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Klingon Faction

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Date Entered Service


Expected Design Duration

50 years

Expected Refit Cycle

10 years

Time Between Resupply

5 years

Crew Capacity
Standard Complement


Emergency Capacity



228 meters


160 meters


60 meters



Cruising Speed

Warp 6.5

Maximum Speed

Warp 8

Emergency Speed

Warp 9.5 for 12 hours

Energy Weapons
  • 3 heavy disruptor cannons
  • 12 disruptor cannons
Torpedo Launchers
  • 1 forward
  • 1 aft
Torpedo Payload

200 Klingon-issue photon torpedoes


Standard Klingon-issue graviton shielding system

Auxiliary Craft
Shuttle Bays




The D7-class battlecruiser is one of the fiercest and most recognizable starships ever produced in Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Originally introduced in 2357 by Chancellor L'Rell as a symbol of unity for the Klingon Empire, the design would undergo over 100 years of refits and upgrades, be traded to the Romulan Star Empire, and see countless conflicts.

Exploration and Science

The D7-class was not built with science or exploration in mind. As a pure warship, its sensor suite is intended to gather intelligence, track enemy vessels, and help exploit weaknesses in combat. The D7 can, however, be used for scientific and exploratory missions if absolutely required. Compared to other Klingon vessels of her era, the D7 is the most well equipped for scientific duties. Although, for a Klingon warship design, that leaves much to be desired.


Much like exploration, the D7-class was not designed with diplomacy in mind other than through superior firepower against enemy forces. However, the D7 has historically been used by the Klingon and Romulan Empires as ships of diplomatic gesture throughout the mid to late 23rd century.


A ship born out of and bred for war, the D7-class was an amalgamation of the best parts of the separate Great House's designs rolled into one vaguely familiar frame. Built on a similar overall aesthetic design as the D6-class battlecruiser, the D7-class battlecruiser incorporated aspects of the M'Chla-class, Chargh-class, and Qugh-class, but especially from the Sech-class and BortaS bir-class. Overall the design functioned to appear as though a predator stalking the depths of space. The primary hull was comprised of an almost wing-like appearance, with two nacelles on each side, connecting a long "neck" with a "head" command section.

The D7 excels in combat, boasting an impressive weapons array, a cloaking device, incredibly resilient shields, and a new generation warp drive capable of propelling the ship to sustained speeds of Warp 9. The new warp drive also efficiently routed power through the vessel to its weapons systems, allowing for a more powerful disruptor blast than anything that had been fielding by the Klingons previously.


At the time of its deployment, the D7-class battlecruiser was easily the most formidable ship in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

The D7-class excels in several areas including ship-to-ship combat, troop transport and deployment, and orbital or seige bombardment of stationary targets. In fact, compared to its contemporaries at the time, the only real threat to a D7-class battlecruiser in one-on-one combat was the Starfleet Constitution-class starship.

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