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USS Dreadnought




Assigned TF:

Task Force 72


Alpha Quadrant




The U.S.S. Dreadnought is a vessel assigned to Task Force 72 of the Fourth Fleet. It once served as the flagship of Vice Admiral S'iraa. Formally the class lead of the Dreadnought Class, the original USS Dreadnought was lost during a disastrous geological mission.

History of the Dreadnought

Dreadnought Class

As a member of the Ronin Class, the Dreadnought is a formidable foe for any who oppose her. The Ronin isn't a ship noted for it's speed, but her phaser cannons say a lot for her combat abilities - the Ronin serves as a Strike Cruiser in combat situations. Interestingly, the ship also sports the fully advanced exploration-driven sensor suit she shares with the Sovereign Class making her capable of performing even the most advanced scientific missions.

As the Flagship of the Fourth Fleet, the Dreadnought is a symbol of strength to the Fleet's many commanders. An awe-inspiring sight that few will ever see, she is the pride and joy of Admiral S'iraa and the envy of those that oppose her.

The Dreadnought class U.S.S. Dreadnought first started her active service under the command of Commander Steve Bawden. Straight from the testing program, she was given permission to undergo shakedown. Task Force Commanding Officer K'Hare summonsed the Commander for a briefing to outline the particulars of the shakedown but also permitting a 'friendly' wargame with the Sovereign Class U.S.S. Boston. A tang of sadness lingered in the air as prior to his appointment to the Dreadnought, as they left dock they saw what remained of the Akira Class U.S.S. Atlantis, her battered and broken hull looked after by a score of support tugs and similar craft. The home to everyone before reassignment to the Dreadnought. The shakedown was cut short by the priority signal from Starfleet Command directing them to Colony 629, where riots within the near 6000 colonists erupted over the discovery of an unknown artifact within the nearby mountain ranges.

Having concluded her first mission she reported back with a score of information about ship systems. With the ship still somewhat new in the hands of her crew they had learned a great deal about what she was capable of doing. Additional crew, mostly families were allowed to board soon after and the Dreadnought once again departed for her next assignment. Later in her service life she found herself investigating a rift in space, she was sent because there were reports of raiders along nearby shipping lanes. A review on data sent back from probes proved inconclusive, however they soon found out that this was where the raiders we emerging from. Three raiders emerged and engaged the Dreadnought, during the fight another much larger ship of Heavy Cruiser size emerged, for the first time since taking command the Dreadnought used its Type-XX cannon. Up to this point the crew had heard of the destructive power of the weapon, when it struck its target they were amazed by how lethal it really was. It also sparked a reminder of why people were so opposed to the creation of this class in light of Starfleet's mission of exploration, not starting wars.

The rift was closed by using the deflector dish and from that point the reports of raids on the shipping lanes died off. Now that the area was secured the Dreadnought headed back to do a routine patrol along the Federation / Klingon border. While on patrol she picked up a distress signal, it was from the U.S.S. Kennedy, a Norway Class Light Cruiser. She had previously discovered a vessel named the Argus, upon investigation it was discovered that the vessel and its crew were a disguise. Species 8472 in Human form had sent the distress call to lure a Starfleet vessel, which is how the U.S.S. Kennedy became involved. The Argus boarded and captured the Kennedy. The U.S.S. Dreadnought arrived on the scene to see the two vessels in close formation. Commander Quach, the Commanding Officer of the Kennedy was forced to answer Commander Bawden's hail with the intent of removing the Dreadnought from the area. The ploy didn't work and when she stayed the Argus and the Kennedy engaged the Dreadnought. The Dreadnoughts fighter wing engaged the Argus in an attempt to distract while the Dreadnought focused it's efforts on the Kennedy.

Following a brief firefight the Argus lay all but destroyed, many systems were failing and dead in space. The Kennedy was disabled, boarding parties from the Dreadnought engaged 8472. Despite suffering heavy casualties the Kennedy was once again secure. The Argus was destroyed by a damaged warp reactor and the Kennedy was escorted back to the nearest starbase.

