between the Krazzle and Federation Alliance is ratified by the Federation Council as well as the Klingon, Cardassian, and C'hakilian Governments.

Rodek arrives on Starbase 400 suffering from amnesia.

USS Houston is sent to Sector 1372, beyond the border of the Federation's Raeyan Expansion Area, to investigate unknown subspace signals.

USS Titan carries Ambassador Picard to a meeting on Vulcan, and then on to QonoS for a meeting with Chancellor Martok before returning him to Earth.

USS Vesta docks at Deep Space Nine for supplies before beginning an exploration mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

Jewel and David Hurd have their baby aboard Starbase 400.

Klingon High Councilmember J'mpok gathers together ship captains loyal to his house into one fleet after Chancellor Martok refuses to entertain J'mpok's idea to fight the Federation and Romulans. The fleet invades the Zeta Pictoris System and fights against a Romulan fleet, causing a split in the High Council and raises tensions between the Federation/Klingon Alliance and the Typhon Pact.

Sevlek is promoted to Fleet Admiral and Starfleet's Beta Quadrant Commander. He in turns promotes Bremer back to Fleet Admiral and assigns him as the Ares Operational Theater Commander.

Worf arrives at Starbase 400 aboard the USS Warror to find out what happen to Rodek. Also aboard the USS Warrior is a man Bremer thought he'd never seen again, Malor Son of Ru'sar.

The 'Free Romulans' on Vaun'gan II elect Commander D'Tan as their Representative to the Federation Council. Commander Donatra maintains command of the Free Romulan Fleet.

Solomon is contacted by a person from his past, an ex-lover, who has information that could clear his name.

T'Lar is promoted to Admiral. Jewel Hurd is promoted to Major General. Jackson is promoted to Brigadier General. Sullivan is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Brislan is promoted to Commander.

The IKS Gorkon and her escorts make an unexpected stop at Starbase 400. General Klag admits he's looking for Rodek who's wanted on the Klingon Homeworld for the murder of a member of the Gorkon's crew. Even though Rodek has no memory of the incident, General Klag and Chancellor Martork push for Rodek's extradition back to the Klingon Empire.

The Borg assimilates a humanoid outpost in Beta Quadrant and begin turning it into a small Unicomplex.

An assassination attempt on Rodek’s life is stopped by K’Temoc and Malor. The assassins are new members of the Gorkon’s crew, however Worf recognizes one as a former member of Klingon Imperial Intelligence. Klag claims he had no knowledge of the assassination attempt and offers to help the investigation and to protect Rodeck on his way back to QonoS. After they are captured, the assassins are transferred to the Gorkon’s brig under heavy guard.

USS Tirpitz departs Starbase 400 under the command of Major Morris for a training mission.

Solomon is given permission to use the USS Steadfast to meet Talia. T’Lar, Ramata’tar, Sullivan, and Quan accompany him.

The Borg start building a new Transwarp Hub in the Bra’val Badlands, close to Krazzle, Romulan, Klingon, and Federation space.

Rodek and Malor beam aboard the IKS Gorkon for their trip back to QonoS. Just after departing Starbase 400, the Klingons are asked to assist in defending Kaleb IV when it falls under attack from Pirates based out of the Triangle. After taking heavy damage, Klag, Rodek, and the entire Bridge crew are injured. When Rodek regains consciousness moments later his memories have returned. Rodek takes temporary command of the Gorkon and is able to save the ship while destroying one pirate ship and damaging another. After the battle he reviles that he’d uncovered a plot against Chancellor Martok’s life. With the USS Warrior escorting, the Klingon ships head for QonoS in an attempt to stop the plot.

Once the remaining Pirate vessels are driven off from the Kalab System, the USS Tirpitz and USS Pegasus-B enter orbit of Kaleb IV while Marines, Medical, and Engineering teams beam down to aid in repairs. Several Pirates are taken prisoner and revile hat the Pirates within the Triangle have formed several Cartels. Major Morris is killed in the battle.

USS Voyager completes its overhaul and is ordered to take Vice Admiral Janeway to meet with Cardassian Leget Doran at Chin'toka to discuss joint Starfleet/Cardassian maneuvers in the area. The meeting is tense, but successful.

Solomon is taken prisoner by the renegade Klingon Toral. Admiral T'Lar and the crew of the USS Steadfast go to rescue him. After a brief battle Solomon is rescued and proof of his innocence is recovered, but Toral escapes.

