Tractor Beam

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Federation Faction


Tractor beam emitter inside a shuttle bay

Tractor beams are a useful tool for any star ship crew. The tractor beam can control large objects in space near the ship, or safely moving shuttle craft inside the ships shuttle bay. Tractor beams are also used to keep the ship safely in place while docked in a drydock or star base. Each ship is equipped with primary and secondary emitters stationed around the ship’s exterior along with an array of mooring emitters that are mounted to the ships exterior near the RCS thrusters.

The tractor emitters employ superimposed subspace / graviton fore beams the interference patterns are focused on a report target. This results in a noticeable spatial stress being applied on the target. By controlling the focal point and interference patterns it is possible to use the stress patterns to move the targeted object as required. While most times the tractor, beam is used to draw an object toward the ship the object can be caused to move away from the ship by inverting the interference patterns.

The main tractor emitters are built around two variable phase 16 MW graviton polarity sources. Each one feeds directly into two 450 millicochrane subspace field amplifiers. The secondary and mooring emitters are built around two 8 MW graviton polarity sources feeding two 225 millicochrane subspace field amplifiers. The emitters are mounted directly mounted to the ships space frame. This is to counter the mechanical stress and inertial potential imbalance. The emitters are also tied into the structural integrity field to provide further structural reinforcement and inertial potential cancellation. This tie in is provided by molybdenum-Jacketed wave guides.

The effective beam range varies with payload mass and desired Delta-V. The primary emitters can be used with a payload of 7,500,000 metric tons at least than 1,000 meters for a change of 5./sec 2 . At 20,000 kilometers, the primary emitters can cause the same change on an object of one ton. The secondary and mooring emitters can effect a change of 5./sec 2 on an object of 1,875,000 metric tons at a range of 1,000 meters or half ton at 20,000 kilometers.

One ship using a tractor beam to tow another ship