Several years later was the first real turning point that would shake the crew to the very foundation. Now a Rear Admiral, Steve Bawden had risen to the post of Executive Officer of the Forth Fleet's Task Force 86. During a mission where an old foe, having escaped capture from a previous mission had resurfaced. The mission lead them to a planet which was believed to be the headquarters of this resurfaced foe, it was in fact a trap. Three Heavy Cruisers configuration arrived on the scene and began to attack the ship. Even with numerical advantage they had underestimated the Dreadnought and were swiftly defeated. Realising that the small planet was the base of operations, though not having any information on the exact location of the base, seeing that the planet was uninhabited the Dreadnought fired several Quantum Torpedoes into the atmosphere containing within a compound that would render the planet inhabitable for the next two decades. Upon return to Federation Space, he was summoned to Starfleet Headquarters to face a tribunal for his actions.

While the Dreadnought lay birthed in one of the many shipyards undergoing routine upgrades and maintenance Rear Admiral Bawden was to be relieved of Command for his actions. A Caitian named S'iraa, also a Rear Admiral was to deliver the news. Steve decided to resign his commission with the respect and loyalty of his crew before being removed. He was confident that what he did was right, sure that he'd taken the actions needed to put an end to the threat.

Rear Admiral S'iraa assumed command of the U.S.S Dreadnought following the resignation of Rear Admiral Bawden. As a Flag Ranked officer, he selected the Dreadnought as his personal flagship, which also saved it from being mothballed. It would prove to be the last time anyone would see the U.S.S Dreadnought. What was expected to be a simple mission of mercy, loaded with medical supplies, machinery and other cargo's they headed for a planet that was suffering some unusual seismic activity. Upon arrival they offloaded the supplies, medical teams beamed down but the population was desperate. Riots and looting was reaching epidemic levels and the Dreadnought had to beam down nearly its entire Security Department to protect the largest hospital complex on the planet. As the situation escalated the Dreadnought began to beam wounded to the ship for treatment, however this backfired when the wounded escaped, demanding more food and supplies, a way off the planet for some. They damaged the warp core and several systems in engineering preventing the ship from leaving orbit. Things took a turn for the worse as the seismic activity continued to rise to unstable levels. The Dreadnought contacted Starfleet for assistance, the U.S.S Warhawk, a Nebula Class answered, just in time.

Realising that they could not escape as the seismic activity continued to rise to dangerious levels, the crew was forced to abandon ship. They were picked up by the Warhawk and S'iraa, standing on the bridge of his rescuer watched as the planet tore itself apart, taking his ship with it.


The new Ronin Class U.S.S Dreadnought would prove to be a mixed blessing. The Ronin isn't a ship built for speed, but her phaser cannons, going from data submitted from tests and from the previous U.S.S Dreadnought, said much as to the destructive power of them. The trials of the class left much to be desired, like the Defiant Class which suffered engine troubles that threatened to tear the ship apart. The Dreadnought suffered the same but with the dual cannons, the ship's engineering crew soon came to find that the ships cannons absorbed a lot of power other primary and secondary systems needed upon firing, including the ship's shields. Over time however this was compensated for by activating more of the fusion reactors and back up generators, while that would not be standard practice aboard starships, it did help with the power drain during combat situations.

The U.S.S Dreadnought often encountered a mixed reaction when entering the Sol System. Many regarded her as a true warship, like the Defiant Class and Akira Class while others regarded her warmly and welcome. It would be something that would follow her even to this day, even now as she serves as the Fleet's Flagship. S'iraa was recently appointed Commander in Chief of the Fleet, which propelled the Dreadnought to the forefront of many fields, including the minds of Starfleet Command Headquarters. Now she continues her duty undertaking missions and ensuring that the fragile peace that hovers over the quadrant is maintained.

OOC Note

The USS Dreadnought is considered a retired designation. Such honors have been reserved for retired Bravo Fleet Commanding Officers. Future simulations in Bravo Fleet may not carry the name save for Admiral S'iraa, should he return to the fleet.