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Romulan Faction

Class Information
Role: Heavy Cruiser
Basic Stats


Cruising Speed:

Warp 6.9

Total Compliment:


Tactical Systems
Energy Weapons:
  • 3 Type 19 Disruptors
  • 10 Type 12 Disruptors
Torpedo Launchers:
  • 1 forward
  • 1 aft

High Output Shielding System


Class Description

The Khellian Class started it's service in complete secrecy. The ship was to be the first ship in the Romulan Star Empire with a size over 20 decks that could land on a planet safely, and return back into orbit by itself. That ability was seen as a tactical advantage for any type of sub-covert top secret missions and especially favored by the Tal Shiar. Originally dubbed "Project Raptor", the Khellian was supposed to be a covert craft capable of holding large quantities of cargo, troops or equipment from one end of the Star Empire to the other while still being able to serve as a warbird battlecruiser.

An orthographic view of the Khellian-class.

The plan seemed to be sound, but then the Dominion War hit and everything changed. Project Raptor was scratched and the ship was renamed to the Khellian Class and was supposed to be a new ship similar to the already in production Valdore Class. The ship was put onto the drawing board as a heavy cruiser and eight months later the ship was in production. The ship was to be a ship similar to the Valdore in design but smaller and lower costing. However the Star Empire wanted to test a new design on these ships, planetary landing. After several trials and testings they perfected the method and the ship was ran into production to hopefully help out in the Dominion War against smaller vessels.

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