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Alcor Sector
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The Alcor Sector is a region of space which inhabits both Federation and Cardassian worlds. The sector is vital to Federation security as it borders close to the Bajoran Sector too. During the Dominion War elements of the Twelfth Fleet were assigned to defend the Federation side of the border. Since the end of the war peace has remained in the region while the Federation has increased the amount of colonies set up in the sector. Many of the Starfleet ships assigned to the sector are there to help with defending these worlds and helping them build their colonies to become independently as possible. By 2385 the sector was home to over seventy five million Federation citizens across twenty one colonies and three member states. In 2386 the sector was rocked by the collapse of the Amorgia sun. The destruction resulted in many Federation citizens being moved to safer, secure locations in the sector.

Systems within the Alcor Sector

Alcor System

A ten planet system where the largest Federation colony is maintained here on the second planet. Alcor IV (referred to as Alcor Prime) is M class with four moons. Over twenty five million people live here. The current leader is Governor Riley Cayne.

Seginus System

A nine planet system where the second largest Federation colony in the sector is located in orbit of the eighth planet (a gas giant) on its second moon which itself is deemed a L class world. Over sixteen million people live there. In 2386 the colony was helped by a pair of Klingon Birds-of-Prey in taking in refugee after the collapse of the Amorgia sun.

Ni’cor system

A twelve star system and home system to the Hayden'ek species (sometimes known as the Hayden'ek System). The third planet is the actual homeworld while many of the other planets in the system have been colonised by the Hayden’ek. The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth planets are all gas giants that are classified as class Js and class 6 "Ice Giants", while the tenth to twelfth are considered D class worlds. The system serves as the capital for the Hayden'ek Commonwealth.

Amorgia System

This was an uninhabited system that had a class G star with only a few gas giants, two Y class planets and barren worlds orbiting it. During mid-2386, Starbase 376 noticed several changes in the star and after investigation it was found the sun had been exposed to small amount of trilithium over a long period of time. Eventually the sun collapsed, destroying everything in the system. The collapse of the sun caused an increase in gamma emissions in the sector and gravitational forces being altered drastically.

Olbari System

A seven planet system with the second planet being M class and the third being L class. A Bajoran colony was setup on Olbari II in 2373 and has developed with a population of roughly a hundred thousand people. High amounts of dilithium was found on the third planet and Starfleet Corps of Engineers setup a mining facility there. In 2386 the destruction of the Amorgia sun caused Olbari II to be knocked slightly off its original orbit, causing it to become closer to the sun by a few thousand kilometres. This resulted in a massive change in the planet's climate. Eventually Starfleet had to evacuate and abandon the colony before a harsh frozen age covered the world.

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