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USS Searcher/Old

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USS Searcher during her duty's at the dominion war.

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In Character Information

USS Searcher during the battle of Sector 001.

The USS Searcher is a Akira-class starship serving Starfleet as a part of Task Force 38. Under the command of Commander Rika Takato,a SARF legend, the Searcher is tasked with exploration and peace keeping on the borders of the Federation, they also do there duty's as a Starfleet Advance Rescue Force vessel to rescue.

A SARF Veteran CO has been placed into command of USS Searcher. Commander Rika Takato serve in SARF div for many years and got 144 rescue missions on her name, she been out there the longes and seen from small cargo ships to large planetary rescue. She serve in the Dominion war and been to well know battle like WOLF 359 and the battle of 001.

The first officer of the USS Searcher also go's by the name Lt Sarah Forrest, is from the year 2161 and came by accident into the 2370. She worked with Rika Takato since 2171 and been her loyal right hand every since.


1-1 Incoming Perfection

USS Searcher, An akira refit class vessel specialize in Search and Rescue Missions as it is a part of SARF also know as Starfleet Advance Rescue Force. Searcher is part of Task Force 38 that patrols in the unknown Delta Quadrant. Under command of Commander Rika Takato and Lt Sarah Forrest they are sent thought the Iconian gate to Delta.

Rika and her crew get the first mission already as they get assign to a Rescue bacon in the Hakula system. Code 3 is active as the the Searcher arrives in Orange alert at its position at the Hakula system. To there own stunning is the code much heavy and larger then they thought. Some kind of large passenger carrier called 'Linto'. The Linto is 4 times bigger then the Searcher it self as Rika begins her impossible 141 rescue mission.

After long thoughts the Searcher choose that to fix the ship and calm its people and even the crew. Commander Rika and her crew succeed in repairing the passenger carrier as the Searcher crew gets invited for a short trip to its next drop point enjoying all the food and party songs Rika lose side of her own ship as Pirates take over Linto and escape with Searcher Captain and its Chief Tactical/Security Officer. Sarah Forrest is now in command of USS Searcher and is putting all resources onto it to get Rika back

1-2 Inner Wars

USS Searcher crash onto an Ice planet after it came in contact with an pirate clan. The pirate clan were not yet finest with them as they waited on the Ice planet for an other chat.

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1-3 Alone In The Dark

The USS Searcher crew awakes in an unknown and unfamiliar area. They find them self in an trading outpost in an unknown location of space. The Trade folks in the outpost were nice enough to help the stranded crew and began there fixing on there ship.

The Outpost CO came to Rika that had suffer badly from all the talks she had with the pirates and was asking for an request that some of her crew know about.....

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1-4 Mouse Trap


After USS Searcher B crew stop the 100 year war, but there own vessel as suffer a lot and the Mousian Fleet as offer to repair it. Commander Takato orders the crew to be relax until they return back to duty and back to Starbase 900 for heavy repairs.

Meanwhile the Sa'arg Royal Family opens there discussions of regaining there former powers in Delta Quadrant and let them yet rule the galaxy again.They all agree that the Mousian Race must be taken out.....or just out of the image.....and what better way to do that with blaming the humans for it?

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Out of Character Information

USS Searcher is a forum based, character driven simm launched on Jan, 10th 2006. The simm is commanded by Commander Rika Takato.


The Searcher is the Third starfleet ship to carry the name.

USS Searcher NCC-7832

The USS Searcher

The USS Searcher an Cheyenne class vessel serve from 2351 to 2364. It serve for long time on the Breen borders. For long there was no real active line of the Breen, In 2364 the Searcher went missing as it was later found by USS Russia, they found destroyed piece's. The relations between the Breen and Federation became since those days very thin.

USS Searcher NCC-8212 -A

The USS Searcher-A

The USS Searcher A serve as one of the very fist ships that enter the Delta Quadrant. After the kazon incident the USS Searcher was pull back to Alpha Quadrant as its crew has been placed under review. The Searcher A has also Serve in the battle of Sector 001 when the Borg Cube tried to assimilate Earth. USS Enterprise-E guiding, the fleet destroyed the cube as the Enterprise went after the Sphere back in time to stop the Queen. USS Searcher A came into review by starfleet. Vice Admiral Jadin Peterson agreed to take the ship under his wing and refit the ship to a Starfleet Advance Rescue Force vessel and gain the name of USS Searcher B that currently serves in Delta Quadrant under command of Commander Rika Takato

Runabouts & Shuttles

Class/Type Name
Type 8 Shuttle Smacker
Type 8 Shuttle Crusher
Type 9 Shuttle Deep Sea
Type 9 Shuttle Aqua
Type 11 Shuttle Rottordam
Type 11 Shuttle Black Wing
Type 11 Shuttle Keeper
Danube Class Runabout USS Everest
Delta Flyer Class Runabout USS Firehawk
Delta Flyer Class Runabout USS Moondancer
Delta Flyer Class Runabout USS KVola
Argo Class Runabout USS Mercury
Warhammer Class Runabout USS Solaria Blast
Warhammer Class Runabout USS Shark tail


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