With his name cleared, Solomon is promoted back to Lieutenant Commander and takes over as Starbase 400's Assistant Chief Engineering Officer.

USS Houston sends a message to Starbase 400 saying they are under attack by Borg vessels in Sector 1372. Believing the Borg to have been annihilated ten years before, Fleet Admiral Bremer leads a Task Force from Starbase 400 to investigate while the Federation Alliance goes on a fleet wide Yellow Alert and deploys ships to its borders. The Romulans, as well as the rest of the Typhon Pact, are advised of the encounter with the Borg but they do not respond.

USS Titan docks at Utopia Planitia for major overhaul expected to last six months.

Federation Starships Pegasus-B, Essex-B, Yorktown-F, Venator, and Saratoga respond to the USS Houston's distress call. They are attacked by a Borg Spheres, but are unexpectedly assisted by General Korok's Sphere. Korok informs Bremer of the nearby Borg Unicomplex being built and says he and his small fleet of Liberated Borg will assist in destroying the facility. Korok also advises Bremer of the Transwarp Hub being built in the Bra'val Badlands. The attack against the Borg Unicomplex is a success.

USS Challenger engages and destroys a Borg sphere near Union Colony.

USS Voyager leads a task force to Union Colony to re-enforce the area and aid the damaged USS Challenger. USS Challenger is towed to Avalon Fleet Yards for repairs.

With the majority of Starfleet's ships defending the Federation border and key Federation planets, Bremer calls on the simi-retired Admiral Ward to lead a task force against the Borg Transwarp Hub in the Bra’val Badlands and destroy it before it's operational. The task force includes the Federation ships Sentinel, New Hampshire, Cairo, Avenger, Hades, Shogun, and Odin. The mission is a success.

A Changling is discovered aboard Starbase 400. Going by the name of Kratz, the Changling has no knowledge of the Founders or Dominion, and has never encountered another of its kind before. Fleet Admiral Bremer sends a message to the Dominion and encrypted for Odo only.

The Reayan System requests to be re-admitted to the Federation due to the Borg crisis and rising tensions between the Federation Alliance and the Typhon Pact.

2392 - A Gorn ship chases an unknown vessel into Federation Space. The USS Dallas responds to the incursion and is fired on by the Gorn ship before it withdrawals. The USS New Hampshire is sent to further investigate.

USS Vesta returns to the Alpha Quadrant following its mission to the Gamma Quadrant.

Repairs to the USS Challenger are completed.

A house warming party for Lwazanda Ral is held aboard Starbase 400. During the party K'Temoc and Clifford are promoted to Commodore, Gillo to Lieutenant Commander, and Takabe to Lieutenant.

USS Titan's overhaul is complete. They take Ambassador Picard to Vulcan then on to QonoS to meet with Chancellor Martok to discuss the coup against him several months before.

While on patrol, the USS Cairo receives a distress signal from freighter on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone.

USS Titan leaves QonoS, is assigned to patrol along the Federation/Romulan border.

USS Warrior returns Ambassador Picard to Earth.

Lwazanda Ral and Janice become good friends.

Klingon High Council hardliners led by J'mpok demanded an invasion of Gorn space, and Martok, refusing to give in to their demands, continuously rejects them.

Sector JAG Officer Commander Cobb arrives on Starbase 400 to take Prisoner 001, Mike K'Wor Bremer from the Mirror Universe, to Earth for debriefing before being sent back to the Mirror Universe, by order of Starfleet Command. It's the first time in nearly fourteen years that's he's been questioned. Bremer's Mirror Universe duplicate is transferred from his long time cell on Starbase 400 into the custody of Commander Cobb. Fleet Admiral Bremer protests.

USS Ashalla docks at Starbase 400 for crew R&R and to take on supplies.

Several new crewmembers arrive at Starbase 400.

USS Rhode Island is assigned to a mapping mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

Odo, along with another Founder, arrive on Starbase 400 to meet with Kratz. Their ship is escorted by the Starships Cabot and Sovereign.

USS Voyager returns to Earth.

Fleet Admiral Nechayev, Admirals Ross, Nakamura, and Paris all retire from Starfleet. Fleet Admiral Akaar becomes Starfleet CnC, Admiral Toddman becomes Duputy CnC, Vice Admiral Savok becomes Starfleet Liaison to the Office of the President, Vice Admiral Janeway becomes Chief of Starfleet Operations. Admirals Stonn and Watson, Vice Admirals Bello and Taylor join the Starfleet Command Staff replacing the retirees.

