Swallow Nebula

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Swallow Nebula
Major Powers
Minor Powers
  • Alsurian Empire
  • Krenim Imperium
  • B'Omar Sovereignty
  • Hirogen
Points of Interest
Important Places

The Swallow Nebula is a large Mutara-class nebula approximately half-way through Voyagers path through the Delta Quadrant. It is bordered by a number of mid-level powers, including the Alsuran Empire, the Krenim Imperium, the B'Omar Sovereignty, and the Hirogen, and it borders The Void, which separates it from the Gradin Belt by 2,500 light-years.

Voyager was largely unable to establish diplomatic relations with the powers in this area of space, but it is critical to do so in order to monitor the Borg, which is why a task group is being sent to attempt to try again.

Points of Interest