Archalaran Accords

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Features of Archalaran Accords

The Archalaran Accords grant the following:

  • Starfleet Command provides protection to the planet Archadia II and all inhabitants.
  • Starfleet Command provides protection to the planet Archadia III and all inhabitants.
  • Starfleet Command assumes complete control of Solaria Gateway.
  • Starfleet Command assumes duty of ensuring Prime Directive is upheld with regards to Archadia II and its inhabitants.
  • Archadian Government to assist in resupplying resources for starship maintenance.
  • Starfleet Security provides training for Archadian Policia (Archadian Police).
  • Starfleet Marine Corps assists in training Archadian Militaria (Archadian Military).

Starfleet Intelligence and the Archadian Intelligence Directorate to share any information requested.

History of the Archalaran Accords

In September 2385 the staff of Starbase 900 received word from the Federation Council that the conclusion of the negotiations taking place between the Federation Council and the Archan (the governing body of Archadia III) was imminent.

Negotiations had been taking place for over seven months to grant the Archadia System (and thus, all inhabitants) protectorate status within the Federation. This would compel all Starfleet forces in The Round Table to render any aid or protection any inhabitant or planet required and would be the first step towards possible membership negotiations in the future.

On September 14th, 2385, at the Governemnt Building in Alakein City on Archadia III, spectators from Starfleet Command, Ambassadors from the Federation Council and government officials gathered to watch the signing of the Archalaran Accords. Due to the Alaran populace being unaware of their neighbours and the Starfleet forces, the Accords were signed on their behalf.

The Accords were signed by First Minister Kala’Shen (Head of State for Archadia III), Governor Tolkein (Deputy Head of State for Archadia III and on behalf of the Alarans of Archadia II), Ambassador Shiakara of the Federation Council and Captain Garen Tal and Commander Auric Taban of Starbase 900 (on behalf of Starfleet Command).

The signing of the Accords was seen as a major boost in relations between Starfleet and the Archadian peoples after the riots and mass hysteria that followed the attack on the Solaria Gateway the previous month.


The following people signed the Archalaran Accords:

  • First Minister Kala’Shen, Head of State – Archadia III
  • Governor Tolkein, Deputy Head of State – Archadia III (On behalf of Alaran’s, Archadia II)
  • Ambassador Shiakara, Vulcan Delegate – United Federation of Planets
  • Captain Garen Tal, Station Commander, Starbase 900 – Starfleet Command
  • Commander Auric Taban, Station Executive Officer, Starbase 900 – Starfleet Command