The members of the Typhon Pact formally protest the fact that the Federation invited and allowed a Dominion ship to travel though the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, to Starbase 400 and back to the Bajorian Wormhole.

Federation and Klingon representatives meet with their Cardassian counterparts at Deep Space Nice and begin initial talks for a formal alliance between the three powers. The Federation sends Ambassadors Picard and Savak as well as Vice Admiral Janeway, and three members of the Federation Council. The Klingons send Ambassador L'Rass, Advocate Malor, and three members of the High Council. The Cardassians send Legit Garak, two other members of the Detapa Council, and two members of the Central Command including Legit Evek. They hope to have an official proposal for a formal alliance between the three powers drawn up within a few weeks.

Fleet Admiral Bremer returns from a joint Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian conference regarding Officer and Ship Exchange Programs. Upon returning, he is arrested by Commander Cobb of the Starfleet JAG Corps and charged with the murder of a Cardassian Legit and destruction of his ship. Bremer maintains his innocence. Cobb claims he has evidence proving Bremer is guilty.

Learning of the potential alliance between the Federation and Klingons with the Cardassians, the Typhon Pact opens talks with the Kziniti.

Starfleet Command receives a message from Neelix at the New Talax colony requesting assistance after the colony was raided and their mining equipment was damaged. With slipstream technology available on more vessels and the technology being more stable, a mission is planned to send at least two ships to New Talax. Starbase 400 is chosen as the launching point of the mission and Starfleet Logistics is put in charge of the mission planning. The mission is scheduled to launch in a few months.

Pirates attempt to raid the Marine facility on Kaleb III. Marines of the First Marine Division defend the base.

Cobb takes Bremer off Starbase 400. He's to be taken to Earth for Court Martial, then sent to Cardassia for trial. While in route, Bremer and Cobb are beamed off Cobb's vessel and onto the Pegasus-B that's been following them under cloak. The Pegasus-B heads for the location of the attack on the Cardassians Bremer was accuse of. During the investigation they learn Admiral Mendek at Starfleet Command is behind the attack, using Section 31 Agents, the Mirror Universe Bremer, and other mercenaries from the Mirror Universe to frame the Fleet Admiral. The Pegasus-B crew finds the old Maquis base close to the Cardassian Border that Mendek's people are using. While Marines from the Pegasus-B lead by Lieutenant Colonel Hurd assault the base. The Pegasus-B engages the USS Hattori, a Ronin class vessel under the Mirror Universe Bremer's command, in battle, stopping the Hattori's attack on another Cardassian vessel. After a brief but vicious battle, the Hattori is neutralized and the Pegasus-B's saucer section is destroyed. After the Hattori was damaged, several Mirror Universe personnel including mirrors of Captain Pike, Commander Lokran, and Bremer beamed aboard the damaged Pegasus-B. Fire fights and hand to hand fighting ensue. The Mirror Lokran returns to the Mirror Universe while the Mirror Pike and Bremer were taken into custody.

USS Defiant, USS Voyager, and a Cardassian Keldon class cruiser arrive from Deep Space Nine at the battle site of the Hattori and Pegasus-B after receiving a distress call from the Cardassian ship the Hattori was attacking. Janeway advises Bremer he's to be escorted to Earth to face questions from new Starfleet CnC Fleet Admiral Akaar. Commander Cobb recommends the charges against Bremer be dismissed and the Cardassians also praise Bremer and the entire Pegasus-B crew for their actions saving them and stopping the Hattori.

After getting the damaged Stardrive section of the USS Pegasus-B back to Starbase 400, Bremer goes to Earth aboard USS Voyager to meet with Fleet Admiral Akaar and the Starfleet Command Senior Staff. The USS Laffey follows with Captain Dow and a MARSOG Team aboard.

Pike is promoted to Commodore, Hurd is promoted back to Colonel, McMichaels and Casion are promoted to Major.

USS Cairo docks at Starbase 400.

Bremer meets with Fleet Admiral Akaar and the Starfleet Command Senior Staff. After a review of the incident Bremer is cleared of all charges.

The Federation and Klingons sign an alliance with the Cardassians.

The Kzinit join the Typhon Pact.

Doctor Hades and Chief White are among the new crewmembers assigned to Starbase 400. Civilian Splendora Sage also arrives on Starbase 400 and opens a shop.

