Anticulo IV

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Anticulo IV
Grid E1, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Anticulo system


Beta Quadrant


Class M


Kepler Station

Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

Captain Anticulo Gavarian

Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Native Inhabitants:




Capital City:



Anticulo IV is the fourth planet of the Anticulo system. A member of the United Federation of Planets, the Anticulo system was named for the Starfleet officer who discovered it, Captain Anticulo Gavarian.


Anticulo IV is a Class M planet with a humid and tropical climate, with a similar level of gravity, mass and radius to Earth. Anticulo IV was discovered in 2370, and has since become home to a Federation Scientific Outpost. Although it wasn't initially planned by Starfleet, the disused Starbase Kepler was reassembled in orbit of Anticulo IV, and it served the headquarters of Task Force 47 until its destruction.


Discovered by Captain Anticulo Gavarian in 2370, it now hosts a small Starfleet scientific and engineering outpost for the purpose of exploration stretching into the unexplored space of the Frontier.

Even if not technically planned by Starfleet, the planet is now being orbited by the displaced Kepler Station that has become a stable base of operations for Starfleet and that for a long period in 2386 served as Task Force 47 flag-base for then Task Force Commanding Officer Commodore Gregory Blake.

In the mid 2386, Anticulo IV was picked up to host a joint diplomatic conference, known as the Gavarian Conference, between the Federation, the Romulan, the Cardassian, the Klingon, the Breen and the Ferengi as all the major powers interested in this particular region of space. Ambassador Deven Toro of the Federation Diplomatic Corps, Captain Nithumen Browsden of the USS Merrimack and Captain Jonas Ta'Picchio of the USS Opachia were chosen to represent the Federation delegation at the conference, and the USS Merrimack tasked with assuring the safety of the delegation itself.

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