Antimatter Systems

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Federation Faction


The Antimatter Systems in operation on board Star Fleet vessels make the handling of Antimatter safe. The antimatter systems consist of the Antimatter loading ports and the network of transfer conduits. Due to the fact that antimatter, in this case antideuterium, is highly reactive to normal matter all components of the antimatter transfer network is magnetically shielded. This shielding is provided by an interior coating of ferric quonium that generates a magnetic field when energized by power form the EPS system.

Antimatter is loaded onto the ship via the antimatter loading port This port is 1.75 meters wide circular probe and drogue device equipped with twelve physical hard dock latches and magnetic irises. While the port is most often used to load antimatter onto the ship it can also be used to off load the antimatter if necessary. Antimatter can be added to the stored supply via the Antimatter Generator

Once on the ship the antideuterium is transferred to the distribution manifold were the antideuterium flow is directed to the Antimatter Pods via the magnetically shielded conduits of the antimatter transfer conduits. The antideuterium is stored in the pods until it is used. When needed the antideuterium moved to the distribution manifold where the fuel flow is divided and routed to the points of use as needed. The transfer system not only handles the movement of antimatter between the loading port and the storage pods but between moves the antimatter from the pods to the warp core or the antimatter loaders responsible for loading antimatter into the torpedoes before the torpedoes are launched.

The antideuterium is moved through the conduits by means of magnetic-peristaltic fuel pumps. The system is monitored and controlled by the flow regulators to ensure that transfer system is operating as required and the antimatter is arriving where needed and in the quantities needed.