Archadian Confederacy

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Archadian Confederacy
Basic information
Major Species:



Archadia III


1770+ In the Earth Gregorian Calendar

Warp Capable:

Achieved in 2111

Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Archan Ministry


First Minister Kala’Shen (Assassinated in 2386)

Degree of Advancement:

Steady Progressive

Military Branches:

Archadian Tratanin



The Archadian Confederacy is the official name for the Archadian race that reside on Archadia III, an N class planetoid in the Archadia System of Sector 2201. In September 2385, the Archadian Confederacy signed the Archalaran Accords after successfully negotiating for Protectorate status with the United Federation of Planets.


The Archadian’s are a carnivorous humanoid race with many similarities to the Terran race that originated on Earth. They have two legs, two arms, five fingers and five toes. The difference with these extremities is that they are slightly webbed, suggesting possible evolution from an amphibian race, but the absence of gills or breathings holes can refute this suggestion.

The head of the species is almost identical to that of the humans, in the sense that it can turn ninety degrees from its forward facing position. The neck is roughly between four and five inches in height and a similar distance in width and depth also.

One key difference between the human and Archadian races is that of the sexes. In human physiology, the male is usually of a bigger, stronger physical build than the female. However, that is reversed in the Archadian physiology as the female is the more dominant sex.

It is only when the internal physiology of the Archadian race is explored that real differences can be identified, some easier to spot than others. Key differences include three lungs, four kidneys (much smaller in size than the average human kidney) and a five chambered heart.

Thanks to the extra lung, Archadian’s are able to conduct much more intense periods of strenuous exercise and physical activity. Physical strength remains limited however, with Archadian’s very similar in size, stature to the human race.

As with the human race, Archadian’s require both a male and female in order to reproduce, with an average gestation period of just six months. Infancy lasts for three years before childhood commences. The child develops rapidly within the next four/five years and is considered a young adult by the time they are 8. At the age of 12 the young adult is officially recognised as an adult.


The above image shows Alakein City, the Capital City of Archadia III, located in the Nede Quadrant.
The above image shows a typical example of an area of the Nede Quadrant.
The above image shows a typical example of an area of the Shala Quadrant.

Archadia is the only world currently known to be occupied by the Archadian people and has a total population of 106 million, 27 million of which live in the Nede Quadrant with 79 million residing in the less privileged Shala Quadrant.

The Nede Quadrant is home to people from the highest echelons of Archadian society and is home to the planets capital, Alakein City which hosts some 14 million of the entire Quadrants 27 million population. The streets of Alakein city are lined with massive skyscrapers and bustling transport interchanges. Alakein City is also the home of the Archan Ministry, the government of their planet. The rest of the Nede Quadrant is a mix of a few bustling hives of activity or clean, white streets lined by midsized buildings.

The Shala Quadrant is in stark contrast to the Nede Quadrant. The Shala Quadrant is made up of several large, dirty, overcrowded cities dominated by shacks and small buildings. The Shala Quadrant is also home to the vast industrial empires that provide the resources for this Confederacy to expand and, as part of their protectorate agreement, provide supplies to Starbase 900.

Natural beauty, such as green fields, parks and places of interest do not really exist in the population centres of either Quadrant, instead, travel is required to make use of such areas. There exists many deposits of natural resources including dilithium.

Society wise, the Archadian’s are a cordial, jovial race who like to see the best in people who welcome outlanders with open arms. The Archan Ministry are very popular among their people after passing several mandates that have seen the economy thrive. Trade links to other worlds remain minimal as the Archadian’s are relatively unknown in the Quadrant, but with Starbase 900 now in the System new races are expected to show up and the Archadia system may become one big trade outpost.

Religion is a massive factor in Archadian society and the use of alcohol, drugs and other such intoxicants is strongly against their beliefs. Capital punishment, in the form of public executions, is still in use in Archadian society despite many calls for it to be phased out and replaced with life time incarceration.

Women are seen as the dominant race in Archadian society and are usually given the key positions in government and military organizations. In the entire history of the Archadian race, there have only been 2 male First Ministers to lead the Archan Ministry and thus, the entire race. That is comparable to nearly 200 female First Ministers which includes the current First Minister, Kala’Shen.

Naming rituals in Archadian society are common place and most females are given names beginning with the letters K, S and W where as males are given names beginning with D, N and T. Names with other letters are used but not as often as the aforementioned six.

Stellar Cartography

Located in Starfleet designated Sector 2201, the Archadia System is a trinary star system that consists of two class L planetoids and a class P planetoid orbiting a Type M star. Each planet has two orbiting natural satellites. The Archadians reside on Arcadia III, the Alarans on Archadia II and Archadia I (also known throughout Starfleet as Planet Camelot) is currently uninhabited.

A full year for Archadia III takes 390 days compared to the much shorter 300 for Archadia II. Despite the vast difference in days in a year, both planets share the same number of hours in a day, with a single day taking some 28 hours.

Archadia III has four continents (known as Quadrants), of which only two are inhabited. All four quadrants are separated by large bodies of water. The Nede Quadrant is the northern most inhabited quadrant and is home to the more privileged members of society. The Shala Quadrant, the southernmost quadrant, is home to the less desirable members of Archadian society.



The current ruling body of Archadia III is known as the Archan Ministry. For more information regarding the Archan Ministry, please visit the Archan page.


Archadian Tratanin

The Archadian Tratanin are the military arm of the Archadian Confederacy.


Major Trade and Industry Companies

Diplomatic Relations

The Archadian Confederacy have had limited contact with new races as they usually keep to themselves. However, with Starfleet's expansion into The Round Table, this policy has changed for the better and the Archan Ministry have officially negotiated for Protectorate status within the United Federation of Planets.

With planned Klingon and Romulan scientific missions through the Solaria Gateway planned for the near future, more first contacts will occur.

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