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Events of Note


Events of Note
  • Klingon vessels assumed to be part of the Sovereignty of Kahless attack and destroy Xavier Fleet Yards.
  • Operation: Gatecrasher, a joint force between Starfleet and the Klingon Defence Force, liberates Federation worlds conquered by the Sovereignty. The Sovereignty’s fleets are destroyed, their leaders killed, and the Sovereignty defeated.


Events of Note
  • A Klingon raiding party attacks the annual peace conference at Khitomer. At the same time, covert attacks such as cyber operations, sabotage, and terrorist bombings are inflicted on the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
  • Starfleet Intelligence identifies the House of Mo’Kai, aided by survivors and remaining loyalists of the Sovereignty, as responsible for these attacks. The next five years continue to be marked by this insurgency violence, subtler than the Sovereignty’s outright political aggression, by a similarly extremist Klingon faction.


Events of Note
  • The Cardassian Union reopens diplomatic channels with the Federation. While commitments from the Cardassians are light, trade still reopens between the two powers.


Event of Note
  • Raids of trading ships between the Federation and Cardassian Union become a commonplace threat, usually perpetrated by untraceable pirate vessels. Suspicions that Cardassian Central Command is responsible, trying to undermine the authority of and cut off resources to the Detapa Council, cannot be proven.


Events of Note
  • Cargo convoys to the Cardassian Union are regularly attacked by Cardassian ships. The Federation revokes all trade agreements, blaming the Detapa Council for negligence at best, outright culpability at worst. This all but collapses the Cardassian Union's foreign trade and triggers a fresh economic crisis.


Events of Note
  • The return of the True Way in the Former Demilitarized Zone causes Starfleet to reopen limited engagement with the Cardassian Union. Cooperation between both powers begins to restore stability to the afflicted region.
  • A Breen raid on Guardian Station and Barzan II marks a resurgence in tensions and hostilities on the border between the Federation and the Confederacy.

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