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Adrian Mormar







United Federation of Planets


Centauri VII, Mormar Family Farm



Rear Admiral
Played By:

"Flying Gremlin"

Personality and Traits

Physical Attributes

Adrian Mormar is a taller, middle-aged man. He is blue-eyed, with brown hair and a smile that has been described to light up a room. His build is average, but he's getting a little pudgier because of his flag ranks and not being as active anymore as a result.

Psychological Profile


Adrian is an easy-going man, but he knows when it's time to get business done. He's got a soft-spot for kids, having two grown-up children of his own, and he cares very much for any child in pain.


  • Fencing
  • Piloting starships


Adrian can fly any type of starship.


Adrian has the problem of trying to take over a ship that he's on, especially with piloting.


Previous to Starfleet


Adrian was born August 10th, 2335, to the young unwed couple of Kelly Walters and Seth Mormar. Just barely out of school and in Centauri University, the young family was stuck. Seth's parents were very accommodating about the young couple, but Kelly's family was not. Eventually, they took the couple in, and within a year, they were engaged. Before their marriage after Adrian got into grade school, Adrian had a baby brother, Pierce.

Adrian was always the curious one, being the older of the two Mormar kids. He tried to look after his younger brother, but sometimes it just wasn't possible. Adrian was smart - he saw math as an extension of himself - and was whizzing through school. Adrian always suspected that this was what caused Pierce to rebel so strongly, but he never gave up his brother to anybody, including his parents. He just couldn't come to grips with it.

He lived with his cousin under the same roof since he was nine, Toran Krezek, whose mother was assigned to ships where she couldn't take children. Adrian liked playing with Toran, and since he didn't have any family and he had similar aspirations about space, they both shared a lot of time together.

Teenage Years

Adrian's high school was pretty much the same, except for one thing: he liked flying. He got a hold of some of his grandfather's small shuttles, which he collected, and would fly around the atmosphere. He sometimes took Toran up, especially after Toran's mother went missing in 2349. He really did care for the younger Toran, and Adrian was always very kind to kids.

When he was sixteen, Adrian took the Academy entrance exam, but failed it. It was the first failure he had ever experienced, and it was a big blow to the sixteen-year-old. He trained himself for fifteen months before taking it again, but again, he was told that he failed. It was only after challenging the entrance examiner that he learned the truth: being told that he failed and challenging it was the last test. His own self-doubt was what failed him the last time.

Once graduated from high school, he left his family behind and headed for San Francisco and the Academy, ready for a new start.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy was a change that Adrian welcomed. Not a farming life, but a life where the stars were something that he could see and feel at was what he desired. Therefore, he went wild as his first experience outside his home was one where he was able to take flight for four years... literally.

In his time there, he learned everything that was possible for navigation, helm, and smallcraft operations. The feel of a ship turning because he said for it to turn was something he enjoyed immensely, and smallcraft, just like his grandfather, were something of a passion for him.

Graduation came after serving in the Academy Flight Demonstration team as its captain. During the graduation ceremony, for the last maneuver of his life, they simulated a space dogfight using a combination of plasma exhaust, laser lights, and fireworks, recieving a top honors note from the Academy Commandant. Out into space he went, to his first assignment.

USS Shennong

Adrian wanted to go from the start and go with something that seemed a little odd: he went to an Akula Class Refit out of the gates. He wanted to see what he could do with an older starship first and foremost, before he flew anything newer. For all he assumed at the time, he could have set a few new records in that old ship.

Then again, things seldom go according to plan.

The young ensign met his first commanding officer, Commander Gerard Estevan, and immediately, the two did not hit it off well. There was something about the personalities of the two that just didn't mesh well, and Adrian was consistently on Estevan's radar. He never got a "good job" with the rest of the bridge crew, and Estevan usually delegated any praise to be delivered by the XO, Lieutenant Commander Toni MacDonald. She was a very kind woman to him, and it won her admiration on Adrian's part, and they became fast friends. Their favorite activity was to book the one holodeck that was converted out of one of the Shennong's cargo bays and enact famous sword fights from history and literature of many different worlds.

After two years on board, Estevan was reassigned to another vessel, and MacDonald was also moved to a different vessel. When this happened, Adrian Mormar, on the last time they saw her, gave her a small holodevice with a recorded message, saying how much he would miss her. In return, he got kissed by her for the first time. They admitted they liked each other romantically, and vowed that they would contact each other for a while, see how things would go until they met up again.

