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Romulan FactionThis article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

The Algorab Summit was an internal Romulan Star Empire event hosted on Algorab to address dissension between the new provisional government on Rator III and governors that felt marginalized by the shift in power.


Following the Hobus incident, the Romulan Star Navy found itself overburdened attempting to support the infrastructure of the Empire. Whether purposefully or simply as an outcome of this, worlds bordering the Triangle Region and the Klingon Empire suffered repeated attacks from raiders and incursions from Klingon task groups that were left unaddressed by the Star Navy.

Further, the refugee situation following the Hobus incident placed undue pressure upon the Romulan systems near the Hobus region. Backwaters such as Nelvana became bustling hubs of activity with large refugee populations taking up residence. However, with the focus of the Romulan government elsewhere, governors in this region felt unsupported as they attempted to provide for these new populations.

Finally, while formerly a quick warp flight to Romulus to present their case, the inaccessibility of Rator III, far from the region, created rapidly growing disenchantment with the new seat of power. Scathing reviews of the Empire were written by numerous governors, and a couple, such as the governor of Rowehl II actually threatened secession. A Romulan task group led by Admiral P’alas was dispatched to deal with the dissent, but this only furthered the issue.

In attempting to address these concerns, Envoy Tepora, the daughter of a Romulan ambassador, submitted a proposal to the Romulan senate that a summit be held to address the concerns. It swiftly floated through the halls of the government, gaining vast support, and Governor Tarov of Algorab volunteered to host the summit. Starfleet’s Task Force 93 was asked to provide non-partisan security for the Summit, as they were the most agreeable option between the various parties, none of whom particularly trusted the security options available within the Empire.


The summit was scheduled for August 17 and 18, 2387, at a governmental facility on the edge of Algorab’s capital city. The USS Enigma, a Starfleet Intelligence platform attached to Task Force 93, arrived a couple days early to set up security, and the summit began as planned on August 17.

While Starfleet officers were forbidden from the main conference chamber during the proceedings, through clandestine intelligence collected during the first day, it was clear that the dignitaries were gridlocked, more time spent yelling at each other than making any real compromises. Numerous heated situations occurred beyond the chamber between various parties, and there was also a lot of hostility directed at Starfleet personnel.

In the night following the first day of the summit, all protocol broke down. A Tal Shiar agent murdered Senator Vorelian and planted condemning evidence pointed at Starfleet. While surveillance equipment placed by intelligence operators on the USS Enigma demonstrated their innocence, the Admiralty forbade the crew from bringing this intelligence forward, as it would have been an admission that Starfleet was spying on the proceedings. Instead, with sentiment now turned against the Starfleet, the USS Enigma was ordered to withdraw.

The remainder of the proceedings are only known through intelligence collected following the summit and by statements from the Empire that led up to the Treaty of Nelvana.


The murder of Senator Vorelian was a turning point for the dignitaries at the summit. The senator had been an outspoken critic of the Federation’s presence at the summit, and, in death, he became a martyr. At the conclusion of the summit, as later stipulated in the Treaty of Nelvana, the Federation was asked to cease all operations within Romulan territory and the borders were again sealed to outsiders.

This stance further prompted the dignitaries to move Romulan Star Navy assets to their borders to bolster their defenses, increasing their presence both along the Neutral Zone and along the Triangle and the Klingon borders. The latter also appeased the concerns of the marginalized governors that they were not receiving adequate assistance against the pirate and Klingon threats.

With the navy focused on ensuring a closed border, internal security was an open question. While details are not conclusive, it is believed that Sonara T’Daran, chairwoman of the Tal Shiar, was appointed to the Continuing Committee and that the Tal Shiar were granted additional privileges to ensure internal security within the Empire.