Altor system

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Grid B2, Gamma Quadrant

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Star System:

Altor system

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Raydeen Republic


The Altor system is a star system in the Idran Region of the Gamma Quadrant. It has four planets.


Altor I

  • Classification: 6
  • Satellites (Natural & Artificial): Four Moons
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Political System: None
  • Capital: None Available
  • Technological Advancement: Zero
  • Description: Altor I is covered in ice and houses a small science outpost for a handful of Civilian Scientists working out of the Federation

Altor II

Altor III

  • Classification: K
  • Satellites (Natural & Artificial): One moon
  • Inhabitants: Federation
  • Political System: Federation
  • Capital: Callasui- a small city of roughly 25,000 people. Callasui is a domed city housing Federation civilians.
  • Technological Advancement: Federation Standard
  • Description: Altor III is very similar to Mars. A dark red in its natural form, this planet is a barren wasteland of rocks and rubble but has become a center for a small *colony of Federation civilians looking for a new life.

Altor IV

  • Classification: P
  • Satellites (Natural & Artificial): One moon
  • Inhabitants: None
  • Political System: None
  • Capital: N/A
  • Technological Advancement: N/A
  • Description: Altor IV is 90% water, with two islands in the north western hemisphere; roughly the size of Iceland.