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Romulan Ranks

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Rank insignia used by the Romulan Star Empire.


Romulan Military Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
Image:Navy Admiral.png Admiral EnRiov
Image:Navy Cdr.png Commander Riov
Image:Navy SubCdr.png Sub-Commander erie'Riov
Image:Navy Centurion.png Centurion EnArrian
Image:Navy LT.png Lieutenant Arrian
Image:Navy SubLT.png Sub-Lieutenant erie'Arrian
Image:Navy Uhlan.png Uhlan Uhlan

Romulan Tal Shiar Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
Image:Tal-General.png General Krein
Image:Tal Colonel.png Colonel Ssiebb
Image:Tal Major.png Major Aendeh
Image:Tal Captain.png Captain EnEredh
Image:Tal LT.png Lieutenant Eredh
Image:Tal SubLT.png Sub-Lieutenant erie'Eredh
Image:Tal Uhlan.png Uhlan Uhlan

Reman Commando Corps Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
Image:Reman Colonel.png Colonel Ssiebb
Image:Reman SubColonel.png Sub-Colonel erie'Ssiebb
Image:Reman Major.png Major Aendeh
Image:Reman Lieutenant.png Lieutenant Arrian
Image:Reman Gehka.png Gekha Gekha
Image:Reman Kon.png Kon Kon

Romulan Tal Diann/Fleet Intelligence Ranks

Rank Standard Romulan
Image:Diann Admiral.png Admiral EnRiov
Image:Diann Cdr.png Commander Riov
Image:Diann SubCdr.png Sub-Commander erie'Riov
Image:Diann Centurion.png Centurion EnArrian
Image:Diann LT.png Lieutenant Arrian
Image:Diann SubLt..png Sub-Lieutenant erie'Arrian
Image:Diann Uhlan.png Uhlan Uhlan


Rank images created by Kuro Chan of Kuro RPG.