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Samuel Winters

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Samuel L. Winters
Biographical Information

Texas, Earth






July 21, 2330 (age 55)

Physical Description



197 lbs





Political Information

Starfleet Marine Corps

Played By:


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Personality & Traits

While can commonly be considered stoic and emotionless while on duty, off, he tends to be very social and even loud. Some might say there would be a similarity in personalities between Sam and his oldest nephew, Eric, but to that, Sam will laugh heartily. Approachable... if you're an officer. Samuel tends to disregard Starfleet enlisted personnel, but would trust an enlisted Marine with his life. He holds onto his family tradition of Marine tightly, so is very loyal to the Marines and the Federations.

Strengths & Weaknesses

As he would argue, Sam's excellent marksmanship is due to his DNA. The Winters family has also been Marine marksmen. His leadership skills, outside of training, have been very trial and error, and that's how Samuel learns best. Not one to marvel over mistakes, but he does take them and learn from them. Unfortunately, that's one of the very few ways Sam learns well with. Reading a report on how to lead troops effectively is not his style, and that can cost him. What he makes up for in combat in leadership proficiency, he looses in just about everything else. He lacks any sort of real medical, engineering, and scientific knowledge aside from the most basic. He also struggles with getting any sort of relationship with Starfleet regular, as he is more Marine Corps hearted than any of his brothers.


Father: Robert Winters
Mother: Darlene Winters
Brothers: Micheal Winters, and David Winters
Sister: Dawn Grathom
Daughter: Megan Winters

Other Family

Nephews: Eric Winters, Tanner Grathom, Jonathan Winters, and Robert Grathom
Grandson: Kevin Winters


Being the oddball child of Robert and Darlene, being the last born by a good 8 years, this didn't deviate his ambition to follow the proud family line of Marine Corps officers. In fact, Sam studied, and trained harder than both of his two older brothers. And as a result, climbed the ladder a lot faster. Born in Texas on Earth, Sam, even though became a Marine, is still considered the "black sheep" of his siblings. His childhood was spent in San Antonio, Texas. Sam made friends in school easily, but quickly entered into the notion that he still carries today, in that no one calls him 'Sam' except his brothers and sister and parents. To everyone else, he's Samuel. Being eight years behind the next youngest, David, Sam studied and worked harder than any of his brothers to become a Marine officer.

Entering officer training without a problem, Samuel developed a relationship with a civilian woman named Michelle Nolden within his first year. At age twenty, still training to become an officer, Michelle became pregnant. Sam wanted to move the relationship further, but Michelle did not. When she had the baby, a daughter, she gave the baby to Sam and ran off. Naming the baby Megan himself, he quickly realized he couldn't be a young Marine and a young father at the same time. Winters then gave Megan to his own parents, Robert and Darlene, to raise, Sam went off to his new career in the Marines. With his marksmanship, Sam became known in his first few detachments with some fairly cheesy nicknames, like "One Shot Sam" and the like. After the Cardassian War with the Federation ended, a conflict Sam didn't get any of (his brothers, however, were both on the front lines) Sam was promoted and then got to prove himself as a leader. Over the next couple of years, Samuel was tasked with being in several high-risk pirate raid missions, attacking crucial Orion Syndicate compounds to either capture VIPs, or crush slave trading rings within Federation territory. Leading more than a few, Sam revived several commendations for his precision and lack of collateral damage. This did cost him several Marines lives under him, to which Sam grew an unwanted tolerance to in himself. Eventually rising in ranks, and becoming the head of several Marine combat detachments, Sam found himself wanting to try and grow the almost nonexistent relationship with his daughter.

Moving back to Earth and taking a desk job, Sam still hardly saw much of Megan. Acting as a logistical officer, during his time on Earth, his mother died. The funeral of Darlene was the first time in year Sam had seen his brothers together. Sam tried to get off Earth when he grew very tired of the office work, however, the Dominion War put a damper on that. He hated being stuck on earth with David and Micheal were out there, fighting the Jem'Hadar, Breen and Cardassians. When threatening his CO that he would resign if he would not be transferred to a field position, he decided only to stay when they offered him a promotion to Major. Remaining on Earth for several years after the war, Sam finally got a field position as a detachment commander on a couple of starships. Then, he was given an opportunity that he had never imagined. Receiving command of a starship, the USS John Glenn, Sam was astonished, especially since his oldest brother, Michael was confined to desk work much like how Sam was, and David retired. Taking the command, which was assigned to help train young Marines, Sam rather enjoyed it, until the Glenn was assigned back as a support vessel for Hawkeye Island. He knew that, from past experience, that he would grow tired of the ship just sitting there, in seemingly endless orbits around Raeya 3.

Pulling some strings Sam had with Marine Command contacts he had from his time on Earth, Sam got transferred off the Glenn, but to the high risk Advanced Combat and Extraction Squadron aboard the USS Resolute. Happy to be back into a true field position, even if there's only a total 5 other Marines in the A.C.E.S. Sam was still excited to go back doing to what he loves, protecting the lives of the United Federation of Planets.

Service Record

Graduating from academy training in 2353, Sam spent one and a half years as a Second Lieutenant, but didn't seeing any action in the Federation-Cardassian war. That didn't deter Sam, however, but once he was promoted First Lieutenant, he experienced several high risk pirate raids, leading a couple himself. During the first three years as an officer, Sam spent his entire time on Marine-only ships, which caused him to feel a certain disrespect toward other Starfleet departments. Rising to Marine Captain and in command of a detachment through several ships until 2366, Sam decided, finally, that his daughter he had when he was 20, during the Academy, that he gave to his parents to raise needed more than the infrequent visits and subspace message. When Megan was 16, Sam gave up field positions to office work for his daughter. However, the relationship between the two never really developed to be a close father-daughter relationship, mostly due to even becoming an office marine, Sam was usually always busy. Sticking with the office position on Earth for several years, being a logistical officer for the Federation efforts against the Maquis, Samuel started to grow very tired of desk work, especially when his two older brothers were out in space. However, Sam's transfer was denied when he asked for one in late 2373.

The Dominion War broke out, and Starfleet needed Sam to stay on Earth and help with logistics. Coming to the point of threatening to resign when they refused to transfer him back to a field position during the war, he remained on Earth until several years after the war, chiefly due to the fact that he was offered a promotion to stay in 2378. In 2380, his wish finally became true, as Major Winters finally got off Earth and back onto a starship. Severing as a detachment commander for 4 years on two different ships, Sam was offered the position of a lifetime. Getting command of a starship, the Defiant Class USS John Glenn, and he was one of only two Winters to do so in the history of the Federation. Sam was in charge of training young Marines, participating in exercises, mostly. However, that assignment lasted a few months, and Sam began to grow weary of the paper work. When the John Glenn was assigned back to Hawkeye Island, he had enough of sitting around and transferred off to the USS Resolute, loosing his command, but gaining a field position in return. When the Resolute became attached to the newly formed Trinity Station, he followed Applebee there to head up the ACES in a much larger form on the station.