Elizabeth Wolf

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Federation Faction

Elizabeth Wolf





July 18, 2332 (Age 57)


The United Federation of Planets


Starfleet's Fourth Fleet


Fourth Fleet Executive Officer
Ret. Fourth Fleet Chief of Staff
Ret. Task Force 9 Commanding Officer, The Fourth Fleet

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Admiral Elizabeth Wolf (born July 18, 2332) is a Federation Starfleet officer currently serving as the Fourth Fleet's Executive Officer. Focusing the majority of her career on the frontiers of Federation space, Elizabeth led the Gamma Quadrant Task Force and served as the Fourth Fleet's Chief of Staff.

Elizabeth is a decorated operations officer with experience managing everything from starship computer systems to Fleets and Task Forces. A veteran of the Dominion War, she earned her first command, the Nebula-class USS Hyperion, during the Battle of Torros III when her Captain was killed-in-action. At the end of the war, the Hyperion joined Starfleet's deep space exploration efforts, first in the Beta Quadrant and later in the Gamma Quadrant.

As a Commanding Officer, Elizabeth made first contact with several new species that challenged her tactical and diplomatic abilities. She quickly rose through the ranks, serving as a Task Force Executive Officer, Task Force Commanding Officer, and eventually earning senior leadership roles in two different fleets. Her background in computer systems led her to assist Starfleet Research and Development in testing and implementing several projects related to deep-space exploration.

Service Chronology

Year Rank Position Assignment
2350 Y-C-1.png Cadet 1st Year – Operations & Computer Systems Starfleet Academy
2351 Y-C-2.png Cadet 2nd Year – Operations & Computer Systems
2352 Y-C-3.png Cadet 3rd Year – Operations & Computer Systems
2353 Y-C-4.png Cadet 4th Year – Operations & Computer Systems
2354 Y-O-1.png Computer Systems Specialist USS Harbinger
2358 Y-O-2.png Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2361 Y-O-3.png Chief Operations Officer USS Athena
2365 Y-O-4.png Second Officer & Chief Operations Officer
2369 R-O-5.png Executive Officer USS Hyperion
2373 R-O-6.png Commanding Officer
2379 R-A-1.png Task Force 39 Executive Officer The Eleventh Fleet
2384 R-A-2.png Task Force 39 Commanding Officer
2388 R-A-2.png Task Force 9 Commanding Officer The Fourth Fleet
2389 R-A-3.png Fourth Fleet Chief of Staff
2389 R-A-4.png Fourth Fleet Executive Officer