Alpha Proxima II

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Federation Faction

Alpha Proxima II
Grid E4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Alpha Centauri system


Beta Quadrant


Class M

  • Nykos
  • Tharon
Discovery Date:

Between 2078-2119

Discovered By:

United Earth

Political Information

United Federation of Planets


380 million

Capital City:
  • Cochrane
  • Tarola'n

Alpha Proxima II is a planet in the Alpha Centauri system, a trinary star system which is located in the Beta Quadrant. Alpha Proxima II is affiliated to the United Federation of Planets, of which it is a founding member due to it being a colony of United Earth at the time the Federation was founded in 2161.


Alpha Proxima II, which is in orbit of Alpha Centauri C, is a Class M world which was discovered some time during the late 21st century and the early 22nd century. The planet is home to Proxima Colony, which was founded in 2085 as one of United Earth's first colonies outside of the solar system, and also the Proxima Maintenance Yards, a starship repair facility.


21st century

  • 2085: Proxima Colony is founded.

22nd century

  • 2154: Following the Augment Crisis, which started when a group of Augments hijacked a Klingon Bird of Prey and murdered its crew, a Klingon warship was detected near Proxima Colony. Earth Starfleet believed it was a reconnaissance mission in preparation for a future retaliatory strike.
  • 2161: Alpha Proxima II becomes a founder member of the United Federation of Planets