Task Force 38 Command History

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

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Areas of Operation The Gradin BeltThe Round TableEpatha Gateway
Federation Assets Kartelan Station (TFHQ)Helios Station & ColonyDiogara StationPersephone ColonyHestia's Hearth
Gradin Belt Ba'nethBorg CollectiveDevore ImperiumHierarchy Central CommandHirogenKartelan ProtectorateMalon CooperativeMarkonian OutpostOrd'mirit Mining CorporationTurei AllianceVaadwaur
Round Table Divitian RepublicFive Star Liberation Front MovementGhemawat RealmJathlin Trading GroupPerenalthorias UnionPre-Warp CradleStar Desert
Additional Data Battle of the Round TableDelta Advisory CouncilKartelan Protectorate AgreementUnderspace
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