USS Venture

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USS Venture
General Information
Registry NCC-75306
Class & Type Sovereign-class Exploratory Cruiser
Affiliation Starfleet
Status Active
Commissioned 2386
Unit Fourth Fleet Operations
Squadron Yorktown Squadron
Role Deep Space Exploration
"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."
    —Neil Armstrong - Ship's Dedication Quote

The USS Venture is a Sovereign-class exploratory cruiser assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Yorktown Squadron. The immediate successor to the Galaxy-class explorer USS Venture (NCC-71854), the current vessel has been in service since 2388.


2386-2400: Before the 4th Fleet

Construction of the USS Venture began in early 2386 at Earth Station McKinley following the synth attack on Mars which resulted in the near total destruction of the primary production facility for Sovereign-class vessels, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. She was completed over two years later, in 2388.

During the 2380s and 2390s, the Venture completed three five-year missions of exploration, before Thaddeus Scott assumed command in 2398.

2400-Present: Into the Frontier

Since 2400, the Venture has been assigned to the Fourth Fleet, first in the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group and then in 2401 to Yorktown Squadron.

Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group

Venture was assigned to exploratory duties in the rimward (i.e. southern) area beyond Federation space as part of the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group. While on a routine supply drop to Starbase 11 before beginning this tour, Venture received a general distress call from a Gorn warship within Federation space. Days of searching and chasing shadows finally yielded results when a Gorn vessel, abandoned and damaged, was discovered. An away team boarded the ship and found two lifeforms hidden in stasis pods, captives from a Federation starship destroyed by the Gorn. Venture commenced search and rescue operations.[1]

Venture was relieved by another vessel and recalled to Starbase 11, where her command crew was reassigned.[2] Following the appointment of Captain T'Prynn, Venture was again sent out, this time to discover the whereabouts of the vessel sent to relieve her during the encounter with the Gorn.[3] Because of her assignment in the rimward region of the Federation, the Venture did not participate in the Lost Fleet crisis, but she was present at Frontier Day 2401, where she suffered significant casualties.[4]

Yorktown Squadron

Under the command of a new captain and following repairs after Frontier Day 2401, Venture was assigned to Yorktown Squadron, along with the USS Ares.

Notable Crew

Commanding Officers