Archer IV

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Federation Faction

Archer IV
Grid E4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Archer system


Sector 003


Alpha Quadrant


Class M

  • Pales
  • Pomona
Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

Enterprise (NX-01)

Political Information

United Federation of Planets


1.2 billion

Capital City:

New Barcelona


Archer IV is a planet located in the Archer system of the Alpha Quadrant in orbit of 61 Ursae Majoris. The planet was named for the famous 22nd century Starfleet officer Jonathan Archer, and it was also the first uninhabited Class M planet discovered and surveyed by the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01).


Archer IV is a Class M world located near to the border with the Klingon Empire. It has a diverse, fertile landscape with snow-topped mountains and a wide array of animal life. In the 22nd century, there was a toxic pollen amongst Archer IV's diverse flora and fauna that caused a severe reaction amongst the Enterprise away team, however an antidote for this pollen had been discovered by the early 23rd century, finally enabling humans to colonise the planet.

Boasting a fertile landscape dominated by vast grasslands and snow-topped mountains, Archer IV was inhabited by a wide array of animal life, including nocturnal marsupials, scorpion-like arachnids, self-illuminating insects, and fish. The planet, however, supported no indigenous intelligent lifeforms upon its discovery.

Initial landing parties in 2151 experienced rapidly changing weather patterns and fast-moving storms. Such inclement weather spread toxic pollen, released by the diverse fauna and flora, causing in Human and Vulcan visitors paranoia and decreased cognitive function. With no refuge from the effects of the pollen, the planet was considered to be uninhabitable.

An antidote for the pollen was discovered by 2268, then over half a million Terrans populated the planet. Other species followed.

In 2366, Archer IV was the destination of the Federation starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D following an investigation of a nearby radiation anomaly.


22nd century

  • 2151: Archer IV is discovered by the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01), although the planet was uninhabitable.
  • 2161: Archer IV joins the Federation.

23rd century

  • 2268: After an antidote to the toxic pollen on Archer IV is discovered earlier in the century, around 500,000 humans have since settled on the planet.

Orbital Installations

  • Artificial Satellites
    • Merchant Space Fleet dry docks
    • Trade Orbital Platforms
    • Starfleet Encrypted Subspace Network Relay
    • UFP Subspace Network Relay
  • Orbital Industry
    • Merchant Space Fleet dry docks
    • Trade Orbital Platforms

General Characteristics

  • Earth-like
  • Slightly smaller than the Earth, Archer IV has a similar gravity due to heavy metals within the core giving the smaller planet similar mass.
  • Fertile landscapes dominated by vast grasslands and snow-topped mountains.
  • Thin desert areas in several equatorial areas.
  • Large oceans covering 71% of the surface of the planet.
  • Large ice caps in both polar regions.

Settlements and Cultural Development

  • Since Terrans began to settle on Archer IV a thriving world has emerged, very similar to Earth except with fewer large cities and more smaller town and village areas.
  • Several other UFP species have settled there in the 24th century. Primary of these are Vulcans, Tellarites and Betazoids. Though smaller cultural groups are also florishing.


  • Archer IV is the home of one of the operational back-ups to the UFP counsel on Earth. Due to several planetary disasters on Earth, three planets have been selected to act as back-up locations should one or more of the others be incapacitated. There are fully functional facilities for both the UFP diplomacy and Starfleet Command to shift control to.

Unique Features

  • Created in 2270, near a town called York - Several statues measuring 10m in height. They depict the original signatories to the United Federation of Planets as well as Jonathan Archer, the individual the planet was named for. The statues are carved from black marble, brought from Pennsylvania on Earth.