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Jaxcen Elhaym

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Jaxcen Elhaym
Biographical Information







June 22, 2346(2346-06 -22 ) (age 44 )

Physical Description








Political Information

United Federation of Planets


USS Excalibur


Commanding Officer

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Jaxcen Elhaym is the Commanding Officer aboard USS Excalibur (NCC-79610).



Jaxcen Elhaym, despite his youthful rebellion, is a typical son of Betazed. He is telepathic and nurtures strong empathic abilities. He has been described as charismatic and friendly, and he naturally fosters a trusting environment. As most Betazoids, he is inclined towards diplomacy and negotiations rather than conflict and strife and he uses these abilities to these ends. However do not confuse his compassion for weakness for when push comes to shove Jaxcen can tussle with the best of them. Telepathic and Empathic abilities as well as a high level of mental and physical discipline make for a very fearsome negotiator. However psychological evaluations indicate he is still in a highly volatile period of his life, he continues to feel strong emotions of guilt, remorse, anger, and hatred, all associated with estrangement from his family, experiences during the war, and the harsh occupation of Betazed. He has so far been able to contain this internal conflict with discipline.


Hailing from Tharazad, a continent from the eastern hemisphere of Betazed, Jaxcen has an olive complexion and naturally straight hair among other Tharazad-dominant features. He has a well developed physique owing to his physical training and subtle scarring hinting at past severe physical trauma.


As an observant of an ancient Betazed philosophy Jaxcen seeks above all things a measure of inner peace and harmony with the universe, but strife and personal tragedy continually confound him. All he knows is that as long as he keeps looking there still exists hope. Jaxcen has an avid affinity for classical literature having branched out from his native Betazed to Earth, Vulcan, Andorian, and Klingon classics, and he is a practicing ancient Betazed form martial artist.

Spoken Languages

  • English (UFP Standard)
  • Betazoid

Service History

  • 2364 - Attended Starfleet Academy, Earth
  • 2369 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, Earth, spring 2369; Assigned to Jupiter Station as Shuttlecraft Pilot; Reassigned to USS Satsuki as Diplomatic Officer
  • 2370 - Reassigned to USS Durandal as Vice Admiral Hayes' aide
  • 2371 - Medical Leave for rehabilitation; Assigned to USS Dammerung as Tactical Officer
  • 2374 - AWOL following engagement at Tibor Nebula, disappears
  • 2375 - Reappears on Betazed embedded with a resistance cell
  • 2376 - Court-martialed for desertion, demoted in rank; Assigned to Betazed Starfleet Planetary Garrison Headquarters as Strategic Operations Officer
  • 2381 - Resigned commission; Retires to Betazed colony Malasca Prime
  • 2384 - Commission reactivated per Executive Order 2384.142/5; Assigned USS Ascendant as Executive Officer
  • 2387 - Assigned USS Excalibur (NCC-79610) as Executive Officer; Promoted to Commanding Officer


Born a son of the Second House of Betazed, Jaxcen followed the traditional roles of his great house by pursuing an occupation in the Betazed Ethos, an ancient institutionalized philosophical belief system. Jaxcen studied classical Betazed literature and the ancient discipline building Betazed martial arts. At age 14 Jaxcen was inducted into the Villesan Order, a largely ceremonial position now, but a millenia ago highly revered and charged as guardians of peace and justice and defenders of Betazed and the Ethos.

After a fierce dispute with his father, an Ethos Heirophant, Jaxcen renounced Ethos, his House, and left Betazed. He managed to enroll at Starfleet Academy, Earth. Seeking to utilize his innate abilities he decided on the command track with the anticipation of working as an attaché to first contact and diplomatic delegations. He specialized in First Contact diplomacy and sociology.

Upon being granted his commission, Jaxcen was assigned as a shuttlecraft pilot at Jupiter Station while his diplomatic status was reviewed. Later Jaxcen was assigned to the USS Satsuki which undertook Diplomatic missions where he strengthened his skills and learned new valuable lessons from experienced diplomats like Ambassador T'Lok and Envoy Gurach, who taught Jaxcen many valuable lessons in diplomatic tact. Jaxcen was instrumental in exposing a plot by a group of Antican dissidents to disrupt the signing of the 47th Antican-Selay Accords hosted aboard USS Satsuki.

However Jaxcen was pulled from his assignment having caught the attention of Vice Admiral Hayes who reassigned him as a junior aide-de-camp aboard Hayes' flagship USS Durandal. During the Borg Incusion of 2371 the flight control officer was injured as the battle began in the Typhon Sector and Jaxcen assumed the vacant station, distinguishing himself as the battle continued towards Sector 001 and the Durandal's eventual destruction. Jaxcen was badly injured during the engagement and spent two months recovering at Starfleet Medical.

Jaxcen accepted a posting as Tactical Officer aboard USS Dammerung, a Nebula-class cruiser converted to fightercraft carrier patrolling the Cardassian border region against Maquis terrorism and later against Klingon aggression. During this time Jaxcen understood how sometimes diplomacy could not accomplish as effectively what a phaser beam or photon torpedo could. Jaxcen often took command during night watch and was well liked by his superiors, gaining valuable management skills and actual command experience. He was later promoted to Chief Tactical Officer.

After the Dominion invaded, USS Dammerung saw combat action in minor skirmishes along the Cardassian border and was later assigned to the Seventh Fleet. Jaxcen's morale received a devastating blow after the Battle of Tyra where Dammerung was one of only fourteen ships to survive the engagement, and further compounded when Jaxcen received word that Betazed had fallen to Dominion forces. He was caught up in a tempest of conflicting emotions and loyalties: to his family, his people, his crewmates, and his duty. Ultimately he jumped ship in an effort to return to Betazed during the aftermath of the Battle of Tibor Nebula, the failed attempt to cut off the Dominion supply line to Betazed.

Covertly Jaxcen arrived on Betazed where he linked up with local resistance cells. He put his accumulated training to use by organizing and leading resistance operations against the Dominion Occupation Force. Betazed was liberated in the waning months of the war, however Jaxcen remained on Betazed to continue to serve his people, to help them rebuild.

From the aftermath of war Starfleet had Jaxcen arrested and court-martialed for desertion. Impassioned testimony from resistance members and representatives from the Second House of Betazed commuted the sentencing to reduction in rank only. Jaxcen was assailed by new guilt and grief as he learned of Dammerung's destruction with all hands during the Second Battle of Chin'toka.

Jaxcen requested assignment to the Betazed Starfleet Planetary Garrison Headquarters as a Strategic Operations Officer, allowing him to remain with his people using his position and skills to assist his people's recovery and repair relations between the people of Betazed and Starfleet whom many blamed for the Dominion's original victory over them.

Six years later Jaxcen resigned his commission and moved to an isolated Betazed colony world where he sought to find inner peace and resolve his inner conflicts. Two years later Jaxcen received a request from Captain Devereaux, a relation he had cultivated during his time at the Garrison Headquarters, to serve once more. Disappointed by his spiritual gains in isolation, Jaxcen agreed to Devereaux's terms to serve as her first officer.

Three eventful years later after a particular incident, Jaxcen was forced to request a transfer as he was no longer able to keep his personal and professional lives separate under Devereaux's command. Jaxcen assumed the Executive Officer post aboard USS Excalibur (NCC-79610). When the commanding officer was wounded on an away mission, Jaxcen was forced to assume acting command of Excalibur and pursue the mission to completion. Following Excalibur's return, Jaxcen was awarded formal command of Excalibur.