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The Androgans (Ahn-dr­­­ō'-găns, singl. Androgan) are one of the five conquered races who became members within the C'hakilian Empire


The Androgans were the first race to fall prey to the C’hakilians. This race put a kink in the C’hakilian plans because, one, they were the first sentient race with which the C’hakilians ever came in contact and, two, because the Androgan droid armies were quite effective against the first waves of C’hakilian troops. However, the lalachan proved itself extremely successful against the drones, especially since less power was needed to kill a droid than that which was needed to kill an organic soldier. The Androgans were unable to produce drones quickly enough to replace their losses, and the Androgans themselves were too cowardly to put up a fight themselves. Once the Androgan drones were put down, complete C’hakilian rule was quickly established.

Physical, Mental, and Social Attributes

Coming from a high-gravity planet, Androgans, though short, are a powerfully built race. Despite their physical prowess, the Androgans came to rely on machines to do the hard work for them. This attitude led to a mechanical aptitude for each member of the species. On the other hand, it made them incredibly lazy, even to the point where drones fought their wars for them.

Anatomical Adaptations

Androga, a dark world, has created many species well suited to night-like settings. Androgans have no irises, but have two eyelids should they come in contact with bright light. Rod and cone counts are highly skewed (more so than in Terran nocturnal creatures) to aid in night vision. A reflective membrane lines the eye just behind the retina, which allows the retina to receive much more light. Androgans also have thick fur to keep them warm on their dark, cold, inhospitalble planet. They fur sheds and slows its growth if Androgans are in warm environments. Once back in cold surroundings, the fur will quickly grow back to full length. Many Androgans have cybernetic enhancements.


The C’hakilians, so repulsed by the laziness and cowardice of the Androgan civilization, felt that the planet Androga was not worthy of a C’hakilian name. Many figures of speech in C’hakilian dialect use Androga or the Androgans: these clichés deal with the uselessness or laziness of a person.


The Androgan military consisted almost exclusively of drone warriors and fighters. While the droid ground troops proved ineffective, the C’hakilians saw great potential in fighters controlled by positronic brains. The fighters are cheap, effective, and easily mass produced. Androgans are commonly used on C’hakilian vessels as mechanics or engineers, and Androgan cybertronics are spread throughout the C’hakilian Empire. Cybertronics work much like neural gel packs, such as those found on Intrepid Class ships, but give a ship better ability to learn.