Antimatter Pods

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Federation Faction


The Antimatter stored on Star Fleet vessels are stored in antimatter pods. These pods are magnetically insulated to keep the volatile antimatter from coming into contact with the normal matter of the antimatter pods. The pods are stored in an area, most often the lowest deck of the ship, where they can be easily ejected from the ship in the event of magnetic containment failure.

Antimatter Pods Construction

Antimatter storage is provided by the Antimatter pods. Each pod measures four by eight meters with an internal maximum volume of 100 m3 . The pods are manufactured from polyduranium with an inner ferric quonium layer. Multiple pods are mounted in storage frames of duranium. These provide protection to and support for the antimatter pods.

Antimatter Pod Ejection System

In the event of loss of power the magnetic field generated by the ferric quonium will dissipate over time of approximately one hundred twenty seconds. If power and magnetic containment cannot be reestablished the antimatter pods can be ejected from the ship. this is accomplished by the removal of the warp pod ejection hatch from the ship’s hull by the use of explosive bolts that disconnect the hatch from the hull and microfusion initiators that kick the hatch away from the ship. The Antimatter storage frames are ejected from the ship by the use of microfusion initiators that push the frames out and away from the ship to a safe distance.