Antimatter Generator

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Federation Faction


Star Fleet vessels are equipped with an antimatter generator, giving them the ability to generate limited amounts of antimatter on board to supplement the antimatter stored within the Antimatter Pods while in the field. The generator is composed of two key assemblies, the matter inlet/conditioner (MI/C) and the quantum charge reversal device. (QCRD). The system can produce 0.08 m3 /hr.

Matter Inlet/Conditioner (MI/C)

The MI/C utilizes conventional tritanium and polyduranide in its construction due to the device handling deuterium while it is at cryogenic temperatures. The deuterium is processed within the MI/C into rivulets of matter no more than 0.000003 cm across and then feed into the QCRD under pressure. The incoming deuterium is passed through magnetic constrictors until the deuterium stream has reached the target thickness.

Quantum Charge Reversal Device (QCRD)

The QCRD employs alternating layers of super-dense, forced matrix cobalt-yttrium-polyduranide and 845 kalinite-argium. This is required to produce the power amplification required to hold collections of subatomic particles, reverse their charge, and collect the reversed matter for storage in the antimatter pods. The matter rivulets are held in magnetic suspension, where the matter is chilled to within 0.001 degree of absolute zero, and exposed to a short period stasis field to further limit molecular vibration. As the stasis field decays, focused subspace fields drive deep within the subatomic structure to flip the charges and spins of the “Frozen” protons, neutrons, and electrons. The flipped matter, now antimatter, is magnetically isolated and removed for storage.