Archadia System

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Grid A2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Trinary Star System


The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)


Solaria Nebula

Other Information
Discovery Date:

21 January 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Excelsior


United Federation of Planets

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Star system Contains:

  • Starbase 900
  • Solaria Gateway
  • Archadia I
  • Archadia II
  • Archadia III

The Archadia System, located in The Round Table region of the Delta Quadrant is home to three planetoids of various class and designation along with Starbase 900 (a Starfleet facility) and the Solaria Gateway, an ancient Iconian Portal.

Within the system, two native civilisations reside on the planets Archadia II and III. Archadia I is uninhabited. Archadia II is home to the Alarans (pronounced Al-a-rans) and Archadia III is home to the aptly named Archadian Confederacy.

The following information has been collected and compiled by Captain Garen Tal and the crew of Starbase 900.

Archadia I: L Class Planetoid

The above image shows Archadia 1 (Planet Camelot) from the surface of Archadia II.

The first planet discovered in The Round Table (known as Planet Camelot to Starfleet) and the nearest planet to the Solaria Gateway, Archadia I was once the site of a temporary Starfleet base established by Admiral Tenson during his historic expedition of the Solaria Nebula in 2384. Roughly 200 millennia ago, Camelot was employed by the Iconians as a bunker of last resort, following the sterilization of their homeworld. The surface is scattered with ruins containing wonders to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid.

The planet is currently uninhabited, but is being scouted as a possible colonization site, should negotiations be concluded with the ruling body of Archadia II.

Archadia II: N Class Planetoid

Using information shared by the Archadian Government on Archadia III, Starfleet have been able to determine that Archadia II is home to the Alarans, an offshoot of the Archadians that reside on Archadia III. These Alarans are advanced enough but have yet to achieve Warp Drive capability. They are considered protectorates by Starfleet Command as part of the treaty that allowed Starfleet to establish a presence in the system. They have yet to engage in any endeavours into space and are unaware of Starbase 900 and the Solaria Gateway. It is believed it will take at least a decade for these Alarans to make any remote progress towards space exploration. They are also unaware of their neighbours on Archadia III.

The above image shows Archadia II, the only ringed planet in the system.
The above image shows Talasia City, the capital city of Archadia II.

Archadia III: N Class Planetoid

The above image shows Archadia III, home to the Archadians.

Archadia III is the home world of the Archadians, a race that evolved some 500 years after the last of the Iconians in the system left. They are more technologically advanced than their offshoot cousins on Archadia II and are capable of warp flight, as is shown in their small flotilla of warp capble vessels. They are very aware of the existence of Starbase 900 and the Solaria Gateway. The Archan, the government of the planet, first opened negotiations with Starfleet about Protectorate status in October of 2384 and their request was accepted in late January of 2385, in order to establish a Federation presence in the region.

Archadia III has four continents of various sizes, but only the North West Sector is known to be inhabited. The sector is split into two quadrants, the Nede (loosely translated as North, pronounced Nay-Day) Quadrant the most affluent, well kept area of the sector, and Shala (loosely translated as South) Quadrant, the less desirable, more industrial area of the sector. The Capital City of Archadia III is known as Alakein City and is located in the affluent Nede Quadrant. It is here that the Archan, led by First Minister Kala'Shen, have their government building.

The above image shows Alakein City, the Capital City of Archadia III, located in the Nede Quadrant.
The above image shows a typical example of an area of the Nede Quadrant.
The above image shows a typical example of an area of the Shala Quadrant.