A mass defection of Romulan ships, military personnel, and civilians attempt to cross into Federation space. Before they can, many of their ships are attacked by the Tal Shiar. One of the damaged ships crosses into Federation space and Admiral T'Lar aboard the USS Essex leads a response force. They learn about the attempted defections and offer sanctuary to those wanting to defect. When Fleet Admiral Bremer arrives from Earth aboard the USS Laffey, the Tal Shiar stands down and allows those that want to defect to do so in peace. Many of the damaged Romulan ships dock at Starbase 400 for repairs and medical attention for the people on board. They agree to join the Free Romulan Forces based at Vaun'gan II bringing their population up to 400,000.

The Klingon Empire erupts into civil war. Opposition Forces believe Martok is leading the Empire away from its true warrior nature after agreeing to an alliance with the Cardassians while reaffirming its alliance with the Federation. Nearly a quarter of the Klingon Fleet joins the Opposition. Surprisingly, hardliner J’mpok remains loyal to Chancellor Martok saying the last thing the Klingon Empire needs is a civil war.

The Federation takes a neutral stance with the Klingons in the face of their civil war. They build up medical and other aid on several planets close to the Klingon border, ready to be sent to the Klingons if needed, but Starfleet does not commit ships to anything beyond patrolling the Federation/Klingon border.

Jewel Hurd is promoted to Major General, but steps down from Task Force 99 Commanding Officer. K'Temoc is promoted to Vice Admiral and Task Force 99's Commanding Officer.

A Loyal Klingon ship engages an Opposition ship close to the Federation border. Both ships cross the border during the battle and heavily damage each other. They both crash on Archanis IV. A Diplomatic team from Starbase 400 is sent in along with a Marine force.

The assassin known as Mörderin attacks Fleet Admiral Bremer again, severely wounding him. He's stopped by Vice Admiral K'Temoc, but manages to escape. K'Temoc and Draven uncover one of Mörderin's hide outs on Nimbus III. The Special Operations Team goes in search of Mörderin aboard the USS Yorktown-F.

While an Away Team from the Yorktown-F is on Numbus III, Mörderin attacks K'Temoc aboard the Yorktown-F. He'd apparently hidden aboard the ship after attacking Bremer on Starbase 400. Mörderin is able to escape again and the Yorktown-F is forced to return to Starbase 400.

USS Falcon departs Starbase 400 for a three month patrol mission along the Klingon border. Commander Miles Richardson in command.

A Klingon Opposition Forces fleet arrives in the Archanis system commanded by General Tragg.

Klingon Opposition Forces attack Archanis IV, landing troops. Marines from Starbase 400 defend the planet while the Starships Sutherland, Tiriptz, and Cairo engage the Opposition fleet. As the battle heats up, loyal Klingon forces let by Captain Klink, as well as the USS Saratoga from Starbase 400, arrive and engage the Opposition Forces, helping to defend the planet. After a vicious fight the remaining ships of the Opposition Fleet withdraw, leaving many of their warriors on the planet to be taken prisoner. Starships Sutherland, Tiriptz, and Cairo take heavy damage and are forced to return to Starbase 400 for repairs.

Klingon Opposition forces attack several key Loyalist facilities. Ty’Gokor Station, Gor’on Station, and M’Para Station. All attacks are repulsed but at a great cost in ships and warriors. Loyal Klingon forces are spread thin, then the Opposition attack K’Vak Station in the Narendra system and capture it. K’Vak Station monitors the Klingon side of the Triangle and keeps an eye on the Romulan border with the Klingon Empire as their key defense base in the area. Chancellor Martok is injured while defending Ty'Gorkor, but is able to help plan a counter attack. Rura Penthe is also raided and several hundred enemies of the Klingons Empire are released.

Starfleet Command allocates two more Starships to be assigned to Starbase 400, but does not assign them at this time.

USS Luna departs Starbase 400 on a mission to bring Mörderin to justice.

USS Falcon is destroyed by Klingon Opposition forces near the Inverness system with all hands. USS Challenger responds and is able to drive the Klingon ship out of Federation space.

Centaur class USS Warspite and newly commissioned Interceptor class USS Osprey are assigned to Starbase 400. Starfleet Command grants Fleet Admiral Bremer's request to rename the Osprey to Falcon to honor the previous vessel recently destroyed.

Upon returning to Starbase 400, Major General Hurd suffers from complications with a pregnancy and is rushed to Vulcan to receive further medical attention. The Starbase 400 ships of the Archanis defense force are docked for repairs, while the USS Cairo heads for DS6 for repairs. The USS Shadow accompanies the Cairo and both vessels are transferred out of the Ares Operational Theater. They are replaced by the new Insignia Class USS Devonshire commanded by Commodore Graham Cantos, the new Executive Officer of Task Force 99.

