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Federation FactionStarfleet

Class Information
Date Entered Service:




Total Compliment:



Up to 3000

Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:

20x Type-XI phaser arrays

Torpedo Launchers:

4 Launchers


Multi-Layered Shielding System


Duranium/Tritanium Double Hull


Class Description

While Starfleet was celebrating the completion, they were also preplexed with another problem. While the new Spacedocks would be built in secure, high traffic areas of the Federation, other sectors needed starbases as well. These sectors didn't need a massive Spacedock, and most didn't have a Class-M planet for a planet side base either. In 2279, the first of the Regula Class of Starbases was built in Mutara Sector. This gave Starfleet a new, small type of Science and support base, however there was still a need for a larger base for Starship support and Sector defense.

One of the two major Starbase designs fielded in the 2340's, and one of the two Regula Class sub-types, the 'Starbase 375' variant of the Regula type Starbase is the more combat oriented of the two. Compared to the 'Starbase 173' sub-type, this design has reduced scientific facilities, without the telescope dome, and a reduced capability to handle civilian traffic. The base is also designed to operate largely within planetary systems, and as such lacks large bulk cargo and fuel containers. More space is given over to weaponry, with roughly double the armament. The shield generator is identical between the two stations, but the removal of the cargo containers means that this type's shields need to cover a significantly smaller volume, and this increases their overall strength.

Starbase 375 was established near to the Cardassian border, and was an important base during the Dominion War. Admiral Ross was based on the station, along with his aide Captain Sisko. Many important operations were planned and staged from here, including the operation to destroy the Dominions advanced sensor system and the operation to retake Deep Space Nine.

Starbase 375 releasing the USS Carolina
Today, there's many of the Regula Type-3 Starbases in operation within the Federation. These include the original SB375, as well as SB503, AFY's R&D Center and Echelon Station.

Starbase Specifications

Basic Information

  • Dimensions: 1025 meters (L) x 1302 meters (W) x 1075 meters (H)
  • Decks: 145
  • Expected Duration: 200 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 10 years
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 30 years

Crew Compliment

  • Total Crew: 940
    • 110 Officers
    • 780 Enlisted
    • 50 Marines

  • Emergency Capacity: 7000


  • 2 recreation decks
  • 2 dining halls
  • 8 holo decks
  • 2 levels of promenade shopping and dinning
  • Observation deck

Power Systems

Power Generators:

  • 4 Tokamak Fusion Generators

Antimatter Generators:

  • 2 FMAPG-X1 M/ARA Antimatter Generators

Station Keeping / Propulsion Systems

  • Thrusters: Fusion Thruster Assemblies
  • Other Engines:

Offensive Systems

Energy Weapons

Projectile Weapons

  • 4 Launchers


Defensive Systems

Primary Systems

  • Computer Systems: LCARS Controlled Isolinear Computer Systems
  • Transporters:
    • 8 Six-Person Personnel Transporters
    • Transporter Range: 45,000 kilometers
  • Sensor Range: 30 lightyears
  • Communications Range: 35 lightyears

Docking & Auxiliary Craft





  • Shuttles: 10
  • Runabouts: 4
  • Fighters: 8

Other Information

  • None

Deck Listing

Main Station

Deck/Deck Range Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Station operations, Station Commanders office
Deck 2
  • Station operations offices, Dorsal phaser arrays 1 through 5, Computer core upper level
Deck 3
  • Sector operations offices, Transporter rooms 1 and 2, Computer core mid-level
Decks 4-9
  • Sector operations offices, Computer core lower level
Deck 10
  • Dorsal phaser arrays 6 through 10, Torpedo launchers 1 and 2, Torpedo storage
Decks 11-14
  • Living quarters
Decks 15-18
  • Living quarters, Dining hall 1, Recreation deck 1, Holo-Decks 1 through 4
Deck 19
  • Docking ports 1through 4, Short term stay quarters, Sick bay, Medical labs, Chief medical officer’s office
Deck 20
  • Short term stay quarters, Medical labs
Deck 21
  • Ship docking bays 1 and2 observation galleries, Ship docking bays 1 and 2 control rooms
Decks 22-31
  • Ship docking bays 1 and2, Ship maintenance facilities.
Decks 32-35
  • Marine quarters
Deck 36
  • Marine commander’s office, Transporter rooms 3 and 4, Marine ward room
Decks 37-42
  • Marine training facilities
Deck 43
  • Shuttle bays 1 and 2 observation galleries, Shuttle bays 1 and 2 control rooms, Shuttle bays 1 and 2 upper levels
Decks 44-45
  • Shuttle bays 1 and 2 lower level, Shuttle storage and maintenance
Deck 46
  • Security Chief’s office, Brig, Security ward room, Station armory
Decks 47-49
  • Security training facilities.
Decks 50-64
  • Living quarters
Deck 65
  • Living quarters, Dining hall 2, Recreation deck 2, Holo-Decks 5 through 8
Decks 66-99
  • Science labs, Engineering support labs, medical labs
Deck 100
  • Chief engineer’s office, Station maintenance fabrication facilities
Decks 101-112
  • Station maintenance fabrication facilities and parts storage
Decks 113-114
  • Replicator consumables storage
Decks 115-131
  • Cargo bays
Deck 132
  • Ventral phaser arrays 11 through 15, Science labs
Deck 133
  • Anitmatter generators, Science labs Transporter rooms 5 and 6, Docking ports 5 through 8, Computer core 2 upper level
Deck 134
  • Science labs, Ventral phaser arrays 16 through 20, Torpedo launchers 3 and 4, Torpedo storage, Computer core 2 mid-level
Decks 135-137
  • Deuterium storage facilities. Computer core 2 lower level
Decks 138-142
  • Tokamak fusion reactors 1 through 4, Primary power manifold
Decks 143-144
  • Promenade shops and dining facilities.
Deck 145
  • Observation deck
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