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Ares Theater Canon
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General Information

The Ares Operational Theater is within the Beta Quadrant. Established in 2391 by Fleet Admiral Sevlek, Starfleet's Beta Quadrant Commander. With tensions on the rise between the Federation Alliance and the Typhon Pact, the AOT is charged with defending the Federation and her allies from possible threats and attacks, while exploring space beyond Federation and allied territory. Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer was put in command of this vital area with Starbase 400 designated as command base.

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Assigned Ships

Some of the ship's assigned to the Ares Operational Theater include;

Starbase Support Ships (Assigned permanently to SB400);
USS Luna (Luna Class - NCC-80100-A) - Docking port 1
USS Yorktown (Defiant Class - NCC-1717-F) - Docking port 2
USS Essex (Intrepid Class - NCC-173-B) - Docking port 3
USS Pegasus (Galaxy Class Refit - NCC-1702-B) - Docking port 4
USS Durga (Ronin Class - NCC-75157-A) - Docking port 5
USS Gladiator (Gladiator Class - NCC-91981) - Docking port 6
USS Venator (Prometheus Class - NCC-74595) - Docking port 7
USS Saratoga (Akira Class - NCC-70074) - Docking port 8
USS Laffey (Defiant Class - NCC-80724) - Docking port 9
USS Ark Royal (Ambassador Class - NCC-24891) - Docking port 10
USS Sutherland (Nebula Class - NCC-72015) - Docking port 11
USS Constantinople (Steamrunner Class - NCC-61116) - Docking port 12
USS Avenger (Intrepid Class - NCC-74206-A) - Docking port 13
USS Princeton (Constitution Class - NCC-1777) - Docking port 14
USS Mercy (Olympic Class - NCC-60974) - Docking port 15
USS Lexington (Sovereign Class - NCC-1709-D) - Docking port 16
USS Endeavour (Nova Class - NCC-72802) - Docking port 17
USS Vanguard (Sovereign Class - NCC-82009) - Docking port 18
USS Kearsarge (Intrepid Class - NCC-74800) - Docking port 19
USS Steadfast (Diligent Class - NCC-87655) - Docking port 20
USS Tirpitz (Excelsior Class - NCC-41944) - Docking port 21
USS Cutlass (Saber Class - NCC-62958) - Docking port 22
USS Warspite (Centaur Class - NCC-25016) - Docking port 23
USS Falcon (Interceptor Class - NCC-77206) - Docking port 24
USS Dorsetshire (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-2100) - Docking port 25
USS Conqueror (Akira Class - NCC-63303) - Docking port 26

Starships assigned to Starbase 400's Liaison Officers;
CUS Kreta (Keldon Class) - Docking port 38 (Commanded by Cardassian Liaison Officer Gul Mavak)
IKS MeH'Haj (Negh'Var Class) - Docking port 39 (Commanded by Klingon Liaison Officer, Sa' K'Vada)
RRW Rakal (Valdore Class) -Docking port 40 (Commanded by Romulan Liaison Officer, Commander Tamarith)

Civilian Vessels that often dock/resupply at SB400;
FAS Allora (D'Kora Class) - Docking port 37 (civilian vessel owned by Zark)
SS Rockwell (Antares Class) – Docking port 36 (Federation cargo vessel)

Starships that receive orders directly from Starbase 400 and dock/resupply at SB400;
USS New Hampshire (Galaxy Class Refit - NCC-84702-A - Colonel Jack Pike)
USS Tigris (Sovereign Class - NCC-78600 - Captain Joseph Boston)
IKS Hurgh maS (K'T Inga Class - Karlassa HoD)
IKS Sar'Cho (Negh'var Class - Vorak HoD)
IKS Tre'bek (Vorcha' Class - E'par HoD)
CUS Melar (Galor Class - Gul Gerel)
RRW Khazara (D'deridex Class - Commander Torman)

