Multi-Layered Shielding System

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Federation Faction


The MLSS (Multi-Layered Shielding System) is the latest shielding to be fielded by Star Fleet's Research and Development department. It is a shielding system that comprises of three nested layers.

Layer 1

The innermost shield layer is a multi-phasic shield. Based on standard regenerative shielding, this is the ship's last line of defense. The key to this layer is its ability to 'wave' while in a state of temporal flux. This technology was developed in part by the crew of USS Voyager and the Mannheim Research Station. Instead of a standard oval bubble, this layer 'ripples' or waves (like the surface of water) while in a state of temporal flux. This dramatically increases protection against weapons such as the Hellfire Torpedoes, Chronaton Torpedoes, and Transphasic Torpedoes while at the same time helping protect the ship from temporal anomalies.

Layer 2

The middle layer incorporates automatic rotation of frequency and modulation with meta-phasics, which absorbs enemy fire, spreads it out along the shield. This shield sends data on what type of weapon is used and what frequency and phase the weapon uses. Once this is analyzed, the shield can be configured to have the same frequency as the incoming weapon, but different modulation, which dramatically increases shield efficiency.

Layer 3

The outermost layer manipulates graviton polarity in a way not typical to shields, creating a graviton flux disruption that prevents many know designs of threat tractor beams from locking on to the vessel. This layer also incorporates transport inhibitor technology, helping prevent an enemy from transporting aboard.