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Task Force 64
Commanding Officer:

Admiral Elizabeth Wolf (Emily)

Executive Officer:

Commodore Ezrah Gould (Kyle)

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""Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages...""
    —Portion from the Star Trek Opening Monologue

These iconic words launched a cultural phenomena and have inspired generations for over 50 years. Covering the ENT, DIS, TOS, TMP, and pre-TNG eras, as well as the Kelvin timeline, Task Force 64 explores the early days of space exploration, the founding of the United Federation of Planets and it’s struggle to survive, and Starfleet’s Golden Era of exploration following the end of the Klingon and Romulan Wars.


The Early Years

For more information, see the Earth Starfleet Category and 23rd Century Category

The origins of Earth's Starfleet to the golden age of the Federation, the Exploratory Division allows players to immerse themselves in the days before James T. Kirk ever commanded the USS Enterprise and the roots were established by Starfleet and the NX-01 Enterprise under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. Defend your home during the and the Earth-Romulan war and the birth of the Federation. Or, step forward nearly a century to a new era for Starfleet while the USS Discovery made fantastic breakthroughs while defending the Federation from the Klingons. Explore the final frontier with Captains Christopher Pike and James T. Kirk, the exploratory division of Task Force 64 spans from the Original Series era to just after the events of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. This division is home to the simulations seeking out new life and civilizations during the time of these great Starfleet Commanding Officers. Perhaps, history will once remember your name next to Archer, Pike, and Kirk.

The 24th Century

Before the launch of the USS Enterprise-D, and the formation of what is now considered the modern era, the early 2300s were an exciting time. Tensions between the Klingons and the Federation remained at a high until the loss of the Enterprise-C at Narenda III. The Romulans went silent behind their border, watching and waiting. The Cardassians opened fire on Setlik III, prompting the start of the Federation/Cardassian War.


In 2009 the creative mind of director, J.J. Abrams brought forth the creation of an alternate timeline in 2233 when the Romulan vessel, the Narada traveled back in time during the Hobus incident, and altered the course of time. Formerly established as Task Force 5, said Task Force has since been integrated into Task Force 64. This division allows fans of the J.J. Universe 'Kelvin Timeline' to command starships and stations during this altered time. If you are looking for a whole Nu world, this is the place for you!

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