Starships Assigned to the Ares Operational Theater;
USS Amelia Earhart (Kelvin Class - NCC-79202)
USS Andrew A. Haldane (Akira Class - NCC-68884)
USS Ares (Achilles Class - NCC-82250)
USS Atlanta (Intrepid Class - NCC-77009)
USS Bertram Ramsay (Excelsior Refit - NCC-51940)
USS Bismarck (Excalibur Class - NCC-77022)
USS Blue Ridge (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-29573)
USS Camaro (Defiant Class - NCC-74409)
USS Cameron (Steamrunner Class - NCC-62884)
USS Carpathia (Nebula Class - NCC-88214)
USS Challenger (Galaxy Class - NCC-71099)
USS Clemson (Interceptor Class - NCC-88374)
USS Daniel Inouye (Ronin Class - NCC-75245)
USS Dirk (Saber Class - NCC-61948)
USS Drexler (Galaxy Class - NCC-79237)
USS Dunkirk (Excelsior Class - NCC-19400)
USS Ephesus (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-54702)
USS Exeter (Nebula Class - NCC-69420)
USS Firebird (Charleston Class - NCC-79640)
USS Firefly (Interceptor Class - NCC-77198)
USS George S. Patton (Excelsior Class - NCC-41945)
USS George Washington (Galaxy Class Refit - NCC-73073)
USS Hades (Sovereign Class Refit - NCC-81793)
USS Hal Moore (Diligent Class - NCC-81965)
USS Helius (Titan Class - NCC-80991)
USS Hera (Apollo Class - NCC-12751)
USS Invincible (Defiant Class - NCC-74292)
USS Israel (Century Class - NCC-82389)
USS James H. Doolittle (Ascension Class - NCC-89894)
USS John Basilone (Bayfield Class - NCC-87145)
USS John Geoghegan (Excelsior Class - NCC-14215)
USS Kowloon (Galaxy Class - NCC-73101)
USS Kris (Saber Class - NCC-61951)
USS Hornet (Raptor Class - NCC-80308)
USS Hunley (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-11864)
USS Juneau (Constellation Class - NCC-7834)
USS London (Nebula Class - NCC-72017)
USS Langley (Onimaru Class - NCC-83001)
USS Long Beach (Borodin Class - NCC-81209)
USS Longfellow (Wallace Class - NCC-75255)
USS Manila (Constellation Class - NCC-7941)
USS Neptune (Sovereign Class - NCC-79921)
USS North Carolina (Insignia Class - NCC-47203-A)
USS Oden (Diligent Class - NCC-82032)
USS Oriskany (Steamrunner Class - NCC-64310)
USS Richard Winters (Diligent Class - NCC-81945)
USS San Miguel (Ambassador Class - NCC-24895)
USS Saturn (Ambassador Class - NCC-20104)
USS South Carolina (Defiant Class - NCC-74300-A)
USS Sternbach (Intrepid Class - NCC-74667)
USS Tarsus (Akira Class - NCC-68753)
USS Ticonderoga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-49598)
USS Vendetta (Galaxy Class - NCC-8325-C)
USS Viking (Intrepid Class - NCC-74680)
USS Vincennes (Sovereign Class - NCC-77504)
USS Warrior (Defiant Class - NCC-80725)
USS Wolverine (Achilles Class - NCC-82252)
USS Xanthium (Akira Class - NCC-69211)
USS Ypres (Excelsior Class - NCC-13751)
USS Zephyr (Vesta Class - NCC-81002)
IKS Gorkon (Quag Class)
IKS Qu'Vat (Vor'cha Class)
CUS Reklar (Galor Class)
CUS Vetar (Galor Class)
RCV Re'ala (Voar Asa Class)
RCV Yal'ma (Navalha Class)
RRW Devoras (D'deridex Class)
RRW Terix (D'deridex Class)

Reserve vessels docked at SB400;
USS Antietam (Constellation Class - NCC-3890)
USS Backman (Backman Class - NCC-81944)
USS Boxer (Excelsior Class - NCC-8442)
USS Dunkirk (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-2109)
USS Gneisenau (Akula Class Refit - NCC-3492)
USS Invincible (Akula Class Refit - NCC-5771)
USS McCook (Akayzi Class - NCC-1089)
USS Hope (Olympic Class - NCC-60975)
USS Mogami (Constellation Class - NCC-7830)
USS Newton (Oberth Class - NCC-58209)
USS Nagato (Miranda Class Refit - NCC-11193)
USS Pholus (Centaur Class - NCC-43948)
USS Renown (Excelsior Class - NCC-19382)
USS Sussex (Miranda Class Refit - 2808)
USS Tsunenaga (Excelsior Class Refit - NCC-68745)
USS Wasp (Constitution Class Refit - NCC-1808)
USS Diego Garcia (Akira Class - NCC-68754)
IKS D'akrurak (K'T inga Class)
IKS Kang (B'rel Class)

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