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Roosevelt Station



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Roosevelt Station is a Starfleet outpost located on the border between the Federation and the Breen Confederacy. Formerly a former Breen Manned Communication Array named Garen Epok (which roughly translates as "Nights Without Dreams" in Federation standard), the station went unused between the end of the Dominion War and 2389. At that time, Starfleet activated the station due to growing instability in relations between the two powers.

Facility History

In 2297, the Breen Confederacy found itself with the need to extend communications range in order to coordinate raids into Bajoran, Federation, and Cardassian space. One approach they took was to build manned communications relays, generally on asteroids they towed to the location needed. Garen Epok was one such facility, built into an asteroid given the same name by the Breen and then placed near what is now the Contested Region between the Breen and the Federation.

Garen Epok remained virtually an afterthought for the Breen, a place where officers considered past their prime were sent to serve out their last days. It was little used for nearly eighty years, until the Breen joined the Dominion. Finding themselves in need of a field command post, the Vorta learned of the old communications relay and decided that it would do nicely. They added to the facility, constructing a command center with an environment more suited to Vorta and Jem'Hadar physiology as well as upgrading its power supply and communications systems. However, the facility scarce saw use - the upgrades were completed less than a month before the Battle of Cardassia led to the Dominion's surrender and abandonment of the Breen.

In the Treaty of Bajor, the Breen lost much space, and among the facilities that were handed over to the Federation was Garen Epok. The Federation saw little use for the facility, and left it abandoned until 2399, when mounting tensions with the Breen led to the need of a command center and resupply point that could be easily kept supplied, yet was also quite near the contested region where hostilities were most likely to break out. Garen Epok, already built and needing only repair and refurbishment, was chosen for this purpose and given the Federation designation Communications Relay 483.

Facility Layout

Most of CR-483 lies underground, much of it more than a kilometer beneath the surface of Garen Epok. The only things visible on the surface are the communication hardware, the (currently unusable) door to the large shuttlebay, and the dome-shaped structure holding the upper transporter room. The main command center and Dominion-designed Strategic Operations Center are located at 800 meters down, with support facilities and most living spaces between 500 and 600 meters underground. The main power plant lies 1500 meters below the surface.

Facility Defenses

Roosevelt Station relies starships for defense but is also equipped with five Dominion-designed orbital weapons platforms. Each of these platforms is equipped with three polaron beam weapons with power output roughly equivalent to a Federation Type-XII phaser and one torpedo launcher. They are being converted to fire standard Starfleet casings; those which are converted hold a standard load of 10 photon and 5 quantum torpedoes.

However, the most prominent defense of the station is pure mass - the power core is 1500 meters below the surface, with most of the major operations of the station controlled from 800 to 1000 meters down. A sustained heavy bombardment would be required to cripple the station, and Starfleet would be aware of a cessation of transmissions from it, allowing backup to be sent.