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Events of Note
  • Tensions rise between the Federation and Romulans with reports of forced resettlement of Romulan civilians and seeming breakdowns of discipline in the navy. Fleeing citizens and defecting officers report some pending planetary crisis on Romulus.
  • The Romulan Star Empire admits they have learned the Romulan star is facing a sudden and unexpected supernova, expected to kill at least nine hundred million Romulans without additional aid.
  • Starfleet offers assistance in the resettlement of refugees, a move that proves unpopular among certain members of the Federation, including Vulcan.


Events of Note
  • Starfleet assists the Romulan Star Empire in the resettlement of refugees fleeing the impending supernova of the Romulan sun. Many are placed on what is originally intended as a temporary basis on worlds of the collapsing Romulan Neutral Zone.
  • On April 5, synthetic workers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards stage a sudden attack that destroys the yards and a rescue armada intended to aid the Romulans. The Martian atmosphere is set ablaze and almost 100,000 people die.
  • The Federation Council places a ban on synthetic lifeforms.
  • Federation member worlds again state their opposition to supporting the Romulan evacuation, threatening to rescind their membership. Starfleet abandons its evacuation plans.


Events of Note
  • Federation withdrawal of resources reaches the Cardassian relief efforts, which finally halt. This precipitates the decline of power of the Detapa Council and a return of the military Central Command's authority, the two factions entering a shadow war for supremacy.


Events of Note
  • The Romulan supernova occurs, destroying Romulus. Damage beyond the system is mitigated by the efforts of Ambassador Spock, whose ship is lost in the creation of the black hole that absorbs the supernova.
  • The Romulan Star Empire splits into multiple factions with the loss of Romulus. The Empire persists in a smaller form, led by the Praetor and largely supported by the navy. The Romulan Free State splits off, supported by the majority of the Tal Shiar to maintain stability. The Romulan Republic is established as a democratic faction with a small but modern military. The entirety of Romulan space is in dispute by the major factions and consistently hindered by smaller pirate, rogue or rebel factions.


Events of Note
  • The Romulan Republic establishes several peace treaties with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. These positive relations would persist and define the Republic’s foreign policy.
  • The Sovereignty of Kahless breaks off from the Klingon Empire and opens hostilities with the Empire and Federation. Klingon insistence that the Sovereignty are an internal problem undermines Federation efforts to combat the threat.


Events of Note
  • The Sovereignty of Kahless attacks and annexes multiple worlds on the Klingon-Federation border.

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