2393 - USS Devorshire is sent to the Inverness system to take over the investigation into the loss of the Defiant class USS Falcon.

Klingon Opposition forces attack Loyal Klingon ships defending the Khitomer system, but suffer heavy losses and are forced out of the sector. Loyal Klingon forces capture B'Ral Sa', the Opposition Fleet Commander for the sector and take him to QonoS to be questioned.

Slade Matthews is re-elected Federation President for a second term.

As a sign of good faith and increased cooperation Starfleet and the Dominion agree to an exchange program where a team of Starfleet Engineers are assigned to a Dominion Station in the Gamma Quadrant and a group of Dominion Facilitators, Vorta Technicians, are assigned to Deep Space Five in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulan Star Empire files a formal protest, angry Dominion personnel are allowed to be so close to the Federation/Romulan Neutral Zone.

USS Conqueror is assigned to Starbase 400 as an additional support vessel under the command of Captain Andre DaSilvor. DaSilvor will also serve as Starbase 400's Chief Flight Control Officer and train new pilots and flight controllers that are assigned to the Station. The Miranda Class Refit USS Dorsetshire is brought out of mothballs and recommissioned at Starbase 400 evening out her support fleet at twenty-six vessels.

Commodore Graham Cantos is promoted to Rear Admiral and transfers with the USS Devonshire to Task Force 38 to take over as Task Force Executive Officer there. Rear Admiral S'iraa comes out of retirement and takes command of the new USS Dreadnought-B and takes over as Task Force 99 Executive Officer. S'iraa is a former Commanding Officer of the Forth Fleet.

While looking over intelligence reports and monitoring data scans, Fleet Admiral Bremer uncovers evidence that Klingon Loyalist Politician turned General J’mpok is supporting the Opposition Forces. Bremer sends this information to Chancellor Martok and after further investigation it’s found J’mpok is providing Opposition Forces intel, supplies, and ships. He’s also found to have ‘faked’ attacks against Opposition Forces and forged reports. J’mpok is called to QonoS under the guise of attending a top level meeting of The High Council and Loyalist Fleet Commanders. Once the meeting begins Chancellor Martok calls J’mpok’s loyalty and honor into question and shows him evidence of his treason. J’mpok challenges Martok to ritual combat and for the position of the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. In a brutal fight, J’mpok injures and nearly kills Martok, but the Chancellor manages to slay the traitor by stabbing him though his left eye as J’mpok went in for the kill. The event strengthens the Loyalist Commanders’ resolve to end the civil war soon and plans are drawn up for a major offensive.

Riker is promoted to Rear Admiral.

USS Conqueror leads a Task Force from Starbase 400 to the Rashanar Battle Site to re-start the cleanup of the 'Boneyard'. USS Kearsarge, USS Falcon, USS Ark Royal, and USS Mercy are apart of the Task Force.

Alexander Rozhenko takes over as Head of Research and Development at Ty'Gokor Station.

Rear Admiral S'iraa is promoted to Forth Fleet Task Force 72 Commanding Officer. Commodore Michael Aravan of the USS Triumphant is promoted to Task Force 99 Executive Officer.

Klingon Loyalists launch major counter-attacks across the Empire, looking to end the civil war.

Janice Fultian-Bremer decides to come out of retirement and return to duty within the Starfleet Marine Corps. She takes over as the First Marine Division’s Intelligence Officer and resumes command of the USS Durga based out of Starbase 400.

Patrick Reese is promoted to Commander and new Executive Officer of the USS Rhode Island

Vulcan Ambassador Savak considers retirement.

Starfleet Command orders the Odyssey class starship project accelerated due to rising tensions between the Federation Alliance and Typhon Pact. USS Odyssey is expected to be launched sometime in the next year.

Admiral Phelan Ward comes out of retirement and takes over as Training and Development Coordinator at Starbase 400. He reassumes command of the newly refit USS Sentinel.

USS Crockett is assigned to Starbase 400, the Excelsior class vessel finished a full refit just before the assignment.

Klingon Loyalists win several key victories against Opposition forces. All lost territory and military assets are recovered, effectively ending the civil war. A several Opposition ships lead by General Tragg seek refuge within Romulan territory sparking rumors that the Romulan Star Empire had been supporting the Opposition forces. Loyalist Captain Klink is killed in combat.

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