The new CO of the Shennong was Captain Brin Farris, and she was impressed with the work that Adrian did whenever she was on shift with him. This got him somewhere, and a few commendations in his file which he gladly accepted. He wrote Toni whenever he had the chance, and sent her a few pieces that he had held dear to him. He took shore leave in late 2359, and met her on Risa and spent an entire week there with her before returning back to the Shennong.

When he arrived back at the vessel, Captain Farris had announced that they were going to be traveling out of the borders of the Federation on an exploratory mission for three months. By the time they were back, Adrian had been promoted to Lieutenant jg and had accepted a position as Chief Helm Officer on the Galatea.

USS Galatea

The USS Galatea, an Ambassador Class starship, was quite a step up from the old Akula Class Refit that he piloted the first time, and the step up to Chief Helm Officer meant that he was the one that drove the ship the most, a position that Adrian took on gladly. Underneath Captain Rachel Hernblad, Adrian was very successful on this ship, but that wasn't the main part of his life on the Galatea.

It was also the place that he proposed to Toni. She had come over to the ship on a shore leave, before the ship was meant to launch again, and he proposed to her inside a shuttlecraft, hanging upside down in a zero g environment. She said yes. They were married a year after his assignment to the ship. It was slightly odd for a Lieutenant Commander to marry a Lieutenant, jg, but not unheard of in the fleet. They honeymooned on Risa, then returned back to their separate ships.

He got the attention of Captain Hernblad, and was recommended for promotion relatively quickly - two years. He was then assigned to his wife's ship at his own request.

USS Galaxy

Moving in with his now-Commander wife, as the Helm Officer and her as the Executive Officer of the USS Galaxy, they were very careful to keep their relationship separate from their work. As senior officers, they were both razzed about it, and were talked to by the commanding officer on two separate occasions for incidents involving this. However, they worked through it, and their relationship strengthened through this point.

Nevertheless, Adrian enjoyed flying the Galaxy Class starship around the galaxy, and flying the shuttles of the ship. In his career on the Galaxy, he flew over four thousand hours of shuttle missions, covered 9000 light-years with the ship, had been involved in seventeen engagements in ship-to-ship combat, and, more importantly to him, had two children with Toni: his son Reuben, and his daughter Brianna.

A year after his daughter's birth, he completed his First Officer Qualification Board, and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. He was assigned as Executive Officer to the USS Branson. Adrian left his son and daughter with Toni on the Galaxy, promising to meet with them again.

USS Branson

Adrian moved onto the very small USS Branson, a Saber Class vessel on patrol of the Cardassian border. The ship wasn't exactly the most family-friendly, but Adrian made the best of it, decorating his small cabin with personal effects from his children.

After Branson

Adrian soon learned that he could not tolerate the strong corny-music subculture that defined the Branson, and was soon transferred. According to his official Starfleet Service Record, "one thing led to another," and Adrian was named Bravo Fleet Executive Officer. In 2383, Valren Arelwynn stepped down from the post amid growing political strife in the Senior Staff and retired to his homeworld of Betazed, leaving now-Admiral Mormar in command. The rising political strife, however, soon consumed even Admiral Mormar, and, amid rumors of a brewing coup d'etat against him, he resigned in disgrace, a broken and embittered man.

The following information is from the classified files of an undocumented Section of Starfleet Intelligence, recorded by a man calling himself General Isaac Brahms, identity unknown. Many Bothans died to bring you this information. Further data will be posted as it becomes available.

It is now well-understood that the actions leading to the catastrophic events in the autumn of late 2383 were many years in the making. Many had a hand in creating it, and many could have prevented it--but could they have known what was coming? It is hard to say.

I suppose the real question is: when did Dhivael Cha’Riuurren come into it?

No, no, that’s not the real question. The real question is: what happened to the Cox on Draconis?

In 2375, the Fourth Fleet, under FAdm Michael K’Wor Bremer (known universally from birth simply as “Mike" or "K'Wor”) was authorized by Admiral William Ross, Commander, Starfleet Allied Forces, to assemble near the Badlands to stage an assault to liberate the planet Draconis, which was under Dominion control. The massive undertaking, as is well known, was a complete success, despite heavy casualties on all fronts.

The U.S.S. Cox, commanded by Captain Alexander Kidd, was lost over Draconis with all hands, save Kidd himself. The vessel was reported shot down, crashing on Draconis’s northernmost continent.

However, it strikes this recorder as very strange that a Sovereign-class ship should survive re-entry on such a scale, and no less that her captain should survive out of all the thousands of crew. Starfleet Intelligence agreed, and investigated the matter as a part of the Calidorn Project.

This, too, seems strange. The Calidorn Project was an unrelated investigation regarding events at Starbase Bravo in a roughly contemporaneous time period. This Section noted the discrepancy and further investigated the inner workings of the Calidorn Project. Agent Amanda Kinsley’s report discovered that Starfleet Intelligence had, indeed, attempted to hide information even from us.

Seeing as this could not be allowed to succeed, this section took immediate action. The particulars of the affair will be easily recalled by any trainee as one of our textbook examples of a QUIET (Quick Unnoticed Internal ExaminaTion), noted for its speed, efficiency, and the several notable fixes it allowed us to suggest to Starfleet Security to prevent future leaks. It seems that one Rear Admiral Bragg, a key player in the incident surrounding Starbase Bravo and Calidorn, had become aware through Task Force 38 command staff--and subsequently informed S.I. investigators at Calidorn, although he had no later memory of that aspect of the interrogation due both to the drugs and the trauma he incurred--that Captain Kidd had taken advantage of the mission to Draconis to investigate rumors of a device hidden. This device, which he referred to as “the Journeyman Tapes," had supposedly been hidden there several years prior to the battle by the Obsidian Order, long before it seemed possible that war would come to that remote sector of Cardassian Space.

It seems that Captain Kidd survived the battle not by chance, but because he was on the planet at the time the Cox was shot down—and that the Cox was shot down at least in part because of the daring involved in depositing her captain there during a major battle. This helps explain the consuming survivor’s guilt Captain Kidd felt in ensuing years, which led to his eventual retirement to the quiet world of Gault, where he died on his private farm less than a year later under mysterious circumstances which, a frustrating investigation concluded, may have represented natural causes, suicide, or assasination. It was never clear whether Kidd did in fact find something on Draconis; however, rumors about the so-called Journeyman Tapes ceased shortly after the 2375 battle.

Much of this may seem like mere background, especially to older officers who are already aware of most of these events. However, it is crucial that it be re-established in the fullest detail before dealing with more recent, much less-known issues: namely, the meeting, on Stardate 60378.4 (19 May 2383), between Tal Shiar infiltrator T’alan Saeihr and Rear Admiral Dhivael Cha’Riuurren concerning the contents of the Journeyman Tapes and the revelation of the Bravo Fleet Infiltrator.

Uplink lost... attempting to reestablish connection... please wait...

Chronological Biography Summary

  • 2335: Born on Earth calendar date August 10th, on the planet Centauri VIII on the Mormar family farm.
  • 2338: Brother Pierce born.
  • 2340: Started at elementary school.
    Parents marry in a large ceremony.
  • 2348: Started high school.
  • 2352: Graduated high school, and entered Starfleet Academy with a major in flight control and navigation.
  • 2356: Graduated from Starfleet Academy. First assignment to the USS Shennong as a Helm Officer, Ensign.
  • 2360: Promotion to Lieutenant, jg. Assigned to USS Galatea as Chief Helm Officer.
  • 2361: Marriage to Lieutenant Commander Toni MacDonald onboard the Galatea.
  • 2362: Promotion to Lieutenant. Assigned to USS Constantinople as Chief Helm Officer.
  • 2363: Son Reuben born.
  • 2365: Daughter Brianna born.
  • 2366: Started and completed First Officer Qualifications. Promotion to Lieutenant Commander. Assigned as Executive Officer to USS Branson.
  • 2372: At start of Second Federation-Klingon War, both children are sent to live with Toni's family on Earth.
    USS Branson lost in a conflict with the Klingons near the Organian Treaty Zone. Adrian Mormar listed as one of only nine survivors of the battle with the Klingons.
    After rescue, reassigned to Starbase 309 as Sector Strategic Operations Coordinator.
  • 2373: Declaration of war on the Dominion.
    Promotion to Commander, assignment as Commanding Officer of the USS Iqaluit.
    Participation in the Battle of Torros III, where ship receives battle decorations.
  • 2374: Participation in Operation Return; ship heavily damaged during battle, and towed back to Starbase 375 for refit and repair.


  • Wife: Toni Mormar
  • Children:
    • Son: Reuben Mormar
    • Daughter: Brianna Mormar
  • Parents
    • Father: Seth Mormar
    • Mother: Kelly Mormar (maiden name Walters)
  • Siblings
    • Brother: Pierce Mormar
  • Extended Family
    • Cousin to Toran Krezek


Preceded by:
Admiral Valren Arelwynn (2383)
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
September 2383 - October 2383
Succeeded by:
Fleet Admiral Luke Duncan (October 2383 - December 2383)