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This article is official Task Force 99 canon.

Task Force 99
Area of Responsibility:

Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time


Distant Shores

Task Force CO:
Task Force XO:
Michael Avaran
Task Group Command Adjutants:
Yuka Layton
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""The glory of creation in its infinite diversity.""
    —-Dr. Miranda Jones, Is There In Truth No Beauty

Task Force 99 is the only special Task Force currently operating in Bravo Fleet. Operating throughout Star Trek's genre's and any alternative timelines, Task Force 99 provides players with the opportunity to explore their favorite genre. The opportunities are endless but also inspiring. Imagine playing in the time of Archer and the United Earth, before the founding of the Federation. A ruined future where a Borg invasion has destroyed Earth and left humanity stranded on the brink of destruction, and far beyond the brink of tyranny. The years after Khitomer, when peace with the Klingons was new and the vastness of space was still brutally vivid. The Mirror Universe, ruled over by an Empire of man forged on fear and betrayal.

The distant shores of space and time, far beyond the stars. Infinite possibility awaits.


NX Division

For more information, see the Earth Starfleet Category

Task Force 99's NX Division: Before there was a United Federation of Planets, before James T. Kirk ever commanded the USS Enterprise, the roots were being established by Earth Starfleet and the NX-01 Enterprise under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. The NX division allows innovative minds to explore the first days of Starfleet, the birth of the United Federation of Planets, and the Earth-Romulan war. It is a new day for the men and women of earth, will you be one them?

Exploratory Division

For more information, see the 23rd Century Category

Task Force 99's Exploratory Division: Harkening back to the days of Captains Christopher Pike and James T. Kirk, the exploratory division of Task Force 99 spans from the Original Series era to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This division is home to the simulations seeking out new life and civilizations during the time of these great Starfleet Commanding Officers. Perhaps, history will once remember your name next to Pike and Kirk.

Alternative Division

Task Force 99's Alternative Division: Over the years in the Star Trek franchise, we have been presented with the revelation that there is more to the galaxy than meets the eyes. Spacial rifts, quantum singularities, and inter-dimensional beings from unknown realms of origin. Be it fluidic space or the peculiar mirror universe. Maybe the years spanning from Star Trek: The Next Generation into years following Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager are for you? There are infinite possibilities out there and the Alternative Division of Task Force 99 is your opportunity to explore them. Live through any time, any world, any dimension with an alternative twist!

Ares Operational Theater

For More Information, please visit Ares Operational Theater

Task Force 99's Ares Operational Theater: As a spin off of Bravo Fleet's original canon, the Ares Operational Theater presents itself with a plethora of familiar information with special adjustments. Developed by Mike Bremer and the crew of Starbase 400, the Ares Operational Theater is unique to Task Force 99 because all of the sims operate in unity, following the same canon and the same exact timeline.

Future Division

Kelvin-Timeline Division

Task Force 99's Kelvin Division: In 2009 the creative mind of director, J.J. Abrams brought forth the creation of an alternate timeline in 2233 when the Romulan vessel, the Narada traveled back in time during the Hobus incident, and altered the course of time. Formerly established as Task Force 5, said Task Force has since been integrated into Task Force 99. This division allows fans of the J.J. Universe 'Kelvin Timeline' to command starships and stations during this altered time. If you are looking for a whole Nu world, this is